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Travelog for: Squiggles

rotterdam, the netherlands - 22nd April 2008

By: goofychicken

sorry for not checking in so often! but ive been helping my host alot lately
will show pictures and tell what ive been up to soon!!!
dont worry im still doing fine and having fun!!

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rotterdam, the netherlands - 29th April 2008

By: goofychicken

hey hey
heres a little update before i go on holliday :D

i have to say wooshhh it has been so busy
goofychicken is selling her house so she and her boyfriend had to do alot of cleaning, painting and all sorts of other things to make it look pretty for sale
also her mother got a complete makeover for a living room
as good toy voyagers we are we helped where we could :)
(look closely i know its a dark picture but i am on it!!! i helped putting the couches on top of eachother and put protective foil on it :) )
the birds had to move alot around the room :)
they only made alot of noise they didnt really help out :s
this is the end result :) nice collors huh!
also the birds are happy they are back on there normal location

then we said goodbye to Gus ! he is a toyvoyager from goofychicken
hope he arives safely

tomorow we are leaving for france :) im so happy :)
as a candy for on the road goofy and uss made some fudge :D
after we put everything in the bowl to get hard she let us spoon out all the sweet left over fudge
it was warm but sooooooooooooo good

well thats my update for now ill give the laptop to babylonie and godnatt nalle :) so they can update before we pack up to go :D

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rotterdam, the netherlands - 14th May 2008

By: goofychicken

hey hey a little update from me!!!
well little??? I WENT TO FRANCE AND TO THE ZOO!!
lets start with france!! france is amazing!!
we slept here in this car! its goofychickens boyfriends VW T3 camper/transporter :) fits 7 people or 4 and a bed :)
though france was amazingly pretty it was a WW1 trip so we saw alot of graveyards and bunkers and forts
very exciting and i learned alot :)
we payed our respects at an remember altar in fort foux
to see everything goofychickens bf carried us in a backpack around
but when they took this picture i grapped something for godnatt in the bothem of the bag :s so im not on it :(

the ossuarium was so amazing..
so many graves! and when you look trough the windows of the ossuarium there are the bones of 150.000 unknown soldiers  :o :cyclops:

we also had great picknics every day this is one location
so pretty!!
this cow wanted to travel the world aswell but it was hard to explain to her that she's to big for an envalope :s

then we came back home
straight away lonnie and godnatt had to leave
then we found out we didnt have the adres for godnatt yet :/ so he had to wait but lonnie got into the box!
not before i checked if it was safe or not!
when it looked safe we had a big group hugg.. and prommised to see echother again somewhere in the world :D
lonnie got into her box and we said our final goodbyes
packed and ready to go :D

godnatt we didnt take pictures it went really fast saying goodbye
he is going to india ... im almost jelouse! where am i going next??
well i know where i went today!!!
i went to the zoo!!!!!
will upload the pictures and make a new entry :)

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rotterdam, the netherlands - 6th June 2008

By: goofychicken

i totaly forgot to put up the zoo pictures :s shame on me!!!
so here they are :)

very old turtles
baby snowfox
where to go next??
a squirl!!
a stone gerbil.. goofychicken has gerbils at home
loving springtime
can you find me in this bonsai?
or in this tree?
you can take all sorts of routes
huge snails :S
is he smiling at me?
a copie of a very old fosil
look brave me on the head of a fish... no realy its a real fish.. ow ok im not that brave

this is the monkey that escaped a little while ago
me checking if im as big as that monkey (he is bigger then the biggest one though)

this zoo has a breeding program for nearly extinded turtles.. look a baby!!
another one!

thats scary!
i like them less scary like this
wow they are huge!!

these are huge aswell (or am i just small?)
did he wink at me?

talking about scary? look how close goofy put me to a... TIGERRRRRR

*pfew i survived this trip*

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rotterdam, the netherlands - 6th June 2008

By: goofychicken

dont you just love spring?

you know the fearytale of thumbeline? the little girl born from a flower?

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rotterdam, the netherlands - 10th June 2008

By: goofychicken

today the doorbell rang goofy went to open the door and called me over "its a new toyvoyager" she said "help me welkom him"
i gave the camara to goofy and she made a picture of me and the TV package
while i was ontop it started to move... maybe i got heavy eating to many cookies and icecream... but its warm here now so i need icecream!!
we opened the envalope and i peeked what was trying to get out
it looked scarry at first but then i saw it was a cute teddy!!
he told me his name is beethoven but everybody calls him Toby :)
so toby and i got on a picture together

he wanted to play games with me now as i told him we are waiting for the adres for me to travel on
so im of to play!!

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Rotterdam, The Netherlands - 29th June 2008

By: dandilion

hello Today i was handed over to dandilion by goofychicken.
they were too busy catching up with each other they forgot to take pictures, but soon i wil arrive at dandilions home and she will take pictures, update follows soon :)

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Rotterdam, the Netherlands - 30th June 2008

By: dandilion

hello hello!
Here I am I arrived safely at dandilion her house!

I helped her with her hobby: writing letters and postcrossing
look at me with the big pens :-) It was fun, we wrote a letter to a far away country.

After writing letters I explored the garden and found a nice spot to look over all the flowers and vegetables.

Suddenly I had gained so much energy I went up a floweryplant and....

.... Look at me I am FLYING!!!


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on its way to Bolton, UK, England - 4th July 2008

By: dandilion

Today I will travel with dandilion to England, we are heading to Liverpool by airplane. Our final destination is Bolton.

I sure be having a great weekend!!!

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Blackpool , England - 7th July 2008

By: dandilion

flying around the world!

I completed one of my missions!! I went on an airplaine!!!!

here I am at Schiphol (Amsterdam) Airport, we are waiting for our plane to arrive. This big blue airplaine is from the Dutch Royal airline KLM, we did not went on with KLM, there flights do cost alot!

Thast the plane I went on!
It was very crowed, we had to wait for the other people to come out so we could go in.
Very cool hey??? Me with my pilot scarf :-)


I had to read all the instructions what we must do in case of an emercency

here you can see the absolute proof!!! :-) i was so so happy!!! it was very pretty cool to be up in the sky so high!
The flight went very fast, we where at our destination before we knew it!

We arrived at Jong Lennon Airport, at Liverpool
And the yellow Submarine of the Beatles

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Blackpool , England - 7th July 2008

By: dandilion

We went to Blackpool pleasure Beach

Blackpool is on the north east coast of England

We went on the train from Bolton to Blackpool and it took us about 1 hour, we sat down adn just start talking with each other. We talked about the weather offcourse!!!!


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Blackpool , England - 7th July 2008

By: dandilion

We arrived in Blackpool, this is the famous Blackpool tower. They have many shows there, like stand up comedy, musical, and dance performances. We saw adds all over the sea side town promoting shows which are currently held there.


The bunch of us went with dandilion (leonie) and her boyfriend to the Blackpool pleasure Beach. We went on many trill rides.


We were taking a rest after we went on a fast an very wet ride called the Valhalla.
We queded up and when we were at the front, it didnt work! So we waited for such along time! A few hours later we qued up again with succes! It was very fun ride, on water and in the dark, very scary!

It was a very fun day! I was so tired from all the excitement that when I came home I went straight to bed. Good that dandilion took my sleeping bag with her.

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Rotterdam, The Netherlands - 10th July 2008

By: dandilion

whats cooking?

With Adelina Sheep + Veggies and me: We cooked a meal!

Leonie and I gave instructions to the other how to cook it, I was supervising them :)

We had chicken breast with spiral pasta with Boursin (garlic spread) and mushroom sauce.  A very nice dish to make and off course to try and see if its any good!

Adelina Sheep, she was the captain of the onions, she cutted them all in small pieces.
She did a good job and when I said that to her I saw she had tears in her eyes, so sad sheep.. but she told me it was the onions made her cry not my kind words to her.

I was making sure the onions wont get too brown and the chicken was ready in a few minutes too

mmm!!! that smells great!
We all helped set the table... but nothings on our plate YET!

The bigger TV's did most of the work so I let them eat first.


HMMMMM Smells nice and It looks tasty! Lets try a bite... MMMMMORE MORE!!!

My lill stomach was full after a few bites.
I fell asleep right after we finished. So I missed out all the fun on helping cleaning (as if I would have been upset missing cleaning YUK)!

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Efteling, The Netherlands - 13th July 2008

By: dandilion

The bag is packed with bread rolls, some drinks, sweets(candy) camera and off course not to forget ME!

But! Where is Leonie taken me and the other TV to today?

She is giving out some hints about fairytales and rides....

Lets just wait and see where she is taking me this lovely sunny bright day!

We went on the train, a different one this time, Leonie told me there are various trains in the Netherlands, this was an oldie.

We arrived at:
Famous Dutch themepark! Wow what a surprise!!!! Oww goodies!!!!

Dandilion took me here its a very nice green park with rides and fairytales.

We saw everything! And went in almost all the rides!! Even I went on some rollercoastesr (had to carry the bags with us in it)
This is me looking at a mosque.. YOU think!! No this is Fata Morgana... Too bad it was closed, Leonie told me its a good ride You see the arabic/middle east world fromout a boattrip. Too bad I had to miss out the fun there!

Thoughout the park You can find these big man with their mouths wide open.. they scream to the people

Papier Hier Papier Hier.. that means (paper here paper here) All kinds of litter can go in there.
Can you find me on the picture?

We entered the Fairytale Forrest.....

Here is a sleeping knight, as you might have guessed of the Sleeping Beauty fairytale.

SSSSTTT We must keep quiet otherwise we mighte wake him!



Here you can spot me and the other TV sitting on the big mushroom :-)  There is a Dutch childrens song, dandilion sang to me :)

We stummbled accross this very pretty sign to lead the way to "Roodkapje" Little Red Riding Hood

It lead the right direction.. who did we saw on her Grandmothers doorstep??? Roodkapje in person!

BUt oww NOOOO!!! Who is that in grandmothers bed?? Its the big bad Wolf!!!

And we passed the house of the witch of the Hans & Grietje story Hansel and Gretel

This is the giant of "Klein Duimpje" Hop o' My Thumb

Here he comes up...

I can relate to Klein Duimpje, he is soo small just like me :-)

Here are some other pictures Leonie took:

Pardoes, the Efteling puppet (like Mickey is of Disney)

Langnek (longneck)

The Troll king

More of our day here later on :)

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Rotterdam, The Netherlands - 20th July 2008

By: dandilion

Today was the day Leonie cleaned up the rabbits cages, she asked all the toys to help her.

Yalara and Pebbles were very excited about us little ones helping out.


We were chatting about playing a game whilst Pebbles was running around the livingroom.
We had her cage all to ourselves. The idea came up to play hide and seek in the straw :)

Veggies the bunny was the one to count till 100 so me and the other toys could find a spot to hide.
Veggies discussed with Frizzle (the stay at home toy bunny of leonie) what a good place to look for us :)

Can you spot me? The others didnt hide very well, but I am unfindable!!! As I have the same colour like the straw we hide in. :-)

Veggies looked left and right,, but still didnt find us ;-)
Pebbles also tried helping out with finding us, but all she did was running around the house!

hahaha funny Veggies she looked even on the outside of the cage

OH No so close!!

Gotcha!!!!  We were found!!!

This was a very nice game we played and we all fell over of laughing!

Some work needed to be done on Yalara her cage, Adelina Sheep and Myself helped with putting fresh straw in her cage


Here it comes Adelina, Im trowing the straw down, Look out dear!


Curious Yalara came check us out, if were were doing a good job preparing her bed for her lol

MMM yum yum what a nice place to stay!

Yummy straw to chew on and hay to knibble on. Enjoy your new fresh bed Yalara sweetie

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