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To eat real Swiss or Dutch cheese in the country of origin, m-m-m, yummy:)

To become friends with a cat

To sail

To send at least 5 postcards from different countries - 3/5

Last, but not least: to visit Cologne (Germany), and especially Behringstrasse and its surrounding

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Travelog for: Batyr

Kazan, Russia - 14th January 2014

By: Vunder

Hello! This is me - Batyr!B) I'm a Tatar mouse. I had a very exciting day! But it's very late now and I must go sleep! I'll tell you tomorrow about how dreams come true :rolleyes:

PS: You can read about Tatars here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tatars


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Kazan, Russia - 15th January 2014

By: Vunder

I'm a responsible mouse, so here's the promised story:)

I led an ordinary life as billions of toys do. I was content enough, but always dreamt of something bigger! One day my prevoius owner decided to give me to a charity shop (by the way in Russia it's quite a new thing, the first charity shop was opened in 2010 only). At first I was very upset, who wants to be abandoned? But then I found out that it was quite fun there, I met a lot of new friends among toys and among humans)) Every cloud has a silver lining, huh?;) And then..my present-day mentor came!.. And gave me a whole new life, the one I even couldn't dream of! :rolleyes: :D
We were home late in the evening, and the first thing I saw was a New Year tree (my mentor and her family don't celebrate Christmas, but they do celebrate New Year, still celebrate:p)! My best New Year ever))) To that moment I'd already known my fortune))


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Kazan, Russia - 15th January 2014

By: Vunder

My mentor gave me a belated New Year present - tyubetey:) She sewed it herself, and though she last held needle in the 9th form, I guess it came out quite well!
*A "tyubetey" is a Tatar national headwear for boys and men.

Thank you, Galiya apa! ("apa" is a form of regardful address to elder girls and women, even if your elder sister is 5 y.o. you address to her as "apa" :))


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Kazan, Russia - 16th January 2014

By: Vunder

I was reading some books about Tatar art etc. this morning when Galiya apa came and told me that I'm going to the United Kingdom soon!!! :D :D :D Can I upload a video with me dancing here?)))))
Found an atlas to see where I'm going)))
Packing my bag :p


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Kazan, Russia - 16th January 2014

By: Vunder

It was the first time I went for a walk today! A real walk, not at the bottom of a bag! :p
There's a private sector and a railway near our house (it's the central Vakhitov district of the city, not the suburbs):
I saw beautiful houses;
I played with snow (the little one even lent me his shovel:));
We awaited for the train succesfully:);
We saw a beautiful snowman with a carrot nose!:)
I like walks! :D


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Kazan, Russia - 17th January 2014

By: Vunder

Gym time! :)
Galiya apa goes to the gym 2 times a week, to Pilates. I asked her to take me there too, they made an exception for me, because it's a female fitness club, so here are the photos ;)


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Kazan, Russia - 20th January 2014

By: Vunder

Today I got my ID tag! :D And Galiya apa recieved 2 postcards (from the USA and Japan)!
I feel some adventures in the air ;)


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post office, Kazan, Russia - 23rd January 2014

By: Vunder

At last! I'm at the post office, ready to start!  :p
See you in the UK!))


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Weymouth , United Kingdom - 6th February 2014

By: Battery_Star

Dear Galiya apa!

I finally arrived in the UK today! I was so glad to get out of my package! I was warmly welcomed by Gabby , ThomasHH and Little Squirt who were keen to hear all about my travels.


It's raining here so my host, Niki apa said we couldn't go out and do much. She had the day off so we went for a drive to the next town over, Dorchester. We were stuck up there for hours because her car got a flat tyre and we had no way of getting home until it was fixed.


When we eventually got back, we made cakes to celebrate mine and Little Squirt's arrival.


They came out well in my opinion, they were very tasty. I'm very tired from my travels, so I'm going to leave my travel update here. Niki apa says that if the weather improves that we can go sight seeing on Saturday.


Bye for now!


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Weymouth, United Kingdom - 9th February 2014

By: Battery_Star

Hi Galiya Apa!

The weather cancelled our plans again today :( It was sunny when we woke up, but as soon as we were ready to leave the house it was raining again! Niki apa told me that her part of the country had been experiencing weather like this for weeks, and had been having serious flooding for a few days now, but hopefully its going to clear up during the week.


We stayed in all day, so we made pancakes. I got to help mix the batter along with the other TVs here!


The pancakes came out very well in my opinion! Niki apa showed me how to flip a pancake perfectly so it didnt end up stuck to the ceiling or as a pile of mush in the pan.


Niki apa's own TV, Gabby, left us today for her first ever host in the Netherlands! I hope she has a ncie time over there and doesnt get too homesick.


Bye for now!


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Weymouth, United Kingdom - 10th February 2014

By: Battery_Star

Hi Galiya apa,

Just a quick update today as we haven't done much. Niki apa was out at school today so didn't manage to get any pictures of me being mischievous with the others at home.

The sun was starting to set by the times Niki apa was home, but it wasn't raining! We went out in the garden to feed the birds for the first time in a week.


She also remembered that it was her dear friends birthday tomorrow so we helped her make cakes again! She only made enough for her friend so I didn't get to taste any of the cake, but I got to have some of the left over icing!


Speak to you soon! Lots of love,


P.s I'd love to send you a postcard from here, please can you remind me of our address?

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Weymouth, United Kingdom - 14th February 2014

By: Battery_Star

Hi Galiya apa!

Happy valentines day! Niki apa has been very grouchy today, she hates this holiday! But she bought me chocolate, and in turn me and the other TVs cheered her up.


We then sat down in front of the fire and watched a comedy film.


I hope you have a nice day!


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Weymouth and Portland, United Kingdom - 15th February 2014

By: Battery_Star

Hi Galiya Apa!

It was nice and sunny today, even if it was a little cold, so we decided to go out today. We walked into the town centre to meet Niki apa's mum who unfortunately had to work on this lovely day. We went through the peaceful cemetery, which was supposed to be out of bounds because some of the trees had fallen down in the storms, but Niki apa deemed it safe enough to walk through. While we walked through we saw a man taking pictures of a fallen tree, then cutting off a branch to keep as a souvenir! Niki apa said i couldn't do the same, as i wouldn't be able to carry it with me on my travels.


Niki apa's mum was surprised to see us when we got there. She works in a bank so it was quite busy and we had to wait to be able to see her.


Next, we went to look in the charity shops where we found a cute toy in need of a good home. We bought him and Niki apa intends on helping him become a TV very soon. He's hoping to be able to call himself "Eliot".

We then got in the car to go to Portland, which is an island connected to Niki apa's home town by a bridge. It has been closed off for the past couple of days as the road connecting Weymouth and Portland had been badly flooded.

Portland was the host of the 2012 Olympic sailing events, so there are lots of olympic statues around. Sadly, we didn't get to see them but Niki apa promises that we will do soon, when its less windy. However, all over England there are gold, silver and bronze coloured post boxes in the home towns of Olympic medallists so we managed to visit the one that was on Portland


There was a plaque on the side of the box explaining why it was coloured.


We had a lovely day out, i can't wait to go out more now the weather is clearing up!

Lots of love,


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The Sealife Centre, Weymouth, United Kingdom - 18th February 2014

By: Battery_Star

Hi Galiya apa!

Niki apa took me and the other TVs on a day trip to the Sea Life Centre, which is a place where rescued sea animals who cannot be released back into the sea spend the rest of their days.

She told us about how she used to go there all the time as a kid, and would always love it, so i was really looking forward to going.

First we went into the Stingray enclosure. It was basically a big tank with various fish and stingrays in with an open top so you could see in. It also had a bridge over the top so you could see the whole tank from above.


In the shark enclosure, they had large viewing bubbles that you could sit in, so here we are relaxing.


I made friends with a shark! It wasn't scary at all, he was just lazying around on the rocks, watching everyone go past. He was very big though!


Next we went out and saw the penguins! it was very dark inside, to it was nice to be out in the sun again!


Group picture just before we went into the turtle tunnel! you can actually walk under the water and have the animals swim all around and above you. it was amazing!


There were so many different species of fish in the tunnel along with the turtles and the sharks. they were all so pretty!


A speeding shark photo-bombed my photo with the turtle! we had to wait ages for another opportunity!


I got a photo with him eventually, hes quite hard to see because he kept moving. His shell is deformed where he was hit by a boat, but he is perfectly fine now!


Jellyfish! They dont really change colour, its just the light so you can see them easier in the dark.


There are so many nemos!


I had alot of fun out today,

lots of love


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Weymouth, United Kingdom - 27th February 2014

By: Battery_Star

Hi Galiya apa!

Sadly we had to say goodbye to Eliott today, he's heading to the USA! I'm so happy for him! We had lots of hugs and threw him a small going away party.


We said our final goodbyes then off he went to America!



Just as we were taping his envelope up, a parcel arrived! What was it?


There was muffled talking coming from the inside and we soon realised it was the new toy voyagers who were supposed to arrive!


The WotWots had arrived! It was lovely to meet my new fiends and I couldn't wait to show them around.

Bye for now,

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