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Have a damn good cup of coffee

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Travelog for: Cooper

Abergele, Wales - 17th April 2015

By: svartberg

Hello! My name is Special Agent Dale Cooper, but you can just call me Cooper or Coop.


Some of you may recognise my namesake as a character from Twin Peaks - especially if you see what my missions are!


And I'm here to drink some damn fine coffee! ;)


Remember, the owls are not what they seem.

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Lahti, Finland - 30th April 2015

By: svartberg

I have just been on a most wonderful adventure to Finland and I even managed to tick off one of my life missions!

We travelled down from Abergele to Gatwick Airport. Here is a pic of me on the train!


There was even time for us to stop in Chester for a pint halfway through the journey.


The trip also involved a trip on the underground but I didn't like that so much... :(


However it did mean we were nearly there and we arrived at Victoria Station for the last leg, the train ride to Gatwick :)


The hotel room at the airport was very nice...small and compact, but very comfortable.


I stretched my wings for a bit...


But I knew we had a big day and needed some sleep, so I curled up in bed after a short while.


The morning after, we got checked in and then we were ready to go to Finland!


Waiting for the gate to appear on the departures board!


There was even time for us to grab a coffee, and even better, it was free! It wasn't a damn good of coffee, so I wasn't able to tick that particular achievement off at this stage though.


And we're off!


I even got a whole chair to myself, travelling in style <3




I think the bus driver typed in the wrong amount for the ticket though, was only supposed to be 6.30e (and that was all we paid!)


The main reason we went to Finland was to go to Lahti for a gig to see a band called Thyrien. Firstly we went to a bar for a few drinks though...



Uh oh... :D


After all that excitement, I got a cup of Finnish coffee. And it was a DAMN good cup of coffee. And hot! :D :D :D


And then it was time for the gig itself. This photo was taken after Thyrien had played, when the headline act was onstage. They were good, but not as good as Thyrien!


And then it was time to go back home - we were only in the country for 16 hours. Here we are checked in and feeling very sleepy after no sleep - this photo was taken at 5am Finnish time. It was a lot of fun though, definitely worth it.


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Abergele, Wales - 18th May 2015

By: svartberg

I am so happy right now!!! :D

David Lynch is going to be directing the new series of Twin Peaks again! Twin Peaks has been saved!!!


This calls for some coffee and a cherry pie...

More interesting updates coming soon! :rolleyes:

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Abergele, Wales - 22nd May 2015

By: svartberg

Today it was time to say goodbye to my friend Annie. She's going to visit goomymia in China and rumour has it she'll get to see Tibet! Okay, I'm quite jealous :D


Until next time!


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