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Travelog for: Soar

Home, USA - 8th September 2007

By: shana10214

My owner is telling me that soon I will get to go traveling!

Here is my traveling list:
1.USATVT(Usa)Done with


4.A Scottish Lass(UK)

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Festus, Missouri, United States of America - 22nd September 2007

By: skylerdragon

Soar is here.  Soar was really disappointed with his packaging though.  The envelope didn't stay closed and there could have been an accident.  Fortunately Soar loves his owner so much that he is more thankful than upset about the ride.  Soar's host will provide soar with grand travel arrangements. 

Matthew:  (Soar's new host)  Hi Soar, Welcome to my home.

Soar:  Why thank you Matthew.  You have a nice little home. 

M:  Yes, it is nice.  It needs a lot of work though.  I will take you on a grand tour later, but I wanted to introduce you to my wife.  This is Tammy.

Tammy: Hey there Soar.  We are proud to host such a famous American icon. 

S:  Thank you.  I see you have 2 small mammals living with you.  I'm ever so hungry. 

M&T:  Soar!  No!  These are our pets!  We love them like children!

S: You will have to excuse me.  I am just ever so hungry. 

T:  I'll go find something. (Goes to kitchen.)

M:  These are our cats Duke and Harlequinn.  We love them like our only children.  You may play with them, but please don't eat them.  I better set some ground rules.  We aren't accustomed to hosting an eagle!
  1.  Please don't fly in the house.  Duke has a very weak nervous system and he frightens easily. 
  2.  Please tell us about yourself.  We love to chat. 
  3.  Please no Moulting.  I know birds do that, but it is messy.
  4.  Keep your droppings in the litter box.  It is right down here.  Duke and Harley use it to so you will have to wait your turn.
  5.  Your food will be served up here, on the counter where Duke cant take it.  If Harley finds it, she will try to bury it.  Harley buries everything. 
  6.  We need to know what sorts of sights you are interested in.  We will take you to the STL Arch, but we are curious if you have other sites in mind.  Tell us what you know about Missouri, and we'll take you to some Missouri sites. 
  7.  You must send your family a post card each week.  They worry so much about you.  Please keep in touch with them.  If they will let you, you can also call them on the cell phone. 
Soar:  Rules!  I've never had a host give me a list of rules before. 

Tammy:  Here's your dinner.  (Offers soar an uncooked steak) 

S:  Thank you Miss Tammy.  You are much kinder than your rule riddled husband.

M:  Oh really!

T: Never mind him.  He is a bit OCAD.  He doesn't mean any harm.  Matthew is on medicine right now, but I bet he hasn't taken his medicine for today. 

M:  Oops!  (Takes his medicine.)

S:  That explains a lot.

M:  Sorry Soar.  You are a beautiful guest.

S:  Thank you.  But I am sleepy now.  It was a rough trip.

T:  Oh.  Here.  You can sleep here.  Shows's soar to his guest accomodations. 

M:  How would you like to go to school with me on Monday? 

S:  Sounds fun.  I will have to hear from my owner on that one though. 

M:  Yes, ask your owner if she will send a message for my students about you.  Veterans day is very near, and perhaps you can be a special part of our Veteran's Day Assembly. 

S:  What an honor.  I can't wait.  (Big Huge Gaping Yawn)

M:  Oh sorry.  I should let you sleep now.

T: Goodnight Soar. 

S:  Thank you!  I can tell we are going to have a good time. 

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Eureka, Missouri, United States of America - 22nd September 2007

By: skylerdragon

Soar visited Route 66 State Park in Eureka, MO on Saturday September 22, 2007 with Matthew and Tammy.  Matthew and Tammy were visiting this park for a bike riding day and to see the photography of Sally Bobbitt Simpson, a famous Missouri photographer.  It was a beautiful tribute to the architecture of Route 66. 

While bike riding, a young buck bounded across our path, startling poor Soar, but Soar was happy to be outside in the fresh air.  So many monarch butterflies!  They are migrating to Mexico and are very abundant in Missouri right now. 

Matthew's pedal also fell off!  What a predicament!  We got a quarter mile down one of the trails and Matthew had to walk his bike back because the left pedal fell completely off!  Once Matthew buys a new bolt and pedal assembly, his bike will be as good as new. 

We also visited the Missouri State Tourism Center there at the park.  Known for its blad eagle sightings, Soar was thrilled to see so much eagle collectibles and memorabilia.  Though we didn't find appropriate travel accomodations, Soar did pick up some very nice souvenirs that will travel with him. 

We stopped at Red Robin to eat lunch.  Soar had some roadkill oppossum, (we found so many of these dead on the road today!)  and Matthew and Tammy ordered Santa Fe Burgers.  Yummy! 

After that, Tammy insisted we take Soar to Starbucks.  Matthew insisted eagles don't drink coffee, but soar rolled around in the coffee beans anyway. He had a great time looking through the community events.  A lot of September 11 tributes in the area last week. 

On the drive home, we saw a pretty nasty car accident.  Soar again, was tired so we sent a private message to Shana to see if we could get her address.  Soar picked up some regional postcards and wants to write home about his adventures. 

What a fun day! ;)

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St. Louis Arch, United States of America - 18th October 2007

By: skylerdragon

I got to visit the St. Louis Arch today!  It was so much fun.  But the arch was broken and I couldn't go up inside it.  So we went to the Morton D. May park a few blocks away to have our pictures taken.  What fun that was indeed! 

I visited MORainbowBrite, CandyCotton, RikkiRaccooon, and CookieMonster.  Jessica the Explorer was there too.  It was a lot of fun.  Matthew and Tammy are so kind!


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West Alton, Missouri, USA - 21st October 2007

By: skylerdragon

Mississippi-Missouri River Confluence
Edward "Ted" and Pat Jones Confluence Point State Park

We visited this site because it is also home to the World Bird Sanctuary.  Migratory birds come from across North America to this watering and fishing ground to stop before their flight south.  Incredibly enough, Eagles nest here and herons find plenty to do here too.  We saw many raptures as we drove along as well as kingfishers, herons, gulls, and vultures.  Great place to go birdwatching!  In fact, many outposts for birdwatchers to spy on their feathered friends along the way.

The Confluence point was submerged all except for the highest monument and the first two foot stools.  Both the Missouri and the Missisippi were very high today. 

This is a significant place for soar to visit because it it the place where the two greatest rivers in the US converge to form the mightiest river in North America.  Lewis and Clark, trader, explorer trapper and pioneer history are catalogued here as well.  All up and down the Mississippi rivere are towns celebrating Americas first frontiers men, settlers and entrepreneurs.  Though this place is isolated and prtected for wildlife, Missouri's natural beauty is obvious.

While we visited a mining barge was moored about 50 yards off the bank.  Very noisy, but with the incredible breeze warm sun and cool temperatures, it was a perfect day to visit this historic natural point. 

PHOTO:  Soar flew about reading the educational displays as Matthew and Tammy prepared for the walk up to the point. 


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United States Postal Service, USA - 4th November 2007

By: skylerdragon

I sent Soar on his merry way with the following confirmation number:

Wendy will be hosting him next!  Thanks for allowing him to visit with me!

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Grand Junction, CO, USA - 7th November 2007

By: skylerdragon

Delivery Confirmation confirms that the package was delivered at 11:46 AM on November 6.  We are now just waiting for the update! 

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Grand Junction, CO, USA - 7th November 2007

By: wourpet

I have arrived in Grand Junction and was greeted by Ruzovacek who is also visiting here.  Soon after I was released from my box we were exploring through the cartons that haven't been unpacked yet and discovered a huge lot of other toys -- but no toy voyagers.  I think I am going to find lots of things to do here.

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Fruita, Colorado, USA - 14th November 2007

By: wourpet

Today we went to Fruita and we drove along the Colorado Monument but we didn't get any good pictures because there was such a haze in the air. 

I have been spending a lot of time with Ruzovacek in the back yard playing in the leaves -- when he isn't munching on apples.

It has been pretty cold at night but the days are nice and warm and I have enjoyed soaring about.

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Grand Junction, CO, USA - 22nd November 2007

By: wourpet

Today is Thanksgiving in the US and I have some information on it -- I'm an American Eagle, after all.

The first Thanksgiving feast was held in the autumn of 1621, during three days of prayer and feasting by the Pilgrims of the Plymouth Colony and their Native American guests, members of the Wampanoag tribe. However, the first national Thanksgiving Day was not celebrated until November 26, 1789, as proclaimed by George Washington.

It is said most people get very sleepy after a big Thanksgiving meal because of a sleep-inducing chemical found in turkey meat. Eating a lot of turkey at Thanksgiving is not the only thing that makes people sleepy. Although turkey meat does contain tryptophan--an amino acid which the brain turns into serotonin, a chemical that calms us down and helps us sleep--it is a combination of factors that make us sleepy after the big feast. All the carbohydrates--like potatoes, stuffing, yams, bread, and pie--are also partly to blame, as well as eating to the brim; so much digestion
activity diverts blood from the brain to the digestive system.

The annual Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade has become one of the most popular customs of the holiday's celebrations, attracting thousands of visitors to New York City and millions of TV viewers. Santa Claus makes an appearance at the parade's finale to signal the beginning of the Christmas shopping season?

In the mid-19th century, Godey's Lady's Book, under the leadership of editor Sarah Josepha Hale, led a long and committed campaign to establish Thanksgiving as a national holiday. Hale and her magazine succeeded when President Abraham Lincoln declared it a national holiday in 1863. Thanksgiving had previously been celebrated in New England and gradually spread to other states, but it was not always on the same day.
Godey's Lady's Book has been described as the most popular women's magazine of its time. As its editor--and as the first female editor of a major magazine--Hale influenced the attitudes, fashion, and manners of her Godey's Ladies Book readers. She is also famous for her well-known children's verse Mary Had a Little Lamb, published in 1830.

The Detroit Lions and the Dallas Cowboys traditionally host football (NFL) games on Thanksgiving Day. The Detroit Lions have held their football-on-Thanksgiving tradition since 1934, except for a six-season gap from 1939 to 1944 during World War II. The Dallas Cowboys have hosted Thanksgiving Day games since 1966, missing play only in 1975 and 1977. Many
Americans digest their holiday meal while watching football games on television. High viewership of these games has made football an American Thanksgiving tradition.

The cornucopia, or "horn of plenty," symbolizes the abundance of the feast, and is often depicted overflowing with food and flowers. It originated in Greece. In Greek mythology, it is one of the horns of the goat Amaltheia, which was caused by Zeus to refill itself indefinitely with food and drink.

In the United States, Thanksgiving is an annual holiday celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November. Canadians celebrate Thanksgiving on the second Monday of October, as established by Parliament in 1957. The first Canadian Thanksgiving was held on April 15, 1872, as a thankful celebration for the recovery of the future King Edward VII from a serious illness. Canadians also celebrate Thanksgiving with big feasts and parades. The second Monday of October is also Columbus Day in both the US and Canada.

Benjamin Franklin, a prominent figure in American history wanted to declare the wild turkey, not the bald eagle, as the National Bird? In a letter to his daughter from 1784, Franklin stated, "For my own part I wish the Bald Eagle had not been chosen the Representative of our Country. He is a Bird of bad moral Character...For the Truth the Turkey is in Comparison a much more respectable Bird, and withal a true original Native of America."

In 1939 President Franklin Roosevelt moved Thanksgiving Day from the last Thursday in November to one week earlier to allow for an extra week of shopping between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Many Americans objected to the change in their holiday customs and continued to celebrate Thanksgiving on the last Thursday of the month. Roosevelt's political opponents in Congress also opposed the break with tradition and dubbed the early holiday "Franksgiving." In May 1941 Roosevelt admitted that he had made a mistake and signed a bill that established the fourth Thursday of November as the national Thanksgiving holiday, which it has been ever since.

When the 90 members of the Wampanoag tribe joined the 52 colonists for the first Thanksgiving meal in Plymouth in 1621, they brought with them at least five deer. There are only two surviving descriptions of the first Thanksgiving: a letter by one of the colonists, and a passage in a book written by William Bradford, the governor of the colony.
However, neither of these descriptions mentions cranberry sauce, pumpkin pie, or chestnut stuffing as being part of the feast.

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Grand Junction, CO, USA - 22nd November 2007

By: wourpet

I was glad to be invited for Thanksgiving Dinner today.
The pumpkin pie looked good but I hesitated at the turkey. 
I attended the dinner with my friends Ruzovacek and Helen Bear.
I admit I ate a lot more than I could hold and when I was completely stuffed I got sleepy and all 3 of us dozed off for awhile.
I hope you enjoyed Thanksgiving too.

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Grand Junction, CO, USA - 1st December 2007

By: wourpet

The parade of lights was held here today and we built a float with a giant 8 foot globe.  My host was going to let me ride at the top of the flag pole but we had a storm with violent gusting wings so I didn't go.

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Grand Junction, CO, USA - 6th December 2007

By: wourpet

My host told me today that I am soon going to be flying off to see my next host.  I wandered around and said goodbye to the many friends I met while I stayed here.
This was a new friend and he said he was here to celebrate Christmas.  I told him about Chanukah.
Humphry the Bear said he is getting his business plan worked out so he can start travelling next year.  He didn't tell me his plan.
Most of the other toys were tired from all the leaf raking they have done for the past few weeks.  Because I can fly I didn't have to rake -- I could soar up and shake them out of the trees.

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Grand Junction, CO, USA - 14th December 2007

By: wourpet

This morning we woke up to a blanket of snow all over the yard and the orchard.  It was also cold but my host said it wasn't really cold.  I decided it was time to travel so I am heading up to Oregon to stay with Bun Traveler for awhile.

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Home, USA - 31st December 2007

By: shana10214

YAY! Soar has made it home from the USATVT! Thank you to her hosts. Soar will continue his journy around the world starting in the UK

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