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to meet a real ZEBRA!!!

to take part in a postcrossing meetup abroad!!!

to visite any sculpture of Niki de Saint-Phalle!!!

to participate in a safari in any african country!!

to meet my cousin CHRISSI from germany!!

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Travelog for: ZORRO_Zebra

TABRIZ, IRAN - 7th May 2014

By: ipuenktchen

helloooooooooooo, everybodyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!

we have sooooooo many violet iris in ipue's yard actually!!!!!! pls have a look!!


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TABRIZ, Iran - 8th May 2014

By: ipuenktchen

helloooooooooooooooooooo, dear followers!!!!!!

t's so boring while seeing the *progress* in building houses... :-(((((
30 years ago the neighborhood of ipue was very simple 400 houses with 1 or two floors..
but NOW????!?!? awwwwwwwfullllllllllllllll!!!!!!!! 6 - 8 - 10 or even 12 floors... depending in which street..
everybody his own building tycoon...........


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TABRIZ, IRAN - 9th May 2014

By: ipuenktchen

helloooo, everybodyyyyyyyyyy!!!

today ipuenktchen had her personal fight with GNOCCHI!!!!!!!!!!
and we had been her personal assisstants!!!!!!!!

not the beautifullest, but very tasty spinach-gnocchis!!!
and as a highlight we'll have them with green asparagus from tehran!!!!

but finally Ipue got successfull and our guests agreed the lunch!!
and it was sooooooooooo great, we met also our buddy JORIS the 2nd and had much fun together!!!!


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Tabriz, Iran - 11th May 2014

By: ipuenktchen

hellooooooo everyyyyybodyyyyyyyyyyy and hellooooooooooo, dear mom!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
happy mother's dayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy and congrats to all moms of the world!!!!
and here comes a bunch of flowers for each of youuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!!!!!!!!

later we had the honour to take part in a *high class gathering* in the ancient public bath *hamame nobar*. ipue told us, during the childhood of her hubby he and his brothers together with their dad were using just this public bath!!!!!! - we weren't allowed to sit around the tables, but hidden in the backside.. no prob!! (and btw ipue used with intent an unsharp photo not to upset ppl!!!!)

later there were everywhere in the city heavy rain!!


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TABRIZ, Iran - 14th May 2014

By: ipuenktchen

helloooooooooooooo, everyyybodyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!

more great flower news - breaking news in fact!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-)))
today we found in the yard ***WHITE IRIS***!!!!! what a beautiful yard!!!! also I saw a brown-red iris, but only in a vase.. they promised to ipue to give some roots of it in fall..... let's stay tuned!!!!!

and at lunch-time ipue had a surprise for us - we all went to lili's and yasha's and took our lentil-stew with us, to eat there together!!!! we were so happy, ZORRO and me, coz we enjoyed to meet our buddy JORIS the 2nd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and yes, even he showed us the handmade cradle for the baby-to-be and we had some pics with!!!!! finally we had a glance at lili's postcards, too!!!!!!


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Tabriz, Iran - 16th May 2014

By: lili_6789

helloooooooooooooo, dear followers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

great day today - 45th wedding anniversary of ipuenktchen & her hubby!!!!

lili_6789 & yashila_81 called them to be ready at 2.30 PM!!!!
everybody was so thriiiiiiiiiiiiiiilled!!!!!!!!!! what will happen??????????

so they picked us up in time, very beautiful weather, and we went not far to a new traditional restaurant. from outside it seemed very small, but the space was long, soooo long!!!!!! and over two floors!!!!!! there was a *policeman* with a fake-uniform in front of the restaurant helping for parking!! and another young man with traditional azerbaijanian clothing at the door!

inside - boah, what a crowd!! but we found a table for us! very chic, clean and a clever and clean well dressed stuff!! even *Bier vom fass*!!!!!!!!!!!! hehe... without alcohol, but very tasty and fresh!! at first the kids served some pastry! then soup for everybody!! we ordered each of us another kind of barbecue!!! REALLY TASTYYYY!!!!!

we mad lots of pics and had much fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
the most tasty meal ipue ever had in an IR-restaurant, she told us!!!!

from there another surprise - the *park analar atalar* was our next goal!! the *mom & dad park* near abressan. we had never been there before.. and at the end of this park we entered another park!! *park miniature* - all the sightseing places of tabriz as a smaller modell, each of it's special platform.

this was really great and we never heard before!!!!!!!!!!!??!?!


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Tabriz, Iran - 17th May 2014

By: ipuenktchen

heyyyyyyy, leutzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!!!!

we really haven't time enough to get bored.. coz everyday is smth new at ipue's!!?!?! today it was the b-day of her close german friend, and after a surgery she isn't still completely well, and so they decided to celebrate her b-day at ipue's!!!!

everybody agreed and prepared smth for the gathering, and so we helped ipue a lot to prepare coffee-glace!!!!!!!!!! believe it, it was soooooooo tastyyyyyyyyyyy!!!! and it was worth to learn it perhaps for any other gathering......


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Tabriz, Iran - 18th May 2014

By: ipuenktchen

heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy, leutzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!!!!

the flowers in ipue's garden on their zenith.... after one or two days it will be finished....... so pls have a look again and don't get bored of always the same flowers........................


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Tabriz, Iran - 19th May 2014

By: ipuenktchen

heyyyyyyyy, leutzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!!!!

Game-Gathering every 2 weeks - this time at ipue's!! and we got so surprised when we saw the women only laughing without end..........
this time after a long time we were playing again pochen, a souvenir of ipue's childhood, played together with her parents and grandparents and her sis for years and years!!!!!
*UNO* is a MUST in each gathering!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
and also one of the *MEMORIES*.... this time the shoe-Memory, a gift of dear IsaGV!!!!!!

no serving but self-service and no special high class snacks, but very simple pastries, fruits, sweets, chips, nuts - finished!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and so we are very comfortable and they are doing this since years ago!!!!


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Yussufabad beside Gurigöl, Iran - 21st May 2014

By: ipuenktchen

heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy, leutzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!!!!
a great day out!!!!!!!! bingo!!!! we went to ipue's garden, 25 km tehran road!!!! first still on the road we had a bird's eye view from mt. shibli at yussufabad and gurigöl lake! the weather was still not that beautiful......

but then we had a great day out with lovely birdsongs, beautiful sunshine, fresh air and a deep green colour everywhere!!!!!!!!!!! and only ipue & her hubby and my cousin ZIZZI & me!!!!!! we learned many birds and many flowers!!!! and for lunch we had a tasty gulasch with pasta!

btw beside the garden is an old given up tea-house........ once we  used the waterpomp!!


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TABRIZ, Iran - 22nd May 2014

By: ipuenktchen

hello, everybody here & there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ipue asked me to learn about IR-money as I'm old enough to do some shopping sometimes!!! and next time when we are going to bazar I've to manage it for my own!!?! ey gosh, I'm so excited!!!!!!!!!

this wasn't that easy, coz they are using small and large coins for the same amount and you must look on very exactly not to make a mistake!!!!!!!! and for many coins are still the banknotes used, as well as the amount is very small nowadays...... and only the thousands-banknotes haven't still a coin not yet...
difficult, really difficult......................

and even she let me current about the bus-card!!! as we mostly are using the bus straight along the city, I've to be familiar with and she gave me one for my own!!!! wow, I'm so proud - it seems she count me an adult!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Tabriz, Iran - 23rd May 2014

By: ipuenktchen

heyyyyyyyyyyyy leutzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!!!!

today dear lili_6789 had prepared a traditional dish for lunch, favorite dish of most ppl here... - *kalepatsheh* - oh my god!!!!!!!!!!  before the real dish they met small pieces of sangak bread into the water of the dish, later feet & tongue & belly and so on.. of sheep....... ipue normally avoid to be with ppl who are eating this... but ok.. dear lili made her efforts and it's a favorite dish of dear hubby of ipue and dear hubby of lili - so it was o.k.....!!

pls have a look - if you're courageous enough!!!!!!!


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Yussufabad, Iran - 23rd May 2014

By: ipuenktchen

helloooooooooooooooooo here and there!!!!!!!!!!

today after lunch we decided to go again to the garden of ipue's hubby beside gurigol with its more than 40 kinds of birds!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!! yashila_81 & dear lili_6789 were working both while we were chilling out - it was sooooooo great!!!!!!!!!!!! dear lili is still a student and is trying to finish as much of her studies as she can before the arriving of their baby-to-be!!!! and yasha  is doing some wooden-things..

we got thrilled when we understood, our dear buddy JORIS will be with us!!! it was his first time in the garden, but when the weather will get more hot he'll have a prob because of his cuddly jackett!!!?!


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Tabriz, Iran - 24th May 2014

By: ipuenktchen

helloooooooooooooo, leutzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!!!!

today when we were helping ipue to prepare lunch, we found such a nice potato!!
can you believe it???? a real HEART!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!???!?! funny, isn't it??


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Tabriz, Iran - 26th May 2014

By: ipuenktchen

heyyyyyyyy, leutzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!!!

this night ipuenktchen remembered there isn't that much time untill the b-day of  her granddaughter!!! ey gosh.. so we helped her with the b-day-card!!!  the b-day of dear little anita (anita_2004, later princess_04) will be at 21st june and it's time to send out!!!!!!!!!!!!! so we'll have a ride downtown asap!!!!!!!


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