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Travelog for: DottyCroc

Sneakysnail's House, England - 7th November 2013

By: sneakysnail

I'm DottyCroc and I just registered as a Toy Voyager! Yay!
Yesterday Sneakysnail (mum) picked me off my shelf at home and said I was perfect (which I am). I wasn't quite sure what she meant I was perfect for but soon all was explained as she showed me this website and asked if I'd like to go and explore the world. I was very excited and jumped up and down on my bed. But it's very tiring being so exited so I fell asleep. She asked for an ID and it came today so now I am a Toy Voyager and I'm ready for some fun adventures!
Bye for now,

sleepy croc.jpg

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Sneakysnail's House , England - 7th November 2013

By: sneakysnail

This afternoon I had some fun at home.

Mum left me alone and went off to do something so I thought I'd do some exploring. I looked around and saw pens and pencils and a strange device. Cautiously I walked over to it and tried to see what it was. I couldn't so I climbed onto it to see if I could tell from on top of it. No, still no clues. I hopped down and went to pick it up but it broke open! Lots of dots fell out! I do so love dots and this must be a magic dot making machine. The pile of dots was irresistible and I jumped in and rolled around.

When mum came back and saw dots everywhere she was a bit angry but I don't think she could have been too angry because she giggled as she brushed them off of me.

I had great fun, dots are one of my favourite things!
DottyCroc :)


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A friends house, England - 8th November 2013

By: sneakysnail

Hi there,

Today mum took me to a friends house to do some baking. First we made an apricot and lemon loaf. I was trying to sieve the flour but I fell into the bowl and had to climb out. I got covered in flour! We also made chocolate chip cookies, I particularly liked those because they had dots on! They tasted good too. Baking was very good fun, I loved the chopping board with the gingerbread people on. It was also very tiring and I fell asleep in mums bag!

DottyCroc :)


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Sneakysnails house, England - 9th November 2013

By: sneakysnail


Not much has happened today, it is very rainy and cold. Mum went shopping and she bought some nice drinks with little hats on. I tried one of the hats on but it was a bit big. I curled up for a nap in the other one, it was very cosy and I didn't want to climb out again!

Bye. DottyCroc


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Sneakysnail's house, England - 10th November 2013

By: sneakysnail

Hey there,

Today was a great day. Mum brought my good friend Flutters down from her shelf so she could play with me. She has dots just like me!

First we played with some spinning tops, it was funny to watch them spinning. Afterwards we played snap and found some ladybird cards! We played snap for ages. I won five times but Flutters won seven times!

Then mum took us out into the garden and we climbed on some plants. It was good to get some fresh air after being inside for a few days.

DottyCroc and Flutters. :)


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Library , England - 13th November 2013

By: sneakysnail


Today mum took me to our local library. I slid down the stair banister but mum caught me before I hit the ground with a bump! I tried to hide behind some books and jump out at mum but she kept finding me. There was a friendly badger at the library, he had a package on his back but he would not tell me what was inside. His name was Book-ish the badger.

First I found a book with lovely gardens in it and I liked looking at the pictures. Then I found a book all about mushrooms, it had some nice mushroom photographs in it. I also found a book with a big
dotty leopard in it, he looked a bit scary. There were a few books with crocodiles in and I lied down next to a life size photo of a baby crocodile. I'm a lot smaller than him!

I looked on the travel section for places I might like to visit. Then I read about Germany, I'm going there on a trip sometime mum says. It looks really nice there.

When we finished at the library we went to a charity shop and mum bought me three small friends. I will introduce them tomorrow.

That's all for today. DottyCroc.


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Sneakysnail's house, England - 14th November 2013

By: sneakysnail


Today as promised I will introduce my new friends that mum bought yesterday. They hope to become Toy Voyagers and travel the world someday too. There's Hippity the pink hippo, Mrs Fleece the black sheep and Mischief the blue and green butterfly. Mischief has dotty wings!

We spent the day just chatting and I showed the new toys around a bit. They say they will read all about my travels until they get to go travelling themselves.

DottyCroc, Hippity, Mrs Fleece and Mischief :)

Mrs Fleece.JPG

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Sneakysnail's house, England - 16th November 2013

By: sneakysnail


Today I spent some time with my new pal Mischief. We asked mum if we could do some colouring and she drew us a picture each. The pictures were of us and mum got us some pens to colour with.

We coloured them different colours to the colours we are and decided they were friends of ours we'd drawn. Mum wrote their names on the pictures, I called mine DottyLottie and Mischief called his Trouble. Mum thought we had drawn our dream girlfriends! We hadn't but I'm not sure she believed us. Colouring was good fun, it is one of Mischiefs favourite hobbies.

DottyCroc. :)


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Sneakysnail's house, England - 17th November 2013

By: sneakysnail

Hello there!

Today I played with some lego that mum was sorting out to sell. I had fun jumping in it. I built a mushroom like the ones in story books. The red ones with white dots. Dots yay! Mum says those ones are called Fly Agaric mushrooms and they are poisonous. My lego Fly Agaric makes a good chair though and I hope to see a real Fly Agaric one day.

I made some friends with the lego too. Literally made some, I had to put the pieces together to make some pals! I giggled a lot and the lego men thanked me for making them. It was a laugh playing with the lego!

DottyCroc.  :cyclops:


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A forest, England - 18th November 2013

By: sneakysnail

Hi there,

Today mum took me on a short walk in the forest near her house. It was wet so mum brought a napkin for me to sit on so I didn't get wet. I got a photo of me in a tree and some pictures with mushrooms! My life missions! I'm starting to complete them! Yay! I even found a swing made on one of the trees, that was fun to swing on.

I enjoyed the forest walk even if it was only short.



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Sneakysnail's house, England - 20th November 2013

By: sneakysnail


Today I was sitting at home listening to the rain fall on the roof with Mrs Fleece when there was a loud booming sound! I was very scared and I hid under a cushion. At first I didn't know what it was but then I realised it was a thunder storm! The noise was quite loud and Mrs Fleece had to comfort me with a big warm hug. Mrs Fleece is like a grandma, she's very wise.

When the storm was over Mrs Fleece and I helped mum with a jigsaw puzzle. We looked for pieces mum wanted from the box but soon we ended up rolling in them instead! In the last picture I am running over to Mrs Fleece with the piece she needed.

Mum hopes the weather will be dry again soon so I can go out on some adventures.


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Sneakysnail's house, England - 21st November 2013

By: sneakysnail


The weather is still wet and cold. Even inside mums house was freezing cold. I was going to play games with Hippity today but it was just so cold we had to focus on keeping warm. We tried wrapping up in a big blanket but we were still too cold inside it! We tried dancing to some of mums music, but that didn't keep us warm for long. It was good fun though, she has some really lively music on her music gadget device. We even tried to get warm around a mini fire but even that didn't make us warm. :(

Mum was trying all the things she could think of to warm us up but nothing worked. Then she went upstairs and got us a mini hot water bottle. It was made especially for toys! She warmed it up and we snuggled down by it. Aaaaaah! Warm at last! It felt amazing and we soon fell asleep beside it. :)


cold 1.JPG
cold 3.JPG
cold 4.JPG

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Audley End House, England - 24th November 2013

By: sneakysnail


Today we got in the car and drove to a big fancy house. It is old and is decorated really nicely inside for Christmas. No photos allowed inside though. :(I got one outside in a Christmas tree which was good. There were lots of rooms and there were people in costumes walking around. There were also servants quarters which were more fun to look around and photos were allowed! Yay!  :cyclops: I sat in a big basket of vegetables but I prefer meat. We found a huge chunk of meat for me to pose near. It wasn't real meat though, I tasted it and it was definitely plastic.

Once we were done in the house, we bought some duck food and fed the ducks. That was great fun except when one stepped right on me! It made me a bit muddy and angry but mum brushed off the mud and it tickled so I was soon smiling again.  :D

After a busy day, I fell asleep in the car on the way home!



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Sneakysnail's house, England - 26th November 2013

By: sneakysnail


Today a strange package arrived and mum told me to open it. She said there was a nice surprise in there for me, I couldn't think what it could be. As I carefully opened it, I saw two pairs of big eyes looking out at me! It's The WotWots! I read about them with mum on the computer and now they've come to visit me! I helped them out and gave them each a welcome hug before helping them unpack their things. They brought some nice goodies for us all to enjoy.

They showed me the things they've collected on their travels and told me all about their journey, it sounds amazing! We ate some of the goodies and talked a lot but it was soon bed time. They were tired after their long journey. Mum sorted out a nice bed with a dotty pillow for them and then I jumped in with them too.

I'm really looking forward to spending some fun times with Spotty and Dotty before I start my big adventure.

DottyCroc :)


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Sneakysnail's house, England - 27th November 2013

By: sneakysnail

Hi all!

Today I was helping my new friends settle in. I took them to see my good pal Nibbles. He is mums pet rabbit. We looked for him in his cage but he wasn't there. We waited for a while in his cage and Spotty Wot got hungry so he ate a little bit of rabbit food! When Nibbles didn't turn up, I asked mum where he was. She said he was running around the room and she moved us somewhere else to wait for him. We hung around there and I tried a bit of rabbit treat and then Nibbles turned up! He gave us a quick sniff which tickled and then he ran off down the room! The Wotwots liked Nibbles.

This afternoon we played catch with a small ball. It kept rolling off so I had to go after it! One time when Dotty threw the ball it landed right on Spotty's head. It was so funny! Dotty and I were rolling around laughing so much. Spotty wasn't hurt so we posed for a group photo.

I can see the Wot Wots are going to be great fun! :cyclops:

b b.JPG
b bb.JPG

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