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Travelog for: Aiviq

Anchorage, Alaska, USA - 23rd September 2013

By: AbbeyV

Today I was BORN!  What a great day.  But it's SO COLD!!!  It snowed here for the first time today.  NOT FUN!  Especially when I'm used to sunning myself on the beaches of northern Alaska.  Well, at least it isn't sticking.  More later.  Off to fun adventures!

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Anchorage, Alaska, USA - 24th September 2013

By: AbbeyV

Today I met my brother beagles.  They seemed interested in taking me away somewhere else.  I did not want to go with them.  Seems they might have been offering me a ride in their mouth.  That did not seem like a fun ride. 

It was an exciting day!

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Anchorage, Alaska, USA - 24th September 2013

By: AbbeyV

Today was Trigonometry day!  I don't think I really understand much of what's going on.  Something about sine and cosine and circle of something or other... I guess that's why mom is the student and I'm just along for the ride.

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Anchorage, Alaska, USA - 25th September 2013

By: AbbeyV

I wanted a driving lesson.  Turns out my flippers are not conducive to a clutch or shifting.  So, I just sat on the steering wheel and made engine noises.  Mom shifted for me so it felt like I was really driving.  Maybe someday I will get to drive an Audi. :D

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Anchorage, Alaska, USA - 26th September 2013

By: AbbeyV

Today was Trigonometry class today.  I wasn't at home doing homework again, this was actual class!  But, I still didn't understand.  I guess I'll just watch mom as she cries over her homework cause she doesn't understand either.  I'll offer her a tissue.  I bet she'll get it one day!

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Anchorage, Alaska, USA - 27th September 2013

By: AbbeyV

Today, mom's nephew went to get his 6 month photographs.  So, I came!  Look at the nice portrait I got in front of the background?  Don't I look fetching? 

I also wanted a picture with mom's nephew, but no faces!  But, I promise you, he's SUPER CUTE!  I gave him kisses and tried to get him to smile during his photo session!  I wasn't much help unfortunately.

After his photo shoot, almost all of moms family went out to dinner at their favorite restaurant.  I had some french fries, but I had a big lunch, so I couldn't finish them.  Mom's brother paid for dinner, so we were super grateful!

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Anchorage, Alaska, USA - 28th September 2013

By: AbbeyV

Today was a BUSY day!  Mom and I went to the pharmacy to pick up some prescriptions.  It was a long wait, but since mom wants to be a pharmacist, it was okay to wait around the pharmacy.  :)  It was at Costco, so we could have walked around, but there really wasn't anything to shop for. 

Also, we went to the pet and garden store, Alaska Mill and Feed.  It was FUN!  Mom loves this store and to see all the dogs that come to the store to visit.  So, today we shopped for treats for beagle dogs at home.  These are Yummy Chummies that are made in Alaska.  They are made with Alaska Chum Salmon and are a very popular snack here in Alaska, for dogs.  Thankfully they're not made with Walrus! :)

Now it's time to go home and take a nap and do homework.

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Anchorage, Alaska, USA - 5th October 2013

By: AbbeyV

Today I went to the movies!  It was AWESOME!  It was 'Gravity' in IMAX and 3D and it was so much fun to wear the glasses!  Wow!  You should definitely see it!

Then, we had to go shopping and get some lunch.  COSTCO!  I had the cheese pizza.  It was pretty yummy but very hot!  I almost burned my mustache!

It was a busy day!  Time for a nap!

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Anchorage, Alaska, USA - 6th October 2013

By: AbbeyV

Well, mom and dad decided they wanted quiche for dinner, so we went to the grocery store.  It was fun, but there were A LOT of people there. I guess everyone forgot that school is going on and decided to do all of their grocery shopping Sunday evening. 

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Anchorage, Alaska, USA - 8th October 2013

By: AbbeyV

Well, today was a very stressful day for mom.  Today we went to go get her flu shot.  I held her hand, but she wasn't scared.  Quick pinch and it's over.  Thankfully, she won't be susceptible to FOUR strains of flu this year.  Poor sickly mom.

Then, we had to study the veins and arteries of the cat.  The pictures were gross, but not as gross as the real cat we had to dissect last week.  This week mom skipped lab and had to go take the test later today and did really well!  Way to go mom!

After mom took her trig test later in the day, we went home and took a break.  We wrote postcards for post crossing, a fun postcard exchange around the world.  What a fun hobby.  Later in the day we read some of the original H.C. Anderson fairy tales and then watched Malala on the Daily Show, moms favorite news show.  Malala is an amazing person and very smart.

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Anchorage, Alaska, USA - 9th October 2013

By: AbbeyV

Today I left home to go to Switzerland.  There are some goodies in with me for my new host!

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Lichtensteig, Switzerland - 29th October 2013

By: Jasper

Hi mommy,
after a long journey I finally arrived.


3 funny faces staring into my envelope.


I think they have never seen a walrus.
I crawled out and introduced myself.



All welcomed me warmly.





Then I showed them my souvenirs




and told of my journey and Alaska.


Mom, I made ​​new friends and we will have lots of fun together.


Jasper gave chocolate to greet me.


I think I like Switzerland.




See you soon

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on a walk, Switzerland - 30th October 2013

By: Jasper

Hi mommy,
Today we took a little walk. Because Jasper is still not fully fit we ran just a bit through the forest. Not spectacular but the fresh air felt good.



To go into the woods we had to cross a pasture. The cows were curious but friendly.




The forest looked very wild.


During last autumn storm some trees have fallen.



The loggers have a lot to do now.


The foliage invited to play. Unfortunately, it was too wet.


We saw large withered fern fronds.


So we walked and walked,




enjoyed the peace


and occasionally we saw " art " created by nature.


In the soft moss we rested a bit.


The result of diligent work -


and still plenty to do.


And then - you will not believe it - we suddenly heard grunting boars .
We wanted to see , but Jasper found it safer to turn back.


On the way home we bought pumpkins.



One in TV size for each of us.



Tomorrow we will carve pumpkins - for Halloween.

Hugs and kisses

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Jasper's home, Switzerland - 31st October 2013

By: Jasper

Hi mommy,
Today is Halloween and I am very busy. I have to carve my pumpkin.
First, cut off the lid. Not so easy - and even a bit dangerous with the big knife.


Then, remove the seeds and slimy stuff. Disgusting.


And now scrape out the pulp with a spoon.


Whew, quite exhausting.


Thank God we have small pumpkins this year. Jasper does not want to eat again pumpkin soup until Easter.

Now I'm going to start with carving.



Meanwhile it is evening and we decorate the table.



Our pumpkins glowing spooky.



We will tell scary stories, and eat sweets.



I get goosebumps already.


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at work, Switzerland - 12th November 2013

By: Jasper

Hello, I'm still alive !
I had two intense weeks. The whole family was sick. Only care was announced. Then - on Friday - Jasper was fit again and we had beautiful weather. Get out into nature ! We drove to Nesslau, a small town at the foot of the Churfirsten - great for walking. As we sat down in a pose for the first pictures came the disillusionment. The battery of the camera was empty. What a frustration. After the initial disappointment, we still enjoyed our walk - but sorry, no photos .
The Saturday started with rain and storm. Wind gusts with speeds of over 100 kilometers per hour - and so we had to stay at home again. On Sunday it snowed a little .
Because we were all so boring, Jasper took us on Monday to work.
We helped in the office.
I organized deliveries and calculated.



Then we had coffee break.


Here you see us on the big scale.


Then we checked the big warehouse.
Enough bath towels available ?


Aprons okay?


Over 200 gift packs are not yet done.


The shelves are filled



and the supply is piling up to the ceiling.



Hours later: one last look,


and then the work was done.


I hope the boring days are over.

Bye for now.

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