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To visit the best seafood restaraunts.

To visit one Geocache in each of the costal states including HI and AK

To meet bookcrossers and artists from around the world.

To collect sea stories and pictures of my travelling companions.

To find Lisa and be given as a gift on her birthday.

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Travelog for: LisasLobsterLovinBear

Crestwood, MO, USA - 17th June 2007

By: skylerdragon

I found this lobster necklace in the ( Screaming Squirrel ) GCW8C5 geocache.  I will be mailing it off to Finland soon so it may begin its journey. 

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Wandering around in, Finland - 10th July 2007

By: skylerdragon

I was mailed to Finland, but now I am lost.  My owner has not heard from me in a long time.  Please post an update if you find me.  Thank you!

The pictures are of my classes new pen pal friend from finland.  Her name is Annika and she is so nice!  I hope she is getting lots of letters from my students.

Matias and annkia.jpg

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Festus, MO USA, USA - 18th June 2008

By: skylerdragon

The Lobster Necklace never came home.  I guess it was just too easy to lose.  This Voyager has been renamed to include a bear, a lighthouse and a shell.  Hopefully this set will last a little longer. 

Lisa the Lobster Lovin' Bear is ready for a Missouri journey.  She has been MIA for a while, but finally found her way home.  Now she is travelling with the kids of STMS.  Lisa was lost and Mr. McCann found her and gave her a lobster bib so she could enjoy one of the finer foods.  Bears love fish, so they would probably love lobster too! 

Lisa needs a lobster fork.  It should be mini sized for her tiny paws.  Her bib is oversized but that's okay because she plans on easting a LOT of lobster. 

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Herculaneum, MO, USA - 18th June 2008

By: skylerdragon

Lisa found a seashell on her travels in Finland.  To Lisa this seashell is VERY important.  It has her password in it. 

Lisa also got a new lighthouse in honor of her new friend Annika.  Annika wrote Matthew and his students a long letter.  When Lisa is done in America, Lisa would love to visit Annika.  Annika and her brother Matthias are so nice. 

The lighthouse is made in Finland.  It is light weight and pretty.  Perhaps one host will keep the lighthouse and shell as a reminder that Lisa's necklace has been lost in Finland. 

I cannot wait to see where Lisa goes next. 

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