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Travelog for: Lucky Hü

Balingen, Germany - 12th February 2014

By: Phiva

Hey friends,

this is my first day at home. Today I arrived at my new home and got to know my mommy. She instantly fell in love with me - she told me that she always wanted to have a little donkey in the family - so here I am :)!
I feel very comfortable in mommy's hand, and I really like my new home - it's very nice and light and the sun is shining through the windows!
And I even met a new friend here, he's also a little donkey and he showed me around!
I'm very glad I'm here - lucky me :)!

See you soon with my first adventure!

Yours, Lucky


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Sölden , Austria - 1st March 2014

By: Phiva

Hey friends,

today I've started my very first adventure: a skiing trip to Sölden!
Although I'm a child of spring, I looove snow - and I never refuse a nice slope :)!
So we drove down the "Fernpass" to Austria and passed the "Zugspitze" - it's the highest mountain of Germany with 2962 metres. Of course I had to keep that moment with a nice picture ;)!
And then we were there: the weather was nice and the food was perfect - I love Austrian cuisine!

So see you tomorrow, the weather is said to be gorgeous then  B)!


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Sölden, Austria - 2nd March 2014

By: Phiva

Servus from Sölden!

So this is exactly what I expected - blue sky, bright sun and perfect slopes!
Isn't it lovely to be a little donkey ;)???

This is our last day here, but I do anything to enjoy it to the fullest!

These are my pictures - I'll be back, I promise :)!


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Balingen, Germany - 24th March 2014

By: Phiva


what a big day for me: TODAY I'LL GET MY HÜ CAPE! It's yellow - my mom says it's the color of happiness and luck - so it's my favorite color now, it fits me :)!
It was really difficult for me to work with a sewing machine, but I think the result is good, isn't it ;)?!

After that I got to know my big brother Hotte. He was the first TV of the family and has already experienced a lot of great adventures. So he gave me a very warm welcome and told me some stories of what he has undergone so far! He's a real cool guy - maybe I'll be as cool as him someday...

I think we look sooo good with our Hü-capes - what do you think???
This is real brotherly love <3!


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Telfes, Austria - 16th April 2014

By: Phiva

Hello from on the road!

We are on our way to Telfes in Austria. It is located at the Stubaital, where there is a glacier and where you can have wonderful slopes to ski!
Tomorrow we will check this out of course ;)!

Our drive is also very interesting: we enjoyed the beautiful scenery of the Alpes and even drove by the famous "Bergisel". There you can find the ski-jump area,where the Four Hills Tournament takes place every year! It is really impressive to see this special location!

See you soon!
Yours, Lucky


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Stubai Glacier, Austria - 17th April 2014

By: Phiva

Wohooo! Today's the day, we go to the Stubai Glacier to have a wonderful skiing day! The weather couldn't be better and so we enjoy the perfect slopes and the sunshine!
My daddy took me with him in his pocket, so I see everything and feel the wind around my big donkey ears!
When having a little break, I drank something that is very special for Alpine countries: Almdudler! My mommy always drinks it when being on a skitour - it tastes like a mixture of apple juice, herbs and soda - sooo delicious and refreshing!

When you have a closer look at my scenery pictures, you can see veeery far! In the back you can even see the mountains of Italy! We stood on a very high mountain, it is called the "Top of Tyrol" and is 3210 metres high! It is really an incredible feeling to stand up there!!!

What a perfect day! I hope tomorrow will be as good as today ;)...!


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Sölden, Austria - 18th April 2014

By: Phiva

Hello from Sölden again!

We decided to make another trip into the Ötztal and check out the slopes in Sölden again!
Unfortunately the weather wasn't as good as yesterday, but nevertheless we had a wonderful day there! My daddy gave me a seat in his pocket again and so we dashed down the mountain!

Of course we had to have some drinks after our ski adventure - this is called "Après Ski". So I had a wonderful Jagertee and I must admit I felt a little dizzy afterwards  :p...!

See you soon!


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Innsbruck, Austria - 19th April 2014

By: Phiva

Hello folks!

After two days of sportiness we wanted to experience some more Austrian culture and visited Innsbruck, "the capital of the Alpes", and of course the capital city of Tyrol!

The sun was shining and it was very warm! We visited the "Goldene Dachl", a golden rooftop which is the town's landmark! It was glowing in the sunshine and I was very impressed by it!

Then we had a break in a nicely decorated sidewalk café and had a lovely drink in the sun! I could have sitten there for ages...!

Everything in Innsbruck was decorated in various colors, so we could feel that Easter was coming! Easter eggs and chocolate rabbits everywhere!

At last we visited the Swarovski museum and shop! Everything was sparkling and gleaming, what a wonderful view!

This is our last day here in Austria, tomorrow we'll drive back home - what a pity! I hope to come back very soon!!

Love, Lucky


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Telfes, Austria - 20th April 2014

By: Phiva

Good morning my friends!

Today we'll leave Austria and drive back home to Germany! But before we leave I have to take some veeeery special pictures in order to fulfill one of my life missions: I WANT TO MEET A REAL DONKEY!

So we went for a little walk in Telfes and went by some very nice flowers - everything is blooming here, although we had some new snow yesterday...!

And then we were finally there and met my fellows! They were almost as beautiful as I am - but just ALMOST ;)! I said hello to the grey donkey - I think he like me because I'm also grey - the brown one was a little shy first, but then he also came to me and told me about their lives in an Alpine village!
Maybe I will also come here when I'm wise and old - but at the moment this way of life would be far to quiet for me! I'M READY FOR NEW ADVENTURES!
Then we said goodbye and I promised to come back!

On our was back home we drove by Bergisel again and got a last glimpse of the impressive mountain range!

See you back home!

Yours, Lucky


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Blieskastel, Germany - 23rd April 2014

By: Phiva

Hello friends :)!
I'm sooo excited...today I had a hard working day with daddy in his office. Such a nice office with many many telephones, computers, printers and meeting rooms. First I had a telephone conference with some customers. Daddy was absolutly contented with my negotiating skills and I also got a commendation from the customers :). After this hard conference I checked the complete office and did some work to disburden daddy in his daily work. A working day is very hard for a little donkey like me, so i had to relax a little bit in the afternoon with coffee and a visit in the chill out area.

Now I'm very tired and must go to bed :)
I'm already very curious about my next donkey adventures

Greeeeeets Lucky :)

Foto 1.JPG
Foto 2.JPG
Foto 3.JPG
Foto 4.JPG

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Ischgl, Austria - 3rd May 2014

By: Phiva

Hello friiiiiends!

Great days in Ischgl. I was allowed to join daddy and his friends to Ischgl season closing event with the great "Top of the mountain concert". This year it was unbelievable there, Robbie Williams performed on the mountain with 25000 fans :) . My papa bought me a lift ticket and I was allowed to celebrate with the whole Ischgl closing group. So exciting, so much nice people there and moreover an absolutly great performance by Robbie Williams. After the concert we all started celebrating in Trofana Alm and Pazze Nova and in the whole village. I will nerver forget this and hope to come back soon there with mummy and daddy.

Greeets Lucky :)

Lucky 1.jpg
Foto 2.JPG
Foto 3.JPG
Foto 4.JPG

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Burladingen, Germany - 10th May 2014

By: Phiva

Hello my friends!

juhhuhhhhhhh today we did something veeery special! We went on a tour with alpacas! Daddy loves these animals, so we went to a farm where there are two of them! And we were allowed to put a leash on them and take them for a walk.
It was soooo wonderful. Their names were Marf and Janosch and they were both sooo funny! Have you ever heard what kind of strange sounds they make? We almost died of laughter!!!

It was such a great day with a lot of fun, sunshine and laughter!

Yours, Lucky


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Pieve di Tremosine, Lake Garda, Italy - 17th August 2014

By: Phiva

Hello friends!

Yiiihhaaaa, summer holidays :). I was allowed to go on holiday with my parents to Pieve di Tremosine at Lake Garda. There I spent one evening at the James Bond Hotel Paradiso, where the movie "Quantum of Solace" was made. From the hotel terrace you have a great view over the whole Lake Garda and you can eat the best pizza in Italy :). Moreover I had the possibility to fulfill some part of my life mission and took a picture with a wonderful lucky charm: a lovely rainbow!

Love, Lucky


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@home, Balingen, Germany - 28th January 2015

By: Phiva

Hello friends,

today I'm gonna start my first journey! As I'm the youngest of the Hü-family, my mom is almost as nervous as I am :-D! But now it's time to discover the world, and I want to start with my home country!
Germany has so many beautiful places I want to visit! And now I start with Bavaria! I can't wait to meet my host mom, I always need a mommy by my side...

Before I left my home, I had to take a good breath of fresh winter air and played in the snow. I tried to make a snowman, but I think I'm a lousy artist :-D...!

Then I packed my bag and said goodbye to my brother Hotte. He wished me good luck and told me to take care! My mom and dad kissed me goodbye and the I made myself comfortable in my travel envelope!

I hope it doesn't take too long until I can hug my host mom!

So long! Yours, Lucky


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Bergrheinfeld, Germany - 29th January 2015

By: beelicious

Hello Mum!

Today I arrived at my first hosts.
My journey was not long but very cold!


You know I was a little bit fearful but when I saw the other TV’s and host mum I had no more fear!

I got a very warm welcome!

I think I have new friends:



Look! Here lives a little donkey too! He isn’t a TV and his name is Salvatore! I’m so happy!

I say „Hello“ to the two cats of my hosts.
This is Paulchen:

And this is Fini.
Ah….. She’s so warm! I think here’s the right place to warm me up!

I think I will have a good time here!

Big kiss,

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