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Travelog for: Gina Giraffe

Vienna, Austria - 16th May 2007

By: ChristinaB


I'm Gina the Giraffe, the only giraffe that is originally from Austria ;)

I live in Vienna with my funny family and we often welcome toyvoyagers at home. It's amazing which exciting stories they can tell - and since I really envy them for that i decided to leave home for a while, too and search for my own adventures.

I'm a very curious giraffe and easy to live with. I love kids (since I lived togeter with 3 of them) and other animals. There is hardly anything I'm really frightened of - except very narrow places. I love to eat vegetables and fruits - loads of them! - and I'm very interested in anything that is new to me. I really enjoy everything high, towers, mountains, trees... whatever and I'd like to discover the world now.

For my very first adventure I'll go to Upper Austria with my family today because they thought I should visit a few places at my own country first before I start travelling on my own. But then, at the beginning of the next week I'll start my great adventure.

Lots of love, Gina Giraffe

My hosts so far are:

1.KanaPoutz, France
2.drakie, UK
3.dragonjoust, USA
4.BunTraveler, Oregon, USA
5.aliah, Malaysia


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Odessa, Ukraine - 13th October 2007

By: TS

Hi, Christina ! I am in Odessa now - the city of romance and legendary humor! There is a lot of monuments, places of interest, theatres, museums and other.
Tatiana shown me the city when it was a lovely sunny day. We visited the historical center of Odessa, walking along the Derebasovskaye street, visited City Garden with it's beautifull fontain, saw different monuments, Tatiana took me to the very oldest chemicts.
look at photos - i am so happy, I like this city too much....really.... but.... I miss you,dear..... my dear Christina. I hope some time we will come to Odessa together  with u.

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Odessa, Ukraine - 13th October 2007

By: TS

Monument to G. Marazli.


Deribasovskaya Street is the walking street that is the heart of Odessa with it's many cafes, shops, and restaurants. The Passage Hotel building is particularly notable for it's fabulous design and sculptures inside the atrium passage itself located at the north end of the street.


Betwen the City Garden and Derebasovskaya str.


The memorial to Leonid Utyosov


The very odest Chemist's


Sobornaya Square, monument to Vorontsov


City Garden

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Odessa, Ukraine - 28th November 2007

By: TS

Hi, I am going to leave Odessa, but first want to show you my last photos.

This is famouse Odessa Opera and Ballet theatre.
The Theatre itself is interesting not only by us architecture, but by its rich creative biography. The great merit in the development of musical culture in the south of our country belongs, to this theatre. P.Tchaikovsky, N.Rimsky-Korsakov, S.Rachmani- noff, Ezhen Izai, Pablo Sarasate and others performed their works. There appeared on the stage the actors, who glorified the home art/ the great singers: Fyodor Shalyapin, Solomiya Grushelnitskaya, Antonina Nezhdanova, Leonid Sobinov, 

Tito Ruffo, Batistini, Jeraldoni sang here, Anna Pavlova, the first world ballet- clancer, had been dansing here

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Odessa, Ukraine - 28th November 2007

By: TS

There are a lot of beautifull autumn flowers near Opera and Ballet Theatre. You can see here what a wonderfull time I spent in Odessa.... relax.... mmmm....

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Odessa, Ukraine - 28th November 2007

By: TS

In 1823-24 the great Russian poet Alexander Pushkin lived in Odessa. Here he wrote the first charter of his novel in verse Eugene Onegin and several other shorter poems too.

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Odessa, Ukraine - 28th November 2007

By: TS

More sites and history are to be discovered along Primorsky Boulevard when you explore Odessa along with the many other visitors and locals out strolling .


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Odessa, Ukraine - 28th November 2007

By: TS

At the center of the boulevard "the Semicircle" is the site of the monument to Duc de Richelieu designed by Melnikov & Martos with bas reilefs depicting agriculture, trade & justice ornamenting the pedestal of the bronze statue of Richelieu overlooking the port & stairs. The two buildings each forming quarter circles in the shape of their facades both have five open apertures with semi-columns decorating the main entrances and a carved ballustrade above the massive cornices establishing the perimeter of Potemkin Square.

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Odessa, Ukraine - 28th November 2007

By: TS

On the next photo u can see Odessa Seaport, but to reach it we need to ho downstairs by famouse Potemkin Stairway or to go by big elevator - funiculer. We chose second variant and it is seen on the photo.

The Potemkin Stairway was originally constructed in 1837 with greenish-gray sandstone imported from Trieste, Italy and consisted of 200 steps. The design creates somewhat of an optical illusion making the steps seem bigger than their actual size as upper flights are 44.22 feet (13.4 meters) wide while the lower flights are 71.28 feet (21.6 meters) wide bordered on each side by 6.6 foot (2 meters) wide steps and seven landings connecting the present day's 192 steps. The stairs name was taken from the battleship Potemkin and were to be later memorialized in the famous film of that name by the Russian producer Sergei Eizenstein.

We are in elevator and there is a view from it

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Odessa, Ukraine - 28th November 2007

By: TS







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Odessa, Ukraine - 7th December 2007

By: TS

Hi. Some days ago I left Odessa for Moscow. I liked here too much, hope to visit this wonderfull city again some time.
On the photo you can see that Tatiana created new nose for me, because the previos one was not very strong and one nostris was lost. This one is crocheted of french cotton DMC and match me ideally.


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Moscow, Russia - 18th December 2007

By: kristl


I've arrived to the cold and snowy Moscow :) I'm safe and sound, don't worry!

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Zheleznodorozhny, Russia - 28th December 2007

By: kristl

Hello Christina,

it's a bit cold here in Moscow so I stayed at home for a while. I met another TV who arrived at the same day as I - he's a bear called Eldon. He's very nice, but a bit sad, I think :( Hope I can cheer him up ;)

Windows in the balcony in Kristl's flat are very big so we could watch some people playing hockey and skating :) That was much fun!! And they played good I think :)





New Year Eve is very soon!! Kristl is cleaning her flat every day for many hours.. It's difficult, I think.. But she says we're going to a Russian village to selebrate the New Year. About 600 km from Moscow. I'm looking forward to it!!

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Zheleznodorozhny, Russia - 28th December 2007

By: kristl

The New Year is coming!

Today Kristl finished her eternity-long cleaning and we could decorate the New Year Tree!

It was not very high - good for the TVs :) And it is very beautiful!


And it can change the light!!



We made some photos in the dark - to show how magic the New Year Tree looks.




You can't see us, but we're here :)


This is meeeeeeee =)


Can you see the Christmas card Becka_Kate sent to Kristl? :)

And this is a New Year Tree decoration old man Hottabych - he's a hero of one Russian fairy-tale.


I found a nice decoration, but we didn't know where to put it :(



And here I'm with Eldon and Bumba :)


And this is how the New Year Tree looks from the side ;)


Kristl said we're going to celebrate the New Year Eve in a Russian village far from Moscow. I think it will be much fun!

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Glubokoye (The Deep), Russia - 31st December 2007

By: kristl

We spent the New Year Eve in the village Glubokoye that is 400 km from Moscow in Tver Region. We got there with a car, though the road was awful. It took us 5 hours to get there, but it was so beautiful there!!!

We managed to walk in the snowy forest when we were looking for a New Year Tree.

The snow was so white and smooth that I had to write my name there!!


It took us about an hour to find an appropriate New Year Tree, but finally we've chosen it!


It's allways wonderful to walk in a snowy forest in winter! I enjoyed it very much!


I even managed to find a cone!


It was on a bunch that was not very high so I could sit on it too :)


Finally we managed to find a New Year Tree!! Look how nice it is!


Kristl helped us to get there! Do you think we look like decorations?))


We even wanted to travel home on the tree!


But we were afraid do fall down.. So we decided to get home in Kristl's bag :)

Though it was very beautiful in the forest, it was quite cold. So I was happy to come back home again and warm myself near the Russian stove.


We decorated the house with some old New Year decorations, but they looked very nice and cosy:



In the house I met a hand-made cat that was just adorable!


Though our New Year Tree was outside we took some boughs inside and decorated them :)


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