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Travelog for: Muki

Miami, Florida, USA - 31st October 2008

By: carlissa

Today is Halloween!  I helped my host decorate the house with all kinds of scary things!

I helped set up the skeleton man:

Then I set up the pumkin:

And I put the scarecrow in the garden:

I hung a scary skeleton face on the door:

And the most important thing is the candy!

My host made a red cape for me so I can be Super Dog for Halloween!  I'm now ready to go trick or treating!

Happy Halloween!

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Matheson Hammock Park, USA - 8th November 2008

By: carlissa

I went to Matheson Hammock Park today.  Matheson Hammock is a huge park with lots to do.

First, I played by the lake:

I chased some iguanas into the mangrove (they were very fast and got away before I could catch them!):

I read a sign about aligators, but I didn't see any today.

But, I did see a raccoon!


I found this little house under a huge tree.  It must be a hobbit house because the door was very small!

I had lots of fun at the park!


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Miami, Florida, USA - 8th November 2008

By: carlissa

While I was at the park, I could smell food cooking and hear music playing.  I went to investigate and found out that Fairchild Tropical Botanical Garden was having their Ramble.  It is a festival that they have every year.  Fairchild is right next to the park.

I listened to Stephen Mikes play the sitar:

I watched this lady sculptor working:

And I saw a glass sculpture by Dale Chihuly:

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Central Florida, USA - 14th November 2008

By: carlissa

My host took me on a road trip today!  We are heading to Gainesville, Florida which is about 350 miles north of Miami.  We will visit her parents and her daughter who live in Gainesville.  It's a long drive, about 6 hours!  The weather was a little overcast, but nice otherwise.  South Florida is very built up with lots of buildings and shopping centers, but central Florida is not so built up and has lots of farm land with lots of cows and horses and orange groves.  We drove miles and miles and miles and saw nothing but trees and bushes!  I saw lots of cows and horses, too!  I did get a couple of pictures near Yeehaw Junction, Florida:



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Gainesville, Florida, USA - 16th November 2008

By: carlissa

Today I went with my host and her daughter to a park for dogs!  I met lots of different kinds of dogs and had lots of fun!





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Miami, Florida, USA - 17th November 2008

By: carlissa

We drove back to Miami today.  The weather got cold over the weekend, but the sky was clear and bright.  I did get a picture of central Florida again on the way back to Miami:


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Miami, Florida, USA - 20th November 2008

By: carlissa

Today I went to Emerald Acres stables where my host keeps her horse, Lucky.

Here I am at the entrance:

Here I am with Lucky:

I also met Spencer, the pig:

And I met the miniature donkeys:

I also met some of the barn dogs, Tigger and Ears, but I didn't get any pictures of them.  I had fun meeting all the animals at the stables!


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Gainesville, Florida, USA - 27th November 2008

By: carlissa

Today is Thanksgiving in the United States.  It is a tradition started by the early settlers of the U.S. and the Native Americans to give thanks for a good harvest.  It is usually celebrated by having a big feast.  We are celebrating with my host's family in Gainesville, Florida. 

I helped to cook dinner!  We made a turkey:

I helped to put some decorations on the table:

We had lots to eat! 

It was nice having dinner with my host's family!

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Miami, Florida, USA - 18th December 2008

By: carlissa

I'm sorry I haven't updated my travellog in awhile.  My host has had some things to take care of in Gainesville, Florida, so I've been hanging out with Snoopy in the car.


I am now on my way to Oregon!  I wonder what it will be like there?  I hope I make it in time for Christmas!

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