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To make people happy

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Travelog for: Ruben Rabbit

Near Avebury, Wiltshire - 1st November 2007

By: Steve & Helly

Hello, I'm Ruben Rabbit.

I'd been buried under lots of other toys in the local hospice's charity shop for a while, so I bounced my way to the top and made myself look cute and cuddly.

It worked, because not long after that someone bought me!
Hurrah, I bounced with joy!! :D

On the way home she told me about her plan to 'spread a little happiness around Wiltshire', with me becoming a Toy Voyager and being releaed into the wild. I thought it was a fab idea . . . I bounced some more!

If you're my finder then please look after me and help me with my adventures.
I have only one mission for now, 'To make people happy'.
Please add more missions for me to complete.

ruben 1 002.jpg

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