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Travelog for: Amara Anthea

home, Slovenia - 7th June 2007

By: nikar

Amara Anthea is currently still at home, waiting to be hosted by someone. So far she is relaxing with her owner, reading some books and enjoying her life.

slike 181.jpg

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home, Slovenia - 8th June 2007

By: nikar

Finally...I am soon going on another journey. It has been ages since I have last traveled away, so I can barely remember how it was.  It has been decided that I am going to tour the Europe first and join ETVT. Can you imagine, I am going to see Europe....and meet all those new human friends. Maybe I will even get new toyvoyager friends.
Of course I will miss my home and my toy friends here at home. I will especially miss the large dog, his coat is such a good pilow. But  I am sure I will have a great time and that new adventures are ahead of me.
Below you can see my favourite style of travelling and me and Blaze resting a bit.

Amara and her friend Blaze.jpg
getting ready to travel.jpg

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on her way to Moira, UK - 12th June 2007

By: nikar

The adventure started today. I have had my first trainride to Ljubljana. Unfortunately me and Blase had to stay in nikar's backpack, because the train was soo full. But anything is ok, just so that I can begin my traveling. I am now already on my way to Moira to UK and I can't wait to arrive there, because I am anxious to see all the nice places there. And maybe because I hate that travelbag my owner stuck me into. Well at least I am better of than Blaze, mine was big and his was very small. Well au revoir Slovenia and hello UK.

this is my travel home.jpg

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Dumfries, Scotland - 16th June 2007

By: Moira

What a long journey....and what a stuffy way to travel!  Being a very wise owl, I had already checked the internet and found that I would be travelling over 1200 miles.  I wish I'd been wise enough to pack a bigger lunch though.  After several days on the road, I finally arrived at my first hosts home...with a loud thump on the door mat.  I heard frantic barking, and was jostled a bit to the sound of snuffling...then silence.  I hope my host gets home from work soon and lets me out of this bag.

Picture 2.jpg

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Dumfries, Scotland - 17th June 2007

By: Moira

At last!  After a long wait I was finally released from my envelope by Frank, a very scruffy looking old bear.  He introduced me to Tal, a scary looking creature who had made all the noise when I first arrived.  I didn't like the look of his teeth and vowed to stay away from him.

Frank then introduced me to a whole gang of toy voyagers!  And I had completed my first mission!!


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Purelands Retreat Centre, Scotland - 15th July 2007

By: Moira

Having agreed to accompany my new friend, Filibert, on retreat in a Buddhist monastery, I soon realised I couldn't meditate for six hours a day!  While he sat on his cushion hoping to reach Enlightenment, I stayed in our room polishing my linguistic skills.  If I am to be a successful Toy Voyager I need to learn as many languages as possible....


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Purelands Retreat Centre, Eskdalemuir - 20th July 2007

By: Moira

Having mastered English, French, Dutch, Swedish and Swahili I thought I would venture out for a stroll around the grounds of the retreat centre.  I was delighted to find a resident peacock called George.  He was a very majestic beast, but despite my new language skills, was not much of a conversationalist.  He seemed far too interested in preening himself.  He did give me a beautiful tail feather though, so I can't be too nasty about him.


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Preston, United Kingdom - 2nd September 2007

By: jellycat

Hello Friends, Amara is in the house !!! , i am feeling so happy to be out of that travelling compartment as Filibert kept jabbing me and snoring in his sleep, if he tells you thats he tired, dont believe him, as he kept me awake most of the time !!! i will be back to report soon when our host has taken us somewhere of interest.
Love to all
Amara x x x


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Preston, United Kingdom - 26th October 2007

By: jellycat

Hi All,
sorry i have had to pass on this lovely little owl without taking her anywhere or any pictures to show, but i have been swamped with overtime at work, and not had much time to spare recently. Again sorry to disappoint you all.

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St Orens, France - 9th November 2007

By: Mood

Well, here I am in France ... I arrived this morning in a small town near Toulouse in South West of France
I'm very happy as my new host is living near a little wood, she said we would walk together looking for other owls ...
As you can see, I arrive right in Autumn time, and the leaves are beautiful ...
This is the place where Mood works ... I think I'm going to enjoy my stay ...

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St Orens, France - 9th November 2007

By: Mood

Just to celebrate my arrival and as the weather is quite cold (even if if it's quite sunny) I helped Mood cookink some pancakes (Crêpes, as they call it in France)
You need eggs, flour, sugar and Mood's granny secret trick !
Then you get a non lumpy pastry  ... wait 3/4 hour, and then you can make your pancakes
As you can see, there are TWO frying pan, Mood and mine... Then you make your pancake jump to fry the other side
Hey, look at my first french crêpe .. not bad ! Just put some sugar
The most difficult is to make them as thin as possible ...
Roll them, and just enjoy !!! hummm ... delicious !!!

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Toulouse, France - 17th November 2007

By: Mood

As I'm very curious, I've read a book about Toulouse,
and here is what I've learnt "The literary, artistic and scientific upsurge of the Renaissance was enhanced for Toulouse by an economic boom based on pastel or woard, a plant that gives an indelible blue dye.
The merchant used their money to build somptuous mansions (hôtels) which are among the attractions of Toulouse today
I was very impatient to discover the town !!!

So today, I asked Mood to take me for a visit of the "pink town" ... we took the new metro line ...
I wasn't at my ease as we were sinking into the earth entrails!!!
Then the train arrived, we jumped in it
(in ramonville station).. and the train started

Place des Carmes : our way out at last !!
Here we are outside at last!!!

And, indeed, my book didn't lie, here are some examples of old mansions
This is Rue Ozenne

I really do love the "gargouilles"

It seems it was the house of an ancient knight ???

And here are others building, which seems to be more recent

Have you seen these strange warden in front of many houses
They are quite frightening don't you think?

Here I am in Place de la trinité, with its fountain
Poor ladies, they must have wings cramps!!!!

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Toulouse, France - 17th November 2007

By: Mood

Then we arrived Place du capitole, where the town hall sits
you can see the three flags of Toulouse (the red one with the Occitan cross which is the symbol of the region), the blue european one and the french one..
and this is the other side of the Capitole
There is a small square (behind me is the "Donjon du capitole")
And a plan is supposed to be here, but it's quite hard to find one's way within all these leaves !!
This is the Henry IV courtyard
This is a part of  the original medieval buildings.
As you can see, they already hang up the christmas decorations ...
Hey, look what I've found :
yum yum ... it makes me hungry !!!

Let's go on ...
here I am Place Wilson ... with its "Goudouli fountain"
This is the man with the pigeon on its head...
and its round-about
Oh oh .. Have you seen this beautiful tree ???
I wish it could be my new french house !!! But I'm not sure Mood would agree ???

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Toulouse, France - 20th November 2007

By: Mood

What a strange day today !!!!
As you may know, today in France was a strike action by public sector workers to protest against the French president new reforms, and to defend public sectors... So Mood has decided to join the strike and walk in the street with other strikers...

I've never been to such strikes before, it was terrific !!!!!!!!!!!
This is a part of the demonstration ..You couldn't see the end of it !! There was about 35000 people !!
Fortunately, Mood had taken her scooter, so it was quite funny to demonstrate this way !!!
The atmosphere was quite festive (with music, streamers and bangers
But what I will always remember is our bad adventure in the metro !!! Our train broke down in the middle of a tunnel !
We had to walk in single file on the rails, it was quite stressful !!!

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St Orens, France - 25th November 2007

By: Mood

As the weather was grey, today I took my first french lesson. Mood lend me some of her books
and as I learn very quickly, after only 2 hours, I could read in french! So I look at Mood's library, and found these very interesting books...

Mood asked me many things about me, so I could tell her some details about my life within this book:
For example on this map you can see where I live (as some of my different cousins)
(I hope I'll meet each of them one day!!!)

Then look at my family :

Aren't they cute ?? Mood told me they look like Edwige (Harry Potter's owl)

Then I read this book called the "Three owls lake"
with beautiful engravings

And at the evening, guess what we watched on TV ?
Do you recognize him ???

And here is the french book version

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