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travel around Italy and learn as much as possible about every aspect of it..

spend summer on Amalfi coast..

peek in every corner of Capri..visit Grotta Azzura

enjoy beach in sardinia,calabria and sicily..

explore Naples and Palermo..

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Travelog for: Zita Napolitana

Vinkovci, Croatia - 9th July 2015

By: soul2soul75

HY folks

My name is Napolitana, Zita Napolitana  ;)
I am a little girafe ,very curious and playfull by nature..
My name Zita is Italian and means "little girl"..my last name is also Italian. In case if you wonder how a girafe got Italian name ,it is simply because I am nuts about Italy ( not to mention Italian boys  :rolleyes: ...ah amore,bella amore..) ..
My biggest dream is to travel all around Italy and learn /see/experience as much as possible from Italian way of life, culture,cuisine ,nature etc.
I hope I will find a nice Italian host  or maybe a fellow "nuts about Italy" traveler or Italan expath who will take mi with him/ her on that great adventure..

There are some pictures of me:
1.me as a baby...
2.my living room
3. virtualy exploring Italy with my mum
4. I already bought a nice Italan travel guide...
5. Amalfi is my favorite part..
6...if you host me ,there's a little thing about me- I love fresh green markets,antique fairs and artisan shops...as you see I have a nice shoping stroller so please make sure to take me there  :D


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vinkovci, croatia - 9th July 2015

By: soul2soul75


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Vinkovci , Croatia - 12th July 2015

By: soul2soul75

I had some merry company today..
We have a new guest in our house - Bolla the fish - he is from Italy ! Wow lucky me..we have a lot to talk about ..

Tomorrow Bolla andI are going on a little trip- 7-days christian children's summer camp in Vrdnik,Serbia...

it is going to be a real adventure.. I am going to tell you all about it once we are back ...see you  :D

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