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Travelog for: Lieselotte

Uchte, Germany - 4th September 2013

By: -[Dino]-

Today I want to show the nice view from the balcony of Mummy's grandma.


The neighbours have a pretty little vegetable garden where they grow nearly everything they need. :)


It looks pretty yummy!  ;)

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Uchte, Germany - 5th September 2013

By: -[Dino]-

Do you remember the construction site just around the corner I showed before?

Today they put up some sort of markers around the plot:


I will keep you updated on this. ;)

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Uchte, Germany - 13th September 2013

By: -[Dino]-

Look! Today the markers are gone, the bottom slab has been poured in concrete, and the first packages of bricks have been delivered.


Now the real building process is about to start.

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Uchte, Germany - 24th September 2013

By: -[Dino]-

Now the ground floor is already nearly finished.


The workers are really fast!  :o

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Uchte, Germany - 26th September 2013

By: -[Dino]-

You'll never guess what happened today! :o

We awoke to lots of hammering and clapping and just overall loud noise this morning.

When we went into the kitchen we saw this out of the window:


Yes, you're seeing right. It's a huge hole just in front of the path leading from the house to the street.  :o  :stare:

And of course only one out of 4 people is working. ;)


That explains the noise for sure! And we don't even know what they are doing there as everything inside still functions properly - thank God.

Now we have a very, very small trip planned for the weekend. ;)

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Uchte, Germany - 29th September 2013

By: -[Dino]-

Now that it's the weekend and no one is working at the construction site, we made a teeny tiny "trip" - maybe 10 steps - today.

First, you might notice that the hole has doubled it's size since last Thursday:


They didn't even have enough barrier pieces left to fence it off properly.  ;)

And then we were very brave (and careful) and went to have a closer look:



Can you see how deep they made it? :o It's huge now! :stare:

Hopefully they will be finished soon with whatever they are doing there exactly!

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kitchen, Germany - 12th October 2013

By: -[Dino]-

We are in the kitchen again. *yummy* B)

Today we are making a sweet potatoe casserole and we hope it'll turn out ok.

So here are the sweet potatoes, potatoes and some of the carrots:


We also needed a little bit of ginger and nutmeg.


And some leek which I peeled while Oink held it still.


After that Oink cut it into fine pieces.


Then Oink peeled the potatoes...


...and I peeled the sweet potatoes.


Once finished Oink peeled the carrots...


...and I ground them.


After all this work we were a little tired already. And we really didn't want to do the Sisyphean task of peeling and grinding the small piece of ginger. So we pretended to have an argument over who would do the task until Mummy decided to do it herself. *hihi*  :p


Then we fried everything except for the potatoes and sweet potatoes.


And we cut the potatoes and sweet potatoes into even slices - very carefully because the blade was very sharp.  :o


Before putting everything into the casserole dish we first had to try it out aurselves. ;)


Then we covered the bottom with some of the slices.


We put the warm vegetables on top and sprinkled some ground nutmeg over it.


After that we covered it all up with the rest of the slices and put some butter pieces on top before putting it in the oven.


After an eternity it was finally finished. By that time we were practically starving so we just ate our share and forgot to take a picture of the casserole, but it was very delicious.
You have to take my word for it. ;)  B)

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Uchte, Germany - 14th October 2013

By: -[Dino]-

Surely you remember the big hole I showed a few weeks ago, don't you?

Today I'll show you a little update of the construction site.


It hasn't gotten smaller. That's for sure!  :(

Hope they'll at least finish it this year...

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Uchte, Germany - 14th October 2013

By: -[Dino]-

Look! The house they are building around the corner now has a roof!  :o


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Minden (Westfalen), Germany - 14th October 2013

By: -[Dino]-

Today Mummy took us on a small trip to Minden. It was a shopping trip, but we still saw something nice. :)

We parked directly next to the river Weser where we saw one of the pleasure boats.


On the other side of the parking lot we spotted some remains of the city wall.


We also saw a big bridge cossing the river.


And can you spot the smaller bridge in the background? It's a pedestrian bridge leading into the city center from the opposite end.

After all the shopping was done we had a closer look at the old city wall.


Some cannons are still placed atop the wall as a reminder of the wall's use in former times.


And there are some big rings in the wall as well.


It was nearly as big as I am.  :o

It was a long, exhausting day and I think I'll sleep really well now.

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Petershagen, Germany - 24th October 2013

By: -[Dino]-

Today we went on another small trip. This time to Petershagen.

There Mummy met with another postcrosser who was on her way to the big annual meeting in Bielefeld and stopped in Petershagen for coffee and a chat.

So I got to see a part of Mummy's former school.


This is the back building where all science classes take place. On the left (behind the branches) barely in the picture you can see part of the gym. In the middle you can see part of the main building and the very tall building on the far end is the oldest building of the school.
Because of the holidays not many people were around - unlike on school days when there are over 1000 students.

Usually every graduation class makes something for the school. So the class of 2007 (one year before Mummy graduated) paved the path between the school and the parking lot where the students park.


On our way back to the card after a nice little meeting we suddenly found ourselves in the middle of chickens.  :o


Then we headed home because Mummy still had a pie to bake for her grandma's birthday tomorrow. I'll be sure to show you the results. ;)

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Uchte, Germany - 25th October 2013

By: -[Dino]-

Today it was Mummy's grandma's birthday. So we went to her place in the afternoon.

Here are the yummy treats:


Mummy made the pumpkin pie on the right and her grandma made a ring cake.

Of course we had to try both. B)

First we had a slice of pumpkin pie with vanilla ice cream. Very yummy I can tell you.  :cyclops:


And we also tried a piece of the ring cake with whipped cream which was also delicious.


I was very full afterwards!  B)

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friend's place, Germany - 31st October 2013

By: -[Dino]-

Today was a very special and exciting day!  :cyclops: B)

First Batgirl, a new guest, arrived.  :cyclops:

And we were also in a big hurry the whole day. Because in the evening Mummy took us to her friend's places where she and her friend celebrated their birthsdays.

Today it's the 25th birthday of one of her friends and tomorrow it will be Mummy's.  B)

In this part of Germany it is a tradition that unmarried women turning 25 get a garland made out of empty boxes because they turn into old frumps that day which is the same word as box in German and in this case isn't a (purely) negative word anymore. Usually the box garland is hung around the front door or the fence. But Mummy's friends changed the tradition a little and made a skirt out of boxes.  :D

Here Mummy's friend is still wearing it, but at midnight it was Mummy's turn.



As a big surprise Mummy and her friend got a big Snorlaxñata - a piñata made from paper mâché to look like the pokémon Snorlax.

Here is picture of it before it was "killed":


And here you can see it after the attack:


After this exciting day it was soon time for us little toys to go to bed while the adults still talked and laughed until the wee hours of the morning. :)

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Uchte, Germany - 1st November 2013

By: -[Dino]-

Today it's Mummy's birthday. So we went to her grandma's place again for more cake.  :cyclops:

This time we had a very special cake. It's called "Kalte Schnauze" or "Kalter Hund" and "Hedgehog slice" in English and is made of a special type of cookie and chocolate being piled alternatingly on top of each other and then put in the fridge over night.

And it's special because Mummy only eats it once a year on her birthday.

It's also very delicious!  B)


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living room, Germany - 3rd November 2013

By: -[Dino]-

Tonight we've been watching "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows" part 2.  B)




We don't want to give away any spoilers. So let's just say it's an amazing movie!  :cyclops:

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