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To meet a flesh-and-blood pussy cat

To attend a fashion show

To watch a James Bond film in the cinema

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Travelog for: Pussy Galore

London, England - 12th July 2007

By: Deborah

Pussy Galore was relaxing in a pretty garden, enjoying the sun on her fur and the breeze in her whiskers, when she spotted a small brown bird that made her feel rather peckish. Like lightning, she pursued it up a tree, but her plans were foiled when it flew away and she realised that climbing down was harder than climbing up.

Time passed and it began to get dark.

And a bit chilly.

This wasn't good.

This wasn't good in the slightest...

And worst of all, it looked like it might rain.

Medium - Pussy Galore in Garden 2.JPG
Medium - Pussy Galore in Tree.JPG

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London, England - 12th July 2007

By: Deborah

Pussy Galore was getting very cold and tired when she decided to have a little cat-nap in the hope that her situation would have improved by the time she woke up. She drifted back to consciousness to a chorus of high-pitched voices all talking over one another. This seemed a good time to brave the embarrassment of asking for some help. A shuffling noise and a couple of 'humphs' preceded the appearance of a strangely-dressed bear who peered at her with a concerned expression before chivalrously offering to help her down the tree trunk.

Medium - TT Finds PG in Tree 1.JPG

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Westerham, England - 14th July 2007

By: Deborah

Pussy Galore was delighted to be invited for a day out in the countryside with Travel Ted, who was brimming with ideas for fun things to do and places to go. First he took her to the quaint market town of Westerham, where she sunbathed on a statue of Winston Churchill, Britain's famous war time prime minister, who had lived in a big house nearby. For lunch he took her to an olde worlde pub where she dined in style on traditional fish and chips.

Medium - Westerham - PG with Churchill.JPG
Medium - Westerham - PG with Fish & Chips.JPG

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Eynsford, England - 14th July 2007

By: Deborah

Pussy Galore eyed up the fish in the River Darent but was relunctant to get her paws wet as her label said 'wipe clean only'. Still, it was relaxing to be out in the countryside and she found plenty of good spots to soak up the sun.

Medium - Eynsford - PG at River Darent 1.JPG
Medium - Eynsford Viaduct - PG 1.JPG
Medium - Eynford - PG & Horse 2.JPG

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Eynsford, England - 14th July 2007

By: Deborah

Pussy Galore hoped to catch some mice in the poppy field but didn't have any luck as she was rather slow-moving.

Medium - Poppy Field - PG 1.JPG
Medium - Poppy Field - PG 3.JPG
Medium - Poppy Field - TT & PG 1.JPG

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Shoreham, England - 14th July 2007

By: Deborah

A little further down the road were beautiful fields of lavender, whose scent made Pussy Galore feel quite sleepy after her big outing.

Medium - Lavender Field  - PG 1.JPG
Medium - Lavender Field  - TT & PG 2.JPG

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Peckham, London, England - 31st July 2007

By: Deborah

Pussy Galore was quite charmed by Fusco, the little French rabbit that Travel Ted had invited to stay. She asked if he would be her escort for a very special occasion: watching a digitally restored print of Goldfinger in the cinema. It was a magical evening in which both of them got to complete their first mission.

Medium - Pussy Galore - Peckham 1 Balanced.jpg
Medium - PG - Goldfinger Poster 1.JPG

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London, England - 6th August 2007

By: Deborah

Pussy Galore had been invited to France as the first stop in her grand tour of Europe. She was very excited indeed. Although she was sorry to leave her friends - and was very touched that Fusco and Travel Ted took the time to package her carefully for her journey - she knew that her homesickness would soon ebb when her overseas adventure began. Maybe she would even get to meet more Toy Voyagers on her journey...

Medium - Pussy Bye Bye 13 (PG).JPG

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Aureilhan, France - 12th August 2007

By: Mood

After a 5 days chrono trip, here I am in France!!! (South West, in the Hautes Pyrénées region)

As you can see, I travel by Royal mail, quite fast, but quite cramped for space and my ear has decided to crease...

Oohh!! what a strange carpet !!! Perfect to sharpen my claws ... It seems my host planned everything!!! I think we should get on ...

By the way, I arrived right on time she said, because tomorrow, Mood is taking me to a small seaside resort "Vieux Boucau" where she spends her holidays... I hope we'll go fishing!

Meanwhile, and after a good wash, I began to explore the surroundings area looking for a flesh-and-blood pussy cat ... (Deborah told me one was living with Mood!!!) ... I found this beautiful Busy Lizzie and decided to wait and see... A good hunter has to be patient !!!


Then, Mood told me she was going to visit her granny, and suggested I could go with her... quite a good idea! because even if I found no cat in Aureilhan, look what I found to Mood's Granny's house : two lovely chicken frisking about ...

yum yum!!! .... But, I had to change my plans as Mood stared at me angrily, so I just went on exploring and climbed up to this plum tree

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Aureilhan, France - 12th August 2007

By: Mood

At last!!! I met a flesh-and-blood pussy cat!!! As I was still looking for one, Mood told me I should meet one sleepy upstairs, and yet; this lazy one is called Romeo.. He's seven
I wanted to play with him, but he seems to be quite tired
Come on Romeo !!!!! let's play together !!!!
but ... nothing to do ...

So I left this impolite boy, and I came across THIS !!!

It's a sign don't you think ????
I'm sure you can hear the original music theme watching these pictures!!!

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Vieux-Boucau, France - 13th August 2007

By: Mood

So here I am in Vieux Boucau!!!

As you can see, the weather is quite sunny, not too hot for my fur, just perfect!
As I -forgot- my swimsuit, I asked Mood to show me the village ... here is the '"estacade", a wooden walk along the salt lake

It was low tide ... and no fish around...
Then we went on the "Mail" another floral walk with shops around

Mood bought pearls to make necklaces and bracelets ... So I helped her, but I still don't know which colour size me the best??

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Vieux Boucau, France - 14th August 2007

By: Mood

Today, I went to the beach
Look at the ocean how flat it is !!!!! The weather was so great and there was no wind ... so the flag was green
but the water was quite cold !! only 19°!!!

Have you seen this small holes in the sand??? This is small shellfish, that hides into the sand. I tried to catch one, but they're too fast !!

Then I got closer to the waves


and closer


but in fact ... I prefered to sunbathe
hmmmm, it was so delicious!!
recto ...
...verso !

Behind me you can see the CRS car and chair (swimming instructor/rescuer) I think it's quite a job don't you agree?
Sunbathing on their chair !!!

and this is the Captain Bar where you can have a drink or take an icecream after swimming

Then I wanted to fish, so I went in the rocks where Mood told me I could find crabs

I had found a green one !? but ... he managed to escape under the rocks


and I just found mussels ...


.. not bad at all !!!

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Vieux Boucau, France - 15th August 2007

By: Mood

Hey, Deborah, here I am at the foot of the Vesuve volcano !!!!
Surprising isn't it?

Well ... it could have been, but it's just a firework. We are 15th august, and in France, it's a public holiday (Assomption day), always celebrated with a traditional firework ...
By the way, did you know that jellyfishes were flying in the sky??? Here is the proof :

Well, let me tell you about my day:
This morning I woke up with a french breakfast : croissant and chocolate-filled pastry skewer with tea (english cat always drink TEA! nothing else)

And as Romeo was STILL sleeping, I met Taro (who is travelling with us) to play "pétanque" (a local South of France institution!)
Each player tosses or rolls their "boule" so that it ends up as near as possible to the "cochonnet" (a small wooden ball thrown from a distance of 6 to 10 m), at the same time trying to hit the other team's "boule" so as to scatter them.
Players take turns, and whoever ends up closest to the cochonnet when all balls are played, wins.
I won !!!!

I'm ready for the Masters 2007!!!

At the end of the day, Taro and I went to see the sunset, at the top of the dunes
It was so romantic!!!

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Vieux Boucau, France - 18th August 2007

By: Mood

Old people say that after 15th august, the weather is changing bad .... and they're right!!!
The ocean isn't flat at all this time !!! Have you seen the waves ??? It's a perfect day for kites!
I think we're going back home in the Pyrénées ...

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Ger, France - 23rd August 2007

By: Mood

Let me introduce you my new friends Zoé and Chelsea!!! It's Mistigree's cats ... We went to visit her as we're all going for a walk in the mountains.
So here is Zoé
we got on well at once !

And this is Chelsea
before she threw me out of her back

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