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Travelog for: Elle

Toulouse, France -

By: Mood

pffffffiouuuuuuuuuuuu ... Here I am back from a real marathon day !!
I think that today, I have visited the four corners of Toulouse! I saw many things, buildings, people, but also these strange giant fowls :


I was a bit scared (have you seen this big one?)


But Mood explained me they weren't real : in fact it's an exhibition about the rugby french (strange) mascot : the French cockerel


Indeed, Toulouse is one of the town that host the Rugby world cup, and  you cn't ignore it !! Rugby is everywhere!!!

Fortunately, the weather was great, it looked like summer holidays. I find that people are very cool and friendly.
So we went for a walk along the Garonne river


Here I am in front of the Ramier Island where you can see many migratory birds


and behind me is the Prairie des Filtres (Filter meadow) where all the rugby world cup matches are broadcasted on a giant screen... and the people !!!! (it was the France/ Georgie match)


I was very curious to see closer so Mood took me there...
We walked through the Tounis Embankement

In the background is the Pont Neuf (new bridge) (the oldest of the town in fact)


then here we are on the Prairie des Filtres :


there was lots of people watching the match !!! Look at the man on the left with his Michalak tee-shirt


And on the screen you can see a pile of  rugbymen : this is what they call the scrummage! (strange sport???)

Anyway, I really loved this part of the town where you can spend time looking at the flyboat or sunbathing ...


but today it was a rugbymen invasion, so we turned back to the Pont Neuf

On the way I had a quick glance at this binoculars

and then we have decided to take a drink to the Place du Capitole ... we went past the Hotel d'Assezat (Assezat mansion)

here is the yard
nice isn't it?

Then we took the St Rome street that leads to the Capitole...
here is an old half-timbered house

and here is the Place du Capitole (the townhall)


There is a big poster to support Toulouse's candidature as the next 2013 cultural capital city...


I have visited the townhall : here are the beautiful stairs
that lead to the Salle des illustres (illustrious room)
where many weddings are celebrated (by the way Mood told m about a very good looking Elephonse ...???) You can see the red armchairs

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Toulouse, France -

By: Mood

Then we wandered threw the different street ... Here I am in the Alsace-Lorraine street (one of the main streets of the town, with many shops)


with typical façades of the Haussmann era (Second Empire)


I have spotted this chocolate shop that belongs to a very famous french pastry cook Yves Thuriès!!!! (yum yummmm)


Then we went past the famous "Galeries Lafayette" (Lafayette department store)


(Mood wanted to go inside to illustrate the french expression : un éléphant dans un magasin de porcelaine but unofrtunately, it was closed as we were sunday ...

Have you seen this inscription?

I don't know how to interpret it???

Anyway ...
On our way back to the Capitole I stopped a while in front of this sculpture

I really love it don't you ??????

And at last, after this long walk a good capuccino on a coffee pavement


Place du Capitole


and again : a rugby poster !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Toulouse, France -

By: Mood

The visit goes on ... to the Jacobins church...



Founded in the XIIIth and XIVth centuries and built entirely of brick "it is a true gem of Languedoc Gothic art"

Very severe and imposing don't you think?


and very high too!!


Have you seen the gargouilles


The interior is very impressive !!
Look at this "palmier" (palmtree) vault with 22 ribs supporting the roof of the polygonal choir.


It rises up to 28 m!!!


The church also contains St Thomas d'Aquin relics


and here is the cloister, with its succession of gracious arches



and the refectory, in which an exhibition was mounted


Indeed, it's the seventh Printemps de Septembre festival (about contemporary art)


and it shows "The Hamsterwheel project". ..


I have to say that Mood and I were very doubtful in front of some strange pieces ??
But, I enjoyed this one!


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Ishikawa, Japan - 30th June 2007

By: yumi

Hello. My name is Elle.

I just received an id number and registered now!

I haven't been outside of yumi's house before.
Can't wait to starting my adventure!!

コピー ~ IMGP6132.jpg

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Ishikawa, Japan - 7th August 2007

By: yumi

I have been waiting at Yumi's house for starting my journey for a while.

Finally, I was sent to Florazoom in France today.
My Europe tour has started now!!
I'm really looking forward to meeting new people and toyvoyagers.

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Arles, France - 15th August 2007

By: Florazoom

Hi ! I'm fine ! I arrived in Arles yesterday. I'll give some news soon !!!

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Arles, France - 15th August 2007

By: Florazoom

Today I cooked raspberries & chocolate pie ! Florazoom doesn't like raspberries but his boyfriend adore this fruits... Anyway, I like too and it was an exciting afternoon in the kitchen !

To make 6 little tarts:

-1 tart pastry
-300g of dark chocolate
-200g of whipping cream
-40g of butter
-3 eggs (only the yellow part)
-beautifull raspberries

Bake the pastry in 6 small pans in the oven at 180°C or 356°F, with beans inside (to prevent the rising up) during 15minutes.
Take off the beans and put back in the oven for 15 others minutes.
Leave aside out the oven, the tarts have to be cool.

Heat up the whipping cream in a casserole to make it hot but not too much !
Break the chocolate up. Take it in the hot cream, mix.
Add the butter, mix. Add the eggs, mix.
Pour on the tarts.
Put on the fridge for 2 hours.

Before to serve, add the raspberries on.

**And we have an happy Ellephant !**


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Avignon, France - 16th August 2007

By: Florazoom

I didn't see the city for the moment, I came to Florazoom's parents and I made Turtle-rinding !!!

I ate a lot of biscuits too...


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St Orens, France - 30th September 2007

By: Mood

Elle arrived today in St Orens ... Her travel was good.


She has now discovered her new house. Of course she has been welcomed by Romeo the cat of the house who never had seen such a lovely elephant before!!!!

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Toulouse, France - 5th October 2007

By: Mood

Tonight, Mood took me to the cinema (Utopia) ...


We had an appointment with Mistigree to see "Control" a film about Ian Curtis (Joy Division singer)


I found this film very depressing... but Mood enjoyed it !!! (of course, she was one of the millions Joy division fans when she was younger) and you know what ? When we came back home, she was anxious to get out her old records and we HAD to listen to them !!!!!) (I tried discreetly to close my ears!!!!)


She was completely excited as she was remembering her past ... while I was yawning and struggling against sleep!!

Then she suggested a game : find the intruder among her antique collection! (at 3:00 in the morning!!!!)


Before the cinema, waiting for Mistigree, we went to another art gallery to see another Printemps de Septembre exhibition:


I let you enjoy... The problem is that, there are no explanations, so Mood and I really found it quite incomprehensible as we don't know anything about contemporary art??


These sculptures are made by Elise Florenty and Rémy Jacquier, two young french artists


As we may have understood (but are not really sure) it shows the inner ear ....

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Bruguières, France - 6th October 2007

By: Mood

Back from Gaillac, Mood took me to some friend's house for a pizza rugby evening ...


... to see the very big event of the year -> the french rugby team beat the All Black !!!!!! 20 to 18 ... not a big score, but a real feat as it seemed that the All Black team was unbeatable !!


As you may see on the picture, the score was 10 to zero for the All Black, after only 25 minutes ... and everybody was anxious, and then, the french woke up and scored 2 tries thanks, notably, to Micha lak !!!

I was afraid to get bored, but it was really funny to see Mood and her friends so enthousiastic to the match...

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Gaillac, France - 6th October 2007

By: Mood

Here I am in Gaillac (about 70 km from Toulouse) a town known for its famous vineyards... in the Tarn region

But in fact, we went there because of its Books festival as you can see on this beautiful poster (made by Nathalie Novi, a french illustrator)

As you can see I was her model !!!!

Nice isn't it ???

It's quite a nice town, close to the river Tarn


Behind me is the St Etienne Chapelle


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Toulouse, france - 7th October 2007

By: Mood

Youhouuuuu !!! I'm just coming back from the Super fête of St Michel


there were many rounds about like this one with my friend Dumbo

and very good ice creams too !!!

I met Barthelemy (Mistigree's new Toyvoyager) who invited me to the ghost train

As you can see, I wasn't very reassured!!


But in fact, we laughed like whales!!! It wasn't frightening at all...

Then I have tried to catch these toyvyagers that were stucked in this window


But they said they didn't want to travel so I left them ... and went to the big wheel .. woaouuhh it was wonderful !!!

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Aucamville, France - 10th October 2007

By: Mood

Hello again!!!

Just one word to tell yoy how excited I am : tonight we are going to listen to a concert from the fabulous french band : Bumcello


Do you know the french singer M ??? (if not, take care, he's wonderful!!!!) In fact, Bumcello is the name of his musicians (Vincent Segal and Cyril Atef), and tonight they invite the french flutist jazzman Magic Malik. It should be great promised Mood... I'll tell you ...

Indeed !!! it WAS fantastic !!!!!


They played about 2 hours ... and I really enjoyed them!!!


They are so funny (look at the last pictures), and seem to get so happy playing together !!! It sometimes sounds like the music we can hear in old tv series like The Persuaders (Amicalement Vôtre in France) or like Lalo Shiffrin music... (because of the sound of the flute) mixed with oriental sounds and percussions ...
really great!!!!


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Toulouse, France - 15th October 2007

By: Mood

As you might know : French rugby team lost its 1/2 final against the english one ... everybody here is very disappointed... So, to forget this real drama, Mood and I went to the Japanese garden...


Yum yummm, I really enjoyed these bamboo leaf


it reminded me of my home in Japan with my dear Yumi !!!

In fact this garden celebrates its 20th birthday

It's quite nice (even if it has nothing to do with a real japanese garden). There are lanterns...


... and a tea house


And I also met Taïsen Deshimarü ( a great zen master)



who remains zen in every circumstances ... as you can see on the picture below!!!


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