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Travelog for: Little Wizard

At home, Lower Saxony, Germany - 24th July 2013

By: TimeGypsy

Hi there!  :D

I'm Little Wizard. And I am a dog. (I'm often mistaken for a Diddl mouse.  :o

I live in a small village in Lower Saxony, in the wonderful 'Weserbergland'. It's very pretty here.

I often accompany TimeGypsy during her photo-excursions. She loves to do photo shoots with me.  :)

Little Wizard

a 025.jpg

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Outdoors, Lower Saxony, Germany - 8th August 2013

By: TimeGypsy

Hallo!  :)

Today we visited the Ruins of a late-Gothic chapel.


I'm so scared. What was that? I'm scared to close my eyes and... ups, sorry, that was Blair Witch Project, I think.

Ok, a little bit scary was it here. But really only a little bit.

Little Wizard

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Outdoors, Lower Saxony, Germany - 24th August 2013

By: TimeGypsy


Today we were on the road to photograph butterflies.

Can you see the butterfly in this picture?

That are really interesting little animals, aren't they?  B)


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Goettingen, Lower Saxony, Germany - 19th September 2013

By: TimeGypsy

Hi!  :D

Today we were in the Old Botanical Garden of Goettingen University. 

The garden was established in 1736. That's really old, isn't it?  ;)


Somehow I feel so small next to this tree.

This is the entrance of one of the three tunnels of the garden.

TG wanted to photograph especially in the fern house this time. It is one of her favorite greenhouses there.

Can you see the small waterfall between the fern?
(Sorry that I look so blurry at the photo. Due to the tropical temperatures in the fern house the camera was a little bit fogged up.)

The stairs to the gallery.

Me, sitting on the gallery.


Even more ferns.


Little Wizard

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Outdoors, Lower Saxony, Germany - 26th November 2013

By: TimeGypsy

Hello there!  :D

Today is such a beautiful November day. Such a day we don't want to spend indoors. Therefore, we went for a walk and have chosen a nice sunny spot to relax.

Little Wizard




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At home, Lower Saxony - 1st January 2014

By: TimeGypsy

Hi there!  :D

So, 2013 is over now. What a year...

Here are a last picture of 2013 and the first of 2014.  ;)

December 31, 2013 - Sylvester. Me, Niels and Birdie.
The weather looks more like September or October. Sunshine, everything is green and glows in the sunshine, the trees are still full of apples. This is totally crazy. Where is the snow?



bye for now,
Little Wizard & Niels

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Bodenfelde, Lower Saxony, Germany - 16th January 2014

By: TimeGypsy

Hi there!  :D

Today TimeGypsy has taken me on a trip to the ponies. Niels had been to the ponies twice already. So this time it was my turn.  :D

I helped TG to groom the ponies. That was a lot of work.

After that I rested a bit in the straw. And then I snuggled with the ponies.  :)

Little Wizard


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Tierpark Sababurg, Hesse, Germany - 3rd June 2016

By: TimeGypsy

Hello there!  :)

Today we drove to a zoo. To the animal park Sababurg. TG says this is one of the most beautiful zoos she knows. And it is one of Europe's oldest zoos.

In the photos you can see me at the budgerigars, goats, meerkats and donkeys.  :D


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Tierpark Sababurg, Hesse, Germany - 3rd June 2016

By: TimeGypsy

We were also in the museum of the zoo.

There were some stuffed animals to see. Unfortunately that was the only wolf that I saw. The wolf pack of the zoo had hid well in his large enclosure that day. Maybe next time.

And there was a lot about fairy tales there. On the big armchair you can sit and read fairy tales or read the fairy tales to others.

The name of the zoo comes from the nearby castle. The "Sababurg" is also called the "Sleeping Beauty Castle". It is said that the old rose-covered wall that surrounds the zoo has inspired the Brothers Grimm to the fairy tale. I do not know if that's true, but the zoo really has something fairytale-like.  :D

Little Wizard


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at home, Lower Saxony, Germany - 14th February 2018

By: TimeGypsy

Hi there! B)

I'm back!  :D

TimeGypsy has not had a working computer for more than three years. We hope the new computer lasts for a while, so I can tell you about my adventures here again.  :)

Little Wizard


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