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Visit Russia and maybe meet with the group t.A.T.u.:)

Travel to Madrid and relax in the park Retiro

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Travelog for: Muki

Toulouse, France - 9th September 2007

By: Mistigree

Today I went to see the Garonne. It is the river that crosses Toulouse.

From the "Pont-Neuf" brigde, we can see "la prairie des filtres". It is the name of one of the Garonne's bank, where people go to relax or just to wander.

I read that at the begining of the XX century, la prairie des filtres had many different functions : it was used for planes landings, agricultural fairs, rugby matches, allotments, or even sheeps pastures !

I had a rest in the grass near the water, it was so fresh (the sun was high this day !!)
The bridge you can perceive behind me is Le Pont-Neuf, the oldest bridge of Toulouse.

And this is "le dôme de la Grave" (La Grave was an hospital). Some years ago, Mistigree was living just in front of it !!

Then I went to see "l'église des Jacobins", one of the churches of Toulouse.
http://farm2.static.flickr.com/1169/1384909385_dc0979d845.jpg?v=0 http://farm2.static.flickr.com/1173/1384915347_bce85ecfe3.jpg?v=0

Here is the entrance.

And the inside of the church where the stained-glass are reflected on walls and pillars.

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Post office, Toulouse, France - 8th October 2007

By: Mistigree

Today was my last day in France (maybe until the next time, who knows ?)... I'm now on my way to Germany where I'm going to meet The Sparkle !
Before Mistigree took me to the post office, she wrote some words in Szandra's notebook and I helped her sticking a stamp coming from the envelope in which I arrived in France so that Szandra will have a nice notebook full of stamps !

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Bad Bentheim, Germany - 13th October 2007

By: The Sparkle

Today Muki arreived at my home in Germany.

He hide himself deep in the envelope.

He was a little shy to see his new host. So he came out of his envlope step by step.

The next step is coming out of the envelope.

He did and so we can shake hand and paw.

Than Muki surprised me by saying that he wants to meet our dog Luna.

She was happy to meet him and wants to play with him.
Muki was not affraid and played a little with Luna and than wants to sit om my desk again.

Muki, welcom to our home i hope you like your stay here.

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Bad Bentheim, Germany - 20th October 2007

By: The Sparkle

The sun is shining so Alfie Langer and i are going to see the garden and his hidden tressurs.

First we where enjoying the sun to get a nice brown color.

Than i looked around in the garden and found this beautiful verry late rose. My host told me he is flowering for the 3th time this year.

Than i found a old bike so i can lift my paw and give it some smelly water.

Then i was sitting in the basket in front of the bike. I hoped someone will take me for a nice tour in this little village.

Alfie was trying to ride the bike but he was to little.
Then our host told us that this bike is for staying in the garden because it is old and not save to ride anymore.

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Enschede, Netherlands - 21st December 2007

By: The Sparkle

After a long time doing nothing because the father inlaw of my host died she takes me and Galen to her class with 4 till 6 year olds.


They where celebrating christmas and have a christmas tree in their classroom. Me and Galen did clime in to it. to see them joining their christmas dinner.


All the children made a little christmas light.
The classroom looks verry pretty.


A happy christmas for my mum.


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Appelscha, Netherlands - 25th December 2007

By: The Sparkle

I'm having christmas in the Netherlands.
It is verry cold here at the moment. But their is no snow :(


Happy Christmas and a great travel full 2008

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Assen, Netherlands - 30th December 2007

By: The Sparkle

Today me and Galen did some geocachings with our host and her boyfriend.
They love geocaching because your are outside and can walk with a goal or can take a ride to a place and find a hidden treasure.

The first place we visit today is a geocache on a special place. This place is a memorable place. In oct 1943 a Englisch plain on his way back from bombing Leipzig (D) crash here.

This wing of this monument is a gift from the Britisch Airforce to give the monument his look as it looks today.

Our host her boyfriend found this first cache for today. We take a look what was inside the treasure. We love all the nice goodies.

This is on our way to the third cache off today. Galen has to stay in the car so i can have some time for me alone and have some different pictures.
On this picutere you can see a river looking water that is crossing this city called Assen. Their are a lot off waters like this in this aeria because in the history they use it to move Turf to other places.

The view form the cache place.

Me and the cache. In this cache their is only some papper to lleave a note that you made a visit.

This was the las cache we did today also on a memoral place.
because of the evening it was a bite spooky and also because what was happend here.
a month befor the end of WOII the Germann Army killed 10 people here.

I think i helped my host and her boyfriend like a good doggie with finding those treasures.

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Appelscha, Netherlands - 31st December 2007

By: The Sparkle

On the last day off the year we also maked a walk to do a geocache. It is my host her 50th when she found it.

here you can see Galen and Me together with our host.



My host was tring to make a picture off me with at the background the place we where walking but the fog wass rolling in verry fast so the pictures did not have a sharp background.

A picture of the Fochterloer Veen that we visit. It is a realy beautiful aeria.

Sorry their are no pictures of the new years firework becaus off the fog. You can only see one meter.

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Enschede, The Netherlands - 15th January 2008

By: The Sparkle


And again i'm in a envelope underway to my next host.
This time i'm going to Northern Ireland.
I hope i will arreive soon.

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Coral Gables, Florida, USA - 28th June 2008

By: tarepanda

I am in Miami now!! I am so excited.

Today our host take us to visit a fancy outdoors shopping mall called The Village of Merrick Park, in Coral Gables, one of the most affluent neighborhood in the U.S.  How about that?  We didn't do any shopping there, but the place is very well tended and the garden is beautiful with lots of statues and flowers.




Sometimes children play in the fountain here but today it is quiet. 



We all get a peacock ride!


Hmm what is this statue?


Turns out he is steering a boat.  Let's all get a ride!


When we get home we find that we have a new toy visiting.  Her name is Candy Cotton.  Wow, there are three bunnies now.  Need some more doggies here!



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Miami, Florida, USA - 13th July 2008

By: tarepanda

Today we visit a bubble tea shop.  The bubbles are tapioca balls, soft but chewy, that are put into smoothies, iced tea and drinks.  They originated in Taiwan but are getting popular here.  You can see all the bubbles in the cup.  I order an azuki bean smoothie w bubbles.


Here we are, Candy Cotton, Watson, Floppers, then Robito and Palmito who are Marina's toys.  Marina gets some Oreo cookies which taste quite good.


We also release some books at the BookCrossing Zone there.


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Miami, Florida, USA - 14th July 2008

By: tarepanda

Tonight we go to a fondue dinner.  I don't remember ever doing it so it is a lot of fun.

First is the cheese fondue.  The server whips the cheese into a pot of wine until it melts.


We then dip some bread into the pot of melted cheese.  It's so delicious!!


Then we have dessert, the chocolate fondue!!!  Look at this plate of marshmallow, cake, strawberries, banana and more!!!  I don't even know where to start.


This strawberry sure looks yummy!!  We have a really good time.


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Key Biscayne, Florida, USA - 22nd July 2008

By: tarepanda

Today we visit the beach, which Florida is famous for.


It's a pretty day, there are a lot of palm trees.  Let's all climb onto one!


We see some catamarans on the beach.


Look, someone is going out there in one.


We decide to just sit on the sand and sunbathe a little.



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Montreal, Canada - 25th July 2008

By: tarepanda

Today my host put us in her backpack and tells us that we will be traveling.  When we pop out of the backpack, we find out that we are in an airplane!  Of course we get very excited!!  We ask her where we are going but she says it's a surprise.  Oh well, we decide to settle down and read some magazine to pass the time.


Looking out of the little window we can see the strip.


And other airplanes.


We are taking off!  Look how small the houses and roads look!


We are higher than the clouds!


I wonder where we are going?

Finally we land.  Mocha thinks he hears some French.  Both of us have traveled to France so we speak a little French. So we are in France now?  Wow!  But when we look out, we realize it's not France.  Turns out we are in Montreal, Canada!  I haven't been to Canada before so I am excited!!


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Montreal, Canada - 26th July 2008

By: tarepanda

Today we go to the Jean Talon Farmers Market.  There are a lot of interesting shops.


This one is a cheese shop, with lots of cheeses from the local region.


This one is famous for its ice creams. 


We eat breakfast here, the baguette and pastries are really good.


Look at all the pretty flowers.


The fruits and vegetables are so inexpensive and delicious.  They look much nicer than the ones in supermarket.


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