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Check if Australia is habitable before aelina moves there.

Acquire a little souvenir (nothing too expensive or too heavy).

Play boardgames.

See Stonehenge, Machu Picchu, the Pyramids or other well known ancient ruins.

Meet a fellow ToyVoyager or two.

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Travelog for: Seamus

Tampere, Finland - 12th August 2007

By: aelina


I am Seamus and I am looking for reliable and nice people to host me on my first journey.
I haven't even started packing yet, because I'd like to find a few hosts first. I need a place to go, don't I?
Please see my profile for details of my plans (and what I'm planning to pack and take with me) and PM my mentor aelina if you'd like a visit from me.

A few good people have shown interest in hosting me. I will be visiting them all, but not necessarily in this order.

kjnohr, Indiana, US
BunTraveler, Oregon, US
niftylite, UK
becka_kate, Australia (maybe, not available until oct/nov '07)
Prowl_Worshipper, Australia
yumi, Japan
Mistigree, France (late september '07)
The Sparkle

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Tampere, Finland - 15th August 2007

By: aelina


I've been making some travel plans. And it's come to aelina's attention that most hosts like to keep their visitors for several weeks!
However, since I am in a bit of a hurry (I want to return to aelina by the end of 2007), I wish you would send me on to the next host after 4-7 days of quality time with you.

I will be sent out within the next few days.
Here's my plan:

niftylite, UK
The Sparkle, Germany/Netherlands
kjnohr, USA
BunTraveller, USA
Mistigree, France
becka_kate, Australia
Prowl_Worshipper, Australia
yumi, Japan
aelina, Finland

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Tampere, Finland - 20th August 2007

By: aelina

Seamus has been sent to niftylite today. He wrote the following notes before leaving.

I met a little pig called Persikka (or Peach in English). She's a travelling pig and has been travelling around Finland for a few months now.
Here we are, sniffing eachother to check if we're friendly. She said she was a little worried that I might eat her.

I told her she could live in my house when I'm gone.

Here I am, with my passport/travel journal and necklace. I wonder why it looks like I was wearing sunglasses when my passport photo was taken. I guess I was a bit tired.

Then I checked if my aircraft was okay, said goodbye to Persikka (and aelina of course) and climbed in.
http://static.zooomr.com/images/2974547_93441a89cc_m.jpg http://static.zooomr.com/images/2974544_059d992701_m.jpg

I can't wait for my adventure to begin! Please treat me kindly and I won't eat you.

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Banbury, UK - 2nd September 2007

By: aelina

Unfortunately niftylite couldn't host me. It was a bad time for her, so I'm on my way to The Sparkle in Germany.

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Bad Bentheim, Germany - 20th September 2007

By: The Sparkle

Today i arreived at the mailbox off my new host.
When i arreived she was not at home so I stayed for a long long time in the envelope waiting for her get me out off it

When my host opend the door befor getting me out of the mailbox one of her cats was running outside to get some fresh air.

When i came out of the envelope i sit some time in the sun to get warm again.

When I get inside of the home i meet Knorretje Knor the ToyVoyager off my owner that still didnot start her journey yet becaus the scale of my host has a low battery.

Knorrtje was verry sweet to me and give me a hug to welcome me to her owners home.

Then i heard that their is also a other ToyVoyager at the moment. His name is Eldon.
He will travel again when there is a new battery for the scale.

When we sit down a big smells at me. First i was a little scary but then Knorretje knor and  Eldon tells me that the nose is from Luna. The sweet dog of my host.

On this picture you can see me together with luna.

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Bad Betheim, Germany - 23rd September 2007

By: The Sparkle

Today my host is going Geocaching together with her dog Luna.
Eldon and me will go with them.  Eldon already did go geocaching a few weeks ago. He says it's fun doing it and you can see the aria.

On this picture you can see me and Eldon together with a great view at the castle park.

And on this picture i'm alone with the same view.

This is a little part of the great castle we see over here.

After walking more than 2 hours and searching for 18 answers we have found the right location and find the cache that was hide behind a big tree.

This is me and Eldon with the open geocache. In this cache you can find some little stuff and a notebook to write down that you visit this cache.

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Bad Bentheim, Germany - 26th September 2007

By: The Sparkle

Today me and my host where making special meatballs.

First me cut a little onion

Tha some sweet red pepper

Mixed together

Add some fresh black pepper and some french herbs.

All mixed together

Add some extra spicey pepper

And then we add the meat

Some butter in the pan

After some cooking they look like this and taste verry good.

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Bad Bentheim, Germany - 29th September 2007

By: The Sparkle

Today i joined my host and her friend for going geocaching again. My hist love to make pictures of nature things and today mushrooms are her specialty.


This are the first two we found on our way to the geocache.

Then we found this great red with withe polkadots mushroom.

Sightseeing a beautiful view. When you look far far away you can see the castle of Bad Bentheim.

Walking again we found these little cute mushrooms.

And then we see these wire with a lot of sheep hair.

I take some white hairs as a real souvenir.

And again a beautiful view from a little tower. You can see the venn (sorry my host did not now the englisch word so she learned me the germann word.)

And than we finaly found the geocache.
This time the cache was hide in a tree.

Walking to the car we found this large red mushroom. It was bigger then me. You can see some withe mushroom seeds in my hair when you look verry good.

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Enschede, The Netherlands - 4th October 2007

By: The Sparkle

Today i was going to the class of my host. I hear Haas talking about those little children and love to see them myself.

Those little kids have their own scale. They use them to weight some authum things. The call them: Kastanjes those are the big red/brown things, Eikels the long brown things and Hazelnoten I think they mean Hazelnuts.

The childeren build a house for Haas and i did visit him in his new temporary house.

The kids are talking about witches the next few days. SO my host made a witchhead for Haas. Here you can see me wearing it.

Here you can see me in the big spiderwed that is on the wall in the class.

I love my visit and hope my host will take some other ToyVoyagers also to her class.

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Enschede, Netherlands - 12th October 2007

By: The Sparkle

Today Seamus is going to his next host.

He is saying his goodbyes to Knorretje Knor and Alfie Langer who came 2 days ago.

Knorretje knor is checking his envelope.

We have found a little schoolbord with a picture of seamus. It's our little gift to him for being a nice guest.

With his little journal and the coat of the sheep that he found on one of his walks with us. We glue it in his travel journal.

We hope you have a good journey and arreive quick at jour new host place.

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Toulouse, France - 5th November 2007

By: Mistigree

Bonjour !! Hello !!

I arrived in France today !! The French flag was streaming in my honour !

I'm more precisely in Toulouse, a (very beautiful !) town situated in the South-West of France.

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Toulouse, France - 6th November 2007

By: Mistigree

For my first outing in the streets of Toulouse, I passed along a house that aroused my interest...

You will easily understand why... There was a lion made of stone in front of it ! It looked as if he were the guardian of the house !

If you had to give a title to the picture below, what would it be according to you ???

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Toulouse, France - 10th November 2007

By: Mistigree

Today, it was really sunny and I decided to visit a garden this morning. It is called "Jardin du Grand Rond". In fact, this garden is a circle and is a kind of big roundabout.

Let's cross the street !

Here we are ! Nice fountain with a big jet of water... I did not approach too much of it because I did not want to wet my fur !

There was a bandstand too, which seemed to be interesting.

And it was interesting indeed !! There were made of flowers/plants rugby scenes all around the bandstand !

This is because Toulouse welcomed 4 rugby matches during the last rugby worldcup last month.

Hey ! Even a rubgy ball made of box !

This explanation said that the place was also called "Esplanade Boulingrin" that derived from the english "Bowling green". Many revolutionary fairs took place here and later horse races too. It was also the favourite place to wander for the inhabitants of Toulouse during the Edwardian era.

This wolf statue impressed me a lot !!!! It looked so fierce !! OK, I'm the king of the animals, but I'm quite small !

In front of the wolf, there was a dog statue, protecting her babies... It is certainly a legend, but Mistigree and I did not find which one.

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Toulouse, France - 10th November 2007

By: Mistigree

Then I went in the town centre by foot. On my way I found this mansion house which door seemed to be made for me.

Let's see closer...

You know France has good wine, therefore we can find here many places and restaurants where we can taste it.

I couldn't do without thinking of Tiger Tom when I saw all those bottles of wine on this table...!! He's such a wine lover !

And here are some French croissants !! They seemed delicious but I had no time to stop and eat one of them because I have to travel fast !!

This is "Le Pont Neuf", an old bridge over the river Garonne, nice, isn't it ?

And this is the townhall called "Le Capitole". There were plenty of people because there was a festival with some concerts, that's why you can see a stage.

There also was a wedding just near !!

Then, I bought a postcard and a little souvenir for aelina. Oh it is just a little thing, because I can not weigh myself down, I have still some hosts to visit  and I can't carry heavy luggage !

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Toulouse, France - 11th November 2007

By: Mistigree

I met 2 others ToyVoyagers who are hosted by Mistigree too.
Let me introduce you to Snegovik who comes from Moscow.

And Rosemary, a girl skunk from Miami !

Rosemary laughed at me because she told me I had a very little tail for a lion ! So Snegovik took a ruler and measured our respective tails.

The fact is that I have a very little tail for a lion indeed !

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