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Travelog for: Owl Olga

Hannover, Germany - 5th April 2014

By: Fram

Today I have been at a postcrosser- and toyvoyager-meeting. My Mum decided to send me home to Quacky-King's home. I'm sure I will pass a lot of adventures with them.
Thanks Mum for sending me home with Quacky-King ...

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Brombachsee, Germany - 12th April 2014

By: Fram

Hei Mum,
this weekend my friend Quacky-King and I have been at Absberg at the Brombachsee in the south of Germany. On this sunny, but not to worm Saturday we made a cycling Geocache-Tour around the little Brombachsee. There is a cache-serie called "Entenjagd" which is made really nice, a great round and we found all that could be found. One was disapeared.
Quacky's Mum put us on the handlebar of her bike and so we had a great view ;)
On the way we have seen some wild pigs (behind a fence), too.


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Brombachsee, Germany - 13th April 2014

By: Fram

Hei Mum,

Today was our second day at the Brombachsee, a nice day, too, but a bit more windy.
Put again on the handlebar of the bike, we started for a long cycling tour along the store Brombachsee.
Our first stop was at Mandlesmuehle, this is the last remaining mill of 11 mills that have been at that Area, before the lake have been build. Today there is an infocenter in there.
On our way along the lake, we had some more stops.
We found a sign of a pilgrimsway and an eastern fontain.
The greatest thing this day was our round-trip with MS Brombachsee, a big trimaran, I think it is unique ...
On bord that ship we had hot chocolade and cake, found a beach chair to relax and enjoyed the view of the landscape.
What a great day ...


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From Nürnberg to Copenhagen, Germany to Denmark - 19th April 2014

By: Fram

Hei Mum,

Today we started to a big journey. It took us the whole day to travel from Nürnberg to Copenhagen.
We had to chage the train at Hamburg and drove on a ferry between Puttgarden and Rodby.
I'm so excited about where we are going next ....


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Copenhagen at sea, Denmark - 20th April 2014

By: Fram

Hei Mum,
another day of my holiday ...
In the morning we walked around at Copenhagen, where we have seen dangerous lions and dragons. And we have been to Nyhavn, a beautiful old part of Copenhagen.
In the afternoon we took the DFDS ferry to Oslo, we had nice weather and spent some time outside on the sundeck after departure.
In the evening we have seen a fantastic sunset. Oh how wonderful ...
It's all so exciting here, where will we be tomorrow?
All the best Olga


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Ahrensburg , Germany - 24th May 2014

By: Kevin

Hello dear all! :stare:

Today I went to the beautiful city of Ahrensburg next to Hamburg with Nicole, Anke, Kevin and mum. We went there to shop for postcards. Ahrensburg has some very great postcard shops and the best Greek restaurant ever! Although the portion sizes there are a bit too small. I still felt hungry after eating my Gyros plate. Well, never mind. I got a huge bowl of ice-cream later on. 

And while mum and the others went looking for postcards for their hobby postcrossing, I had some fun with Kevin, the dragon toyvoyager of Anke. He is kind of sexy and really cute and we were flirting a lot! I hope I will see him again. I had the feeling he also thought I was kind of cute... We had some fun in the shops and climbed on a statue in Ahrensburg. We also visited the very cool castle of Ahrensburg! There we laid on a blanket on the lawn and cuddled a bit. It was so romantic. The weather was so awesome - only the girls were giggling a lot... that was rather annoying and destroyed the romantic mood I had with Kevin.

Love and hugs,
Owl Olga


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Hamburg , Germany - 28th May 2014

By: Kevin

Today was a really exciting day. We did a work experience at a vocational school! Kevin and I had so much fun.... Well, most of the time. The alarm clock went off at 5 am!!! That is crazy! In the middle of the night. And I am an owl! So when I complain about waking up in the middle of the night that means something...

Well, off we went by bike to the vocational school. There we first had coffee. Coffee is the most important thing in the staff room - that is what we learnt first. That is why all four cans of coffee in that huge coffee machine should always be filled. Otherwise disaster and chaos will overcome everybody. Next to the coffee machine was also a water dispenser. To us it looked more like a shower...

Before our first lesson we had to copy some work sheets. We had to work in a team - it would have been impossible otherwise! How do the adults do it?? Well, Kevin had to manage the buttons of the copier and I had to open the lid. That was really dangerous. I nearly got crashed. And what was Kevin's reaction??? He could not stop laughing... Haha... very funny.

We then had to get the right register from a huge shelf! Luckily we both can fly so after about five minutes we finally found the register for our first class. Well, we found it, but Anke had to take it. It was far too heavy for us.

Then it was our first lesson and we had to do the attendance list. Crazy! So many students were missing. And there were five people who came in late. What a horrible class. If students come late at that vocational school they have to go to a special room, fill in a questionnaire about why they came too late and what consequences their behavior will have and then they have to wait there until the beginning of the next lesson.

In the class room there was also a very cool smartboard and an OHP. But again: We are too tiny, so it was not possible to use them. That is so frustrating.

The lesson was rather boring. Anke prepared something interesting but then she reminded the students that they would have to do a math class test later on that day. The students were all shocked and complained that they did not know about it. Then Anke showed them a huge calender which hangs in the classroom where it obviously said: 28th May: Math Class Test. Oh dear... Then Anke had to do a revision of all the math things and the students knew next to nothing. Oh dear.

In the break we had to use the telephone to call all those students who did not appear at school that day. What a wonderful break... It is not a break really when you have to work all the time. Well, I dialed the numbers and Kevin tried to talk to them. It was a bit difficult because he could not hear and speak well at the same time and had to jump back and forward to manage.

Then Anke introduced us to the school's secretary and we were allowed to sit in his hood. We also met the facility manager and hugged her.

All in all a was a very cool and interesting day. But I don't want to become a teacher...


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