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To eat real Swiss or Dutch cheese in the country of origin, m-m-m, yummy:)

To become friends with a cat

To sail

To send at least 5 postcards from different countries - 3/5

Last, but not least: to visit Cologne (Germany), and especially Behringstrasse and its surrounding

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Travelog for: Batyr

Calgary, Canada - 13th June 2015

By: smaug

Hi Galiya apa,

in the afternoon, when we got back to Calgary, we were very busy in one of our favourite activities, helping ourselves with whatever we found in the fridge. In this case it was a lovely ice-cream :D.


As it happens, this was proving to be a tough nut to crack open :rolleyes:, and we were arguing about the best approach to use to take the damn cover off when we heard a loud crashing sound coming from the balcony :stare:. As we went to the window to investigate, we met a TV who had just hopped inside, Squab a nice chicken from Germany :) who flew all the way here :o.


We were very impressed, of course, but we were even more impressed with all the lovely presents that he brought over ;)...and lot of chatting and eating followed :rolleyes:.


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Cox Hill, Canada - 20th June 2015

By: smaug

Hi Galiya apa,

today the weather was gorgeous again, so, of course, we went for a shot hike in the morning :). After the usual plodding in the forest we were treated with a nice view of the prairies...


...and of Moose Mountain.


Our destination was not too far...


...so, with a final effort, we swiftly reached the summit of Cox Hill where the view was great in every direction :D.


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Midnight Peak, Canada - 28th June 2015

By: smaug

Hi Galiya apa,

it's very hot in Calgary these days :stare:, so today we tried to find some cooler weather in the mountains :). As it happens, most of our hike was within the trees where the air felt even warmer than in town :rolleyes:, so smaug was not really inclined to stop for photos until we reached the summit of Midnight Peak. Over there the wind was very pleasant and we could see the Nakiska ski area,...


...Mount Baldy in the north,...


...the prairies in the east...


and more mountains in the south :).


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Calgary, Canada - 24th July 2015

By: smaug

Hi Galiya apa,

July is proving to be a fairly boring month since we are hardly seeing smaug at all :(. But it does not mean that we are not entertaining ourselves :). We spend time reading,...




...and planning future trips.


However the biggest fun is checking out hailstorms from the window :stare:. This was a big one and left a massive white blanket all over town :rolleyes:.


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Bow Peak, Canada - 1st August 2015

By: smaug

Hi Galiya apa,

today, at last, we headed back to mountains again :). The drive was a bit long so we decided not to disturb smaug and took a couple of hours long nap ;). When we woke up, we found ourselves facing the first challenge of the day, wading across the Bow River at the outlet of Bow Lake :stare:. The water seemed way too deep and fast for little TVs so we decided to let smaug get wet up to his knees and retired inside the backpack :rolleyes:. The fact that all our flying friends opted to use their wings instead was a bit concerning, but somehow we made it to the other side ;).


And the view of the lake was really nice :).


Later we reached the lovely Crowfoot pass...


...where sammino told us that real TVs are not satisfied with just reaching a pass, so we were heading for the summit of Bow Peak up there :stare:.


With a little effort, we reached the summit safely, and the view was spectacular :D. We could see Bow Lake,...


...the valley heading up Mosquito Creek,...


...Mt Hector,...


...Hector Lake...


...and the glaciers along the continental divide.


On the way down we took a look from above to the lovely meadows of Crowfoot Pass :).


What a day :D!

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Healy Pass, Canada - 8th August 2015

By: smaug

Hi Galiya apa,

Today the weather was gorgeous again, so we went for a lovely hike near Banff :). After a bit of walking in the trees we started having a nice view of the Monarch (that big mountain, not the queen :rolleyes:)…


…and of the mountains in the south.


With a little extra effort we reached Healy Pass where we could see Scarab and Egypt lakes in the north,…


…and more mountains to the south :).


That ridge leading to the Monarch is called the Monarch Ramparts, and sammino told us that we were going to walk along it.


From the Ramparts we could see Healy Pass behind us,…


…the little tarns dotting Healy Meadows :)


…and the forested valley that we followed this morning.


Eventually we got off the Ramparts and reached beautiful Eohippus Lake.


Later on we passed by another nice small lake :)


…before diving back into the forest.

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Calgary, Canada - 12th August 2015

By: smaug

Hi Galiya apa,

Today I said goodbye to all my friends here in Calgary and got ready to travel back home :D.


Before I jumped in my travelling quarters sammino gave me a big hug and wished me a safe and swift journey :).


See you soon :D!

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Kazan, Russia - 2nd September 2015

By: Vunder

Hi everybody!

I'm back home))) I'm so happy! :cyclops: Thanks for everyone hosted me! :D

I was given a warm welcome by 2 toyvoys, I guess we have a lot to talk about:)


Actually today it was Galiya apa's small wedding ceremony, so I was quite on time, though late a little;)


Be happy! :D

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