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Travelog for: Limbo

Bochum, Germany - 8th April 2014

By: Chuck

Drawing at home while waiting for a host  :rolleyes:

limbo drawing.jpg

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Bochum, Germany - 8th April 2014

By: Chuck

I canīt wait to see all the beautiful places out there ! Hope i meet a real Elephant one Day :) :rolleyes:

limbo want to see the world.jpg

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Bochum, Germany - 10th April 2014

By: Chuck

Itīs raining in Bochum :( - Limbo want to go on a Sunny Place B)


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In a package, Lower Austria - 14th April 2014

By: alex4824


It was sooo dark in the package all the time I travelled around...
But then it was silent. I think i waited half a day before something around my package rumored.  :stare:

I think....there is something outside. Please, can anybody open the package??


Oooh thank you very much, finally there is light outside. May I have a look


I have to climb out


Ooooh no, I can't alone. Can anybody help me?


Thank you very much  B) This is much better.


This is Turbo, he is the TV of my new host mum! We talked a bit together but then we had to go to bed because it was very late.

My host mum told me that she will take us with her to work in a few days.
I'm so excited yet.

Greetings from Austria,

PS: It's raining here too...I hope weather will get better until easter because Turbo told me we will search for eggs. Strange people here  :p

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At Work, Vienna, Austria - 15th April 2014

By: alex4824


We've been at my hostmum's work in Vienna.
For travel there she put me in a bag


It was quite funny because Turbo also came with us


I had my own seat in the train


View out of the window


In the office I helped hostmommy writing a letter


Then I had a look on the monitor


I have an own place where I can sit when I'm at the office  :D I'll show you next time!

The day was over and we went home by train.
It was very exciting  B)


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At home, Austria - 16th April 2014

By: alex4824

Hello again!

Today I helped my hostmum watering the flowers...


...and with the cooking


After lunch I had time to paint something


The day was gone very fast.
We wanted to go outside for a walk but it was rainy all day  :(
I hope the weather will be better next week!! The weatherman told us so.

Greetings from Austria

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Spending easter sunday, Austria - 20th April 2014

By: alex4824

Hey guys!

On saturday we didn't want to cook so we ordered pizza


It tasted really good *yummy*

On eastersunday we drove around to collect eggs at my hostgrandparents home  :cyclops: Was really great!

First we had some coffee. I got my own


I met Garfield, my hostmum's cat


He was so excited to get to know me that he didn't stand still for a moment so we can't take a good photo...Maybe next time!

I got my own blue egg


My hostmum's easter basket


This was how we spent eastersunday.

On eastermonday we were very lazy and layed around on the couch the whole day  :p Watching Disney Movies on television.


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At home, Austria - 27th April 2014

By: alex4824


Today we stood at home.

We had to say goodbye to two lovely snails because they travelled to their new owner


Then we did some housework and helped with the ironing



After this work hostmum allowed us to watch television. We were allowed to pick the movie and so we decided to watch Disney's Planes


Now we are very tired and go to bed,
good night  B)


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At home, Austria - 30th April 2014

By: alex4824

Hello to all!

Today we made a little sightseeing tour through Vienna. It was really very little because time was rare. We went to St. Stephen's Cathedral (here we call it "Steffl").
Hostmum said, this is the most beautiful church for her in Vienna.

Here are some facts about the "Steffl":

- It was built in the 13th century.
- The "Pummerin" is the biggest bell from 13. It was destroyed by fire in World War II on April 11, 1945.
- After this fire the dome was rebuilt and the "Pummerin" was re-cast.
- The re-opening took place in 1952.

Here I am in front of the "Steffl"


After this nice visit we looked into a few shops for buying postcards. We got a lot of it  B)

Now I helped my hostmum to describe them


I have a lot of fun here!

Many greetings from Austria,
yours Limbo

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Retz, Austria - 2nd May 2014

By: alex4824

Hello :)

Oh it was such a sunny and warm day.

On May, 1st was national holiday in Austria. So on May, 2nd it was a bridge day at work. They call it here "Zwickeltag" Sounds funny :cyclops:

We did a little trip to Retz, about 10 km from hostmum's home.

Here I made a photo with the town hall of Retz


and another one


The town hall has the most beautiful registry office in the area. Many people come here to get married.

This is the maypole in Retz


It's high, isn't it?  B)

And this is the Holy Trinity Column on the main Square



Do you find Turbo and me sitting there?


After we did a walk on the main Square we bought new postcards and stamps.

Then we had to do the grocery shopping for the weekend.

It's a matter of course that Turbo and I helped




At home we brought all things we bougt up into the flat and started prepering dinner. We decided to "cook" something light and so we made sausage salad with cheese


Because I'm the strongest in here I helped opening the can with the beans and corn  B)


After about 20 minutes it was ready for eating


yummy yummy  :D :)

At the end of this busy day we enjoyed our dessert


The strawberries tasted really good

With full bellies we watched TV and then went to bed.

It was really a very good day, I enjoyed it much  B) :D

Greetings from Austria

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Vienna, Austria - 4th May 2014

By: alex4824

Hello out there!

It was such a great sunny day but it was very windy.

We grilled steaks and sausages at the place of hostmum's sister. It tasted very good. Turbo and I weren't allowed to go to sit near the grills because at risk of burning us.

But we sit outside on a chair in the sun


It's a pity that I had no sunglasses :(

Then we had a look at the strawberries and some other plants for eating I don't know.


After we went for a walk we did some photoshooting with some really nice flowers and aliens


The white flower is now with us at home  B) She is very friendly to me!

And I met some elephants, look:


The left one is knitted by hostmum's sister.

The day went by too fast an we had to drive home.

Lovely Greetings,
I hope you are fine!

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