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Travelog for: Luigi Palermo

Death Valley, USA - 4th June 2018

By: turtles

After two hours sleeping, turtles waked me up because we had to pick up our car.
A nice red Mustang convertible. Yeah. The right car for a big fish like me and a brave green frog.


Quacky and I took the best spot and enjoyed the drive to Death Valley.



First we went to Dante's View, a viewpoint at 1,669 m height, overlooking Death Valley. The landscape was so amazing, but it was very hot and a little bit windy. Turtles loved it. Crazy girl. Quacky Kind and I melted and F.M. Baer refused to leave the car. (the car had air conditioning!)



From Dante's View we drove to Badwater Basin, the the lowest point in the USA, with a depth of 86 m below sea level. When we were there we had 121 degrees Fahrenheit, so 49.4 degrees Celsius. Did I mention that we melted?





After Badwater Basin we had a short look to Artist Point, and then turtles drove to our hotel, which was already close to Sequoia National Park. We arrived late and it was already dark.

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Sequoia National Park, USA - 5th September 2018

By: turtles

After a quick breakfast we headed towards Sequoia National Park.
The road led us uphill in curves and at the entrance to the park we stopped for a souvenir photo:


Look at these landscape:


On the way to the sequoia trees there was a lot to see and we stopped from time to time.



The Ranger in the visitor center (where we had to stop, so that turtles could buy postcards) had said that the higher we got, the more beautiful it would be, and she was right.
Then we saw the first sequoia trees. We parked our Mustang near the General Sherman Tree and walked among these beautiful trees.

https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/50323628327_edc45ef90a.jpg  https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/50322784523_dc9b60918b.jpg

Along the paths was a lot of information about the sequoia trees and we found the color of the trunks very beautiful. And the size of these trees is really incredible. General Sherman is the largest known living single-stem tree on Earth. How tiny Quacky and I look in front of him.





Of course the fir cones are huge here  ;)

Because we still wanted to drive to Monterey we had to leave. But turtles promised us that we will spend much more time here next time. Because the trees impressed us very much.

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