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to pass the KOEHLBRANDbruecke in hamburg!!

to meet a GIANT playmo!!!

to have a pic with a human wearing the same hat!!!

to visit any toy museum!!!

to enter a light tower at the seaside!!

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Travelog for: PuenktchenAnton

Meshkin - Mt. Sabalan, Iran - 20th August 2015

By: ipuenktchen

hellooooooooooo worllllllllllllllld!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
today it was a great day for us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
we returned from boring years in the cellar of ipuenktchen's home back into the world!!!

ipue has some guests who will enter Mt. Sabalan, and as Possy & Crossy are absent, she had chosen us, Puenktchen & Anton, to escort them!!!!

what a great adventure!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

so ipue-mom waked us up in the very early morning and we took our backpack and went to the meeting point where two jeeps were waiting for us to go for the 3rd highest mountain in IR, the extincted volcano called sabalan, 4.811 m high, near ardabil!!!!

we had been a group of 8... and it was a hard job!!! we went by car to meshkin and started for hiking!! 5 h untill we reached the eastern mountain shelter at 3.500 m. what a crowd!!!!??!?! we hardly found a sleeping place in a new built house, still not ready.. slept very early at 8 PM to get up as early as possible at 3 AM and started to climb on the mountain!!!!!!!!!!! we reached it a 10 AM!!!!!!!!!!!! what a feeling!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!??!?! we got so happy although one of our mountaineer buddies couldn't support anymore and went back forward to the shelter at only 4.300 m, after taking pics of a very beautiful sunrising.....

the group of now only 7 mountaineer and 5 traveltoys (lili's sweet little red heart was coming with yashila_81) had a break at the peak, beside the lake, 50 m diameters and 15 m deep, took some photos beside the lake, and later went back to the shelter, arrived at 5 PM, and now we all took the car to get back via meshkin to tabriz, arrived at 9 PM - enormous tired!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but soooo proud and happy to be successfull!!!!

(c) of the sabalan pics belongs to karfor, ankbod, yashila_81)


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TABRIZ, IRAN - 20th August 2015

By: ipuenktchen

exemption from liability - haftungsausschluss

Mit Urteil vom 12. Mai 1998 - 312 O 85/98 - "Haftung für Links"
hat das Landgericht (LG) Hamburg entschieden, dass man durch
das Setzen eines Links die Inhalte der gelinkten Seite ggf.
mitzuverantworten hat. Dies kann - so das LG - nur dadurch
verhindert werden, dass man sich ausdrücklich von diesen
Inhalten distanziert.

Hiermit distanziere ich mich ausdrücklich von dem inhalt der
verlinkten Seiten in diesem meinem blog sowie auch in allen anderen i-net-postings,
die ich, wo immer auch jemals schrieb od noch schreiben werde,
fuer heute, bisher und in alle ewigkeit. *smile* I.M.

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Tabriz, Iran - 21st August 2015

By: ipuenktchen

hey, folks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

btw here was an envi waiting for us, arrived 3 days before, sent by dear trenker from postcrossing,
with a gift for us, a cute Borsalino for each of us!! we got thrilled!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

thank you, dear trenker!!!!!!!!!!!  :cyclops: :D



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Tabriz, Iran - 29th August 2015

By: ipuenktchen

hey folks - specially ppl from tabriz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

huge congrats for your METRO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

yesterday it was the first day for public use for the suburban train in tabriz!!!
line 1 was opened with exactly six stations, and lucky ipue-mom, the endpoint is nearby at our shahgoli park!!!

when we heard yesterday, EkaPeli had a ride downtown with the new metro of tabriz, we were sooooooooooo saaaaaaaaaaaaaad!! but today ipue-mom waked us up quite early and told us, today is the zebra's turn to enter the newly opened *tabriz suburban train*!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! we got ready in a minute!!! lili & kia came to pick us up and we went to the el goli station!! how great!!!! we understood everything very soon and had no probs - well, you know, we often went by metro in other countries...........

at the last station (for now, get continued surely!!!!!) we changed to the bus and went downtown for this & that............ had a break in the nice park of the ancient municipality, kia had a break for his milk and slept nearly an hour!! it was a nice day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Tabriz - Urumieh - Erbil, IRAN - IRAQ - 8th December 2015

By: ipuenktchen

hey, folks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

today we had breakfast at 4 AM and ipuenktchen told us we will be going for holidays to our neighbour-country to visit ipue's elder son!!! wooow, how surprising!!!!!!!!!!! we got too excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!

the distance isn't more than the distance from tabriz to tehran..
but as there is the border, it tooks time... we entered the tabriz terminal at 6 AM and arrived at Erbil terminal at 7.30 PM, ipue's son1 was picking us up..

here you may see a pic when we got ready to leave and another one at the yard on the border between the gate to IR and the gate to IQ!!!!!


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Erbil, IRAQ - 10th December 2015

By: ipuenktchen

hey, folks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

today we had a ride downtown erbil in the ancient city center!
we were so excited, you cannot imagine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

here what a cute trash-bin...  :D


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Erbil, IRAQ - 11th December 2015

By: ipuenktchen

it's me again from erbil, dear folks!!!!

today ipue's son1 tought us money from iraq, so if we like to buy some souvenirs before leaving.........!!?!? then we went out to have a brunch and later christmas market in a german restaurant, where they even offered gluehi.. and we met the by far smallest santa of the world - 10 months old!!!!!

:D :D :D

in the eve while coming back home into the beautiful residential area  *park view* we had a look at all the beautiful fountains all around!!!


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Erbil - Tabriz, IRAQ - IRAN - 12th December 2015

By: ipuenktchen

hey, folks!!!

we had our last breakfast together with ipue's son1 at 4 AM, then he brought us to Erbil Terminal
and we entered the bus to Tabriz! back home we found the flowers from st. niklas day still alive....

it was a great stay - thank you so much, dear son1, for all your efforts!!


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TABRIZ, IRAN - 21st December 2015

By: ipuenktchen

shabe yalda & son2's b-day!!!!!

hello, dear buddies, friends & followers!!!!!!!!!!!
it was not only his b-day, but also the b-day of the daughter of close friends, and so it was her, to accept all efforts for the double-b-day this eve!!!!!! but of course there had been also TWO b-day-cakes!!!!

so nice deco for shabe yalda - winter solstice!!!!!!!!
yummy food and much fun of course!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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TABRIZ, IRAN - 24th December 2015

By: ipuenktchen

Merry Christmas and Peace allover the World!!!!!!!!!!!

2 3.jpg

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TABRIZ, Iran - 30th December 2015

By: ipuenktchen

hi, dear friends!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

leise rieselt der schneeeee...... a german christmas carol....  great, it's snowing finally!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
and the whole traveltoy-stuff is going out to taste the snow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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TABRIZ, Iran - 31st December 2015

By: ipuenktchen

hi, dear friends!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

today is the last day of the year, yeaaaaaaaaahhhhh!!!!!!!!!

we had a nice eve with yummy SAUERBRATEN and much fun!!!!

1 4%.jpg

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Tabriz, IRAN - 15th January 2016

By: ipuenktchen

hello, dear friends!!!!!!!!!!!!!

wow, our very first time at shahgoli-park!!!!!!!!!

and our goal was to have breakfast at shahgoli restaurant!!!!
it was a very cosy place, although the weather wasn't that nice..


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TABRIZ, IRAN - 22nd January 2016

By: ipuenktchen

helloooooooo, everyyyyybodyyyyyyyy!!!!

friday again, another day with kia-sitting at ipue's!!!!!!!!!!!!
ipue and her hubby love it to take care of dear little KIA!!!!!!!
and in the afternoon we had a walk in their neighbourhood!


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Tabriz, IRAN - 23rd January 2016

By: ipuenktchen

hi, dear friends & followers!!!!!!!!!!!!

A quite short Snow-Flurry this Afternoon.. :-))) we were looking at only from inside.. that was enough!! and half an hour later we had again best sunshine of the world!!!!

IMG-20160124-WA0000 (5)%.jpg

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