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Travelog for: Bumba

Zwolle, The Netherlands - 6th September 2007

By: Dorenda

Today I have decided to travel and see the world. Sem is my best buddy and we will sure miss each other a lot. We always take our naps together and I asked my mentor Dorenda to take a picture of us and put it in the travellog. This way I can see Sem anywhere on the world.

sem en bumba.JPG

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Zwolle, The Netherlands - 3rd October 2007

By: Dorenda

Today a fellow ToyVoyager has arrived in our home!! I am so happy. His name is Robito and he is just such a cute bunny. I tried to make him feel at home immediately and I think I succeeded in that. This could be a friendship for ever! Unfortunately I have to leave soon. I will go and travel the world myself. That's also very nice, but I will miss Sem and Robito a lot, that's for sure.


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Zwolle, The Netherlands - 21st October 2007

By: Dorenda

If had some pretty exiting days here.

First we went to a Chinese restaurant to celebrate a birthday of a relative. It was very nice there. The food was tasty and I met Sem's girl frined Kira. Kira is very fond of Sem as you can see.


I had lots of fun with Sem and Robito. Actually Sem had to go to bed. He was already wearing his pyjamas, but we had so much fun that Sem's mum and dad just let us play for a few more minutes.



Robito was feeling a bit homesick. It was raining here all day, so that didn't cheer him up either. So I tried my best to cheer him up and put my arm around him. We also sat by the fire place to get warm.



Then on the 12th October Sem turns one year old!!! It was a great party!! We ate cake and Sem's grandma, Sem's aunt and Sem did even dress like me. Oh, what a fun!




But now my world journey finally starts. I am off to Russia!!

Hugs, Bumba

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Moscow, Russia - 24th November 2007

By: kristl

Hello Sem!!

You just can't imagine!! I'm in Moscow, in Russia! It's so far from our home!!! And Istarted to miss you already in the journey.. But I want to see and learn so much I can so that I could tell it to you whem I'm back!!

Pleasedon't worry about me, everything is OK and I'll post some photos very soon :)

I just decided to add some photos to this post cause they feet here very good :)

Here I'm in the car driving hoe to Kristl. I met a very nice Koala there.. I think she liked me too..)


Did you know that there're such traffic jams in Moscow??? We were driving home very long time... :(


Hugs, Bumba

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Moscow, Russia - 2nd December 2007

By: kristl

December 1, 2007

Dear Sem,

today I went with Kristl to her German courses. It was not very interesting cause I do not understand German :) But the house where it took place was very nice!! I like the beautiful Christmas Tree in the hall very much!


When I entered the room where the students studied I noticed many wonderful pictures painted by some other students. I decided to show you some I liked most:





Hope you'll like them too!! And hope you feel well!

Hugs, Bumba

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Zheleznodorozhny, Moscow Region, Russia - 2nd December 2007

By: kristl

Hello Sem,

today we went for a walk with Kristl and her friend and many other TVs!! It was funny!! It's winter here and everything is white and it snows!! We went to a forest and there I made a very nice photo, I like it, and you?)


You can click it and see a big image so that you can see all details, if you like :)

I lied in the snow...


... and here is my snowimprint :)))


On our way home I played a bit on a playground. It was covered with snow but I still liked it. Kristl made some photos as I palyed:





Before we left the playground I wrote my name on the snow :)


It is very interesting here, but I allways miss you, dear Sem, and hope that you're fine.

Hugs, Bumba

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Zheleznodorozhny, Russia - 3rd December 2007

By: kristl

Dear Sem,

today we stayed at home cause the weather was awful :( On the weekends it was quite cold, but sunny, now it is +2 and it's almost raining..

When we were taking breakfast, Kristl told us a bit about some food she is used to eat in the morning :)


This is a glacé curd cake with chocolad and nuts, very tasty ;)


And this is condensed milk with kakao ;) Can be eaten with bread, but is very tasty without bread too :)



Then Kristl decided to write some New Year cards and we could see how the Russian New Year cards look like. Kristl explained us that they do not celebrate Christmas as we do. They celebrate the New Year on 31th Dec - 1st Jan. Christmas is on 7th Jan, but this is only a religious holiday. So our Christmas is their New Year :) Can you see Santa here? It's not Santa!!)) It's "Grandfather Frost", the one who gives the New Year presents ;)


I found a greeting card with a very nice girl. She is called Snow Maiden ("Snegurochka"), she is granddaughter of Grandfather Frost and she allways comes with him :)


Take care!

Hugs, Bumba

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Moscow, Russia - 5th December 2007

By: kristl

Dear Sem,

today we went for a walk to the Moscow Centre and I could see myself many famous buildings! Everything was decorated very beautiful, I hipe you'll like the pictures too!!

Here you can see State Historical Museum. And behind me you can see the Nikolskaya Tower of Kremlin.



And here's the Red Square! You can also see the Spasskaya Tower (with chiming clock), the Senate Tower, Lenin's Mausoleum near it, skating-rink and New Year Tree.



And here's the most famous shopping centre in Moscow - GUM (Main Universal Store)!


Here's Kazan Cathedral that is situated on the Red Square:


This is the skating-rink organized by GUM on the Red Square ;)


The New Year Tree on the Red Square!


Saint Basil's Cathedral - one of the most beautiful cathedrals in Moscow!


View from the Red Square:


Then we went to the main library in Russia - Russian State Library! And here's Dostojevsky Monumet in front of it:


There was a New Year Tree near the library and I saw a picture of a cat near it. Kristl told that it is a very famous cat from Russian cartoons, he's called Leopold and his motto is "Let's live in peace and friendship!". I liked him!



On the other side there was a dog and a cat playing guitar. They appeared to be Matroskin the Cat and Sharik the dog from another famous cartoon - Three from Prostokvashino.


I also made some photos from the old houses in the verz centre of Moscow. The look not verz beautiful, but they are important for the Moscow history.

The yellow one is Manège, many exhibitions take place there:


I don't know what this house is famous for, but I like it :)


Hope you're fine there, hug mum and take care!

Hugs, Bumba

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Zheleznodorozhny, Russia - 28th December 2007

By: kristl

Dear Sem,

the New Year is finally coming!

Today Kristl finished to clean her flat and we could decorate the New Year Tree!

It is not very big - good for the TVs :)


And it can change the light!!



See how nice it looks in the dark!



You can't see us, but we're here :) Do you remember where I was?)



There was a TV-sized reindeer from Sweden, it passed to Eldon very good:


I met a nice plush rat who was wearing a cap with ear flaps :) Some people say that the Russian allways wear such capsbut Kristl laughts at it :)




Gina Giraffe found a nice decoration with two gold bears. We've not decided yet where to put it...


Happy New Year, dear Sem, take care.

Hugs, Bumba

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Glubokoye (The Deep), Russia - 31st December 2007

By: kristl

Dear Sem,

we spent the New Year Eve in the village Glubokoye that is very far from Moscow - we had to drive 5 hours to get there. The road was awful, but it was so beautiful there!!!

We managed to walk in the snowy forest when we were looking for a New Year Tree.


The snow was very white and smooth!


Do you like the cone I found? :)


It was on a bunch that was not very high so I could sit on it too :)


Finally we managed to find a New Year Tree!! Look how nice it is!


Kristl helped us to get there! Do you think we look like decorations?))


We even wanted to travel home on the tree!


But we were afrait do fall down.. So we decided to get home in Kristl's bag :)

I enjoyed our walk very much!! Hope you'll like the photos!!

Take care,
hugs, Bumba

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Glubokoye (The Deep), Russia - 31st December 2007

By: kristl

Though it was very beautiful in the forest, it was quite cold. So I was happy to come back home again and warm myself near the Russian stove.


We decorated the house with some old New Year decorations, but they looked very nice and cosy:



In the house I met a hand-made cat that was just adorable!


Though our New Year Tree was outside we took some boughs inside and decorated them :)


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Glubokoye (The Deep), Russia - 31st December 2007

By: kristl

Dear Sem,

do you know a game - Monopoly? I think you don't, but I'm sure your mummy knows it! So don't forget to ask your mummy to teach yo playing this game, cause it's very interesting!!

Today I watched my hosts and their friends playing a kind of Monopoly that was called Landapoly and is about some irms that make computers :)


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Glubokoye (The Deep), Russia - 1st January 2008

By: kristl

Dear Sem,

have you ever sledded? Hope you have cause it's so much fun!!  Today we went for a walk and -- can you guess? -- we managed to ride in the inflatable sled!!


Our hosts made us ride very fast!!


We didn't want to get out, but it was snowing and we were afraid to get wet.



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Zheleznodorozhny, Russia - 4th January 2008

By: kristl

Dear Sem,

you can guess that when we got home to Zheleznodorozhny we ran to our New Year Tree first - to look for our presents! We saw that there was somethin that was not there as we left the house. But first we couldn't dare to go and see what it was. We were very shy.


Eldon was the first who went to look for his present! And look what he got - a small chest with sweets!


I was very excited and wanted to find my presen too!! I found it nesr Grandfather Frost :) That's right cause he gives us New Year Presents!!


I couldn't keep waiting to show my presen to me friends!


Then Gina Giraffe and BearyLuv found their fresents too! We were so happy!



And what did you get for Christmas??

Hugs, Bumba

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Zheleznodorozhny, Russia - 11th January 2008

By: kristl

Dear Sem,

I think you don't know yet that in different countries people use to like different food :) So there are different cuisines - types of cooking. Today we went to an Italian cafe with our hosts.

When you come to a cafe first of all you need a menu - this is a book where you can read what you can get to eat and drink in the cafe. Of course we took the menu too.


Here you can see it nearer:


Pronto - is the name of the cafe, in Italian it means 'ready'. Cafe italiano - it's in Italian too - 'Italian cafe'. It's very simple :) And then you can see -- menu.

Our hosts ordered some pasta with cheese. Do you know that pasta is macaroni? :) Well, they are alike :)


As dessert they had tiramisu, that was yummy!


Take care, I really miss you.

Hugs, Bumba

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