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Travelog for: Theobald

Archer, FL, United States - 24th June 2018

By: carlissa

Theodore and Frankenstein had dinner with me tonight.  We had a hamburger, macaroni and cheese, roasted brussel sprouts, and a big dill pickle! 



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Archer, FL, United States - 26th June 2018

By: carlissa

Today I went with my host to the post office in the City of Archer because Theodore is traveling to Germany.

After stopping at the post office, my host showed me around Archer.  It is a very tiny town, but we did stop at a small park and took a picture of a pretty house.


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Gainesville, FL, United States - 26th June 2018

By: carlissa

This afternoon I went to the Tower Road Library in Gainesville to hear some didgeridoo music!


Here is a video of the music.

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St. Augustine, Florida, United States - 29th June 2018

By: carlissa

Hi Mom!

I went on a road trip to St. Augustine, Florida to see the lighthouse and maritime museum.


I signed the guest register at the lighthouse keeper's house:

I played on a row boat:


I saw this cool ship in the museum:


I went on a nature hike and read this sign about saw palmetto:


After touring the lighthouse and museum, we went to Sunset Grille for lunch, and I had a fried shrimp po'boy:



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Travelling, United States - 2nd July 2018

By: carlissa

I've had lots of fun here in Florida, but it's time to move onward!  Germany, here I come!

Frankenstein joined me to wish me well on my travels:


He wanted to come with me, but there is not enough room in my travelling box:


Goodbye, Florida! I am on Flight #LA187051108US


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