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Travelog for: Kevin

Hamburg , Germany - 26th May 2014

By: Kevin

Today I went for a walk in Volksdorf - a most lovely part of Hamburg with many trees. I went shopping first and got a very cool fountain pen in metallic green! Awesome. I have always wanted one and since it was my birthday on Friday I bought it.

And then Anke had to do some business. It seemed that her husband asked her to get bread and milk. Who would need that? Meat and chocolate is all you need. Well, I shut my mouth bravely and did not complain while she took me into all those boring shops.

I then wanted to get an ice-cream since the weather was so lovely and warm but Anke said no. The queue was too long there and she did not want to wait. Hate her... :-(

But still we took a detour back home an sat a bit at a lake here in the sun. Wonderful!  B)


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