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To help get rid of gypsy moths

To help educate the public about the emerald ash borer

go see some real live bugs up close

to visit and study dead bugs in a museum

have my picture takn with some bug art

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Travelog for: Bugsy

Temperance, Michigan, USA - 15th September 2007

By: sleepybirdy

Hi! Im bugsy,  and Im aspiring to be an entymologist. Jamie had planned for me to be released today during community days in her town. She even brought [Flora] with her to help give me a grand send off. Here I am all set to ride off into the unknown.


Flora gave me a kiss on the cheek and wished me well, then she and Jamie left to go exploring. I assumed I'd never see them again.

However, when Jamie was ready to leave, she swung by the playground to check on me, and she found me on the ground, covered in mulch. Some uncaring little kid had cast me aside and stolen my ride, and she couldnt just leave me there, so she took me home and introduced me to the new tvs that she and Flora had met and rescued today.

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