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to meet a real ZEBRA!!!

to take part in a postcrossing meetup abroad!!!

to visite any hundertwasser-building EXCEPT UELZEN!!

to meet my cousin CHRISSI vom germany!! TABRIZ, Iran - 10th April 2014 By: ipuenkt

to write a card from every visited country to her mom!! (../??)

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Travelog for: ZIZZI_ZEBRA

TEHRAN, Iran - 5th January 2014

By: ipuenktchen

the train made it step by step, not that fast, but very safe and solid!!
we got up at 7 AM near tehran and at 8.15 we arrived!!!! on our way to the hospital for the medical treatment of ipue's hubby we passed also the armenian cathedral! when we were ready to leave the hospital again, we entered the flat of ipue's son1, who was absent.
we had a yummy lunch there!!!! and everybody slept again ;-))) near midnight we went to the bus terminal forward back to tabriz!!!!!!!!!!!
woooow, how fast are the busses comparing with the train!!
this was a GREAT DAY!!!!!!!!!!!


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TABRIZ, Iran - 6th January 2014

By: ipuenktchen

wooow!!!!!! PostcrossingMEETING for ToyVoyagers today on ***Twelfth Day***!!!!!!!!! it was a remarkable day for us, as we had a postcrossing meetup at ipue's!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
we had little JORIS from lili_6789 together with his homemate JULIE and F.M.Bear and little ZIZZI_Zebra!!!! we all love postcrossing!!!!
and a lot of cards we bought from tehran around us!!!!! and pls be patient so see our pics!! pls stay in touch!!!


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ARDABIL, Iran - 16th January 2014

By: ipuenktchen

yeahhhhhhhhhhhhh - they took me with them!! me too, I joined the wedding in ardabil!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I got soooooooooooo excited when ipue told us we'll have a weekend out!!! very early she waked us up, we had a fast breakfast and went to the bus terminal, and believe it, at 8 AM we were sitting in the bus leaving tabriz!!!!!!!!!!!!!! here you can see us in the bus - as we are quite tiny we needed only one seat!!!!


we arrived in time at ardabil, went to the wedding saloon and here we are at the bridal couple's place!!


in the eve they brought to a nice restaurant for a yummy dinner and later we had a nice gathering at home!


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ARDABIL, Iran - 17th January 2014

By: ipuenktchen

hello, everybody!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
this day we profite to have a sightseing tour for the world heritage site *sheikh safi mausoleum* and ipue brought us for a great photo shooting!!! hehe..

after lunch we left ardabil and gals, believe it, we saw the 2nd highest mountains of IR, the SABALAN, 4.811 m high, an extinct volcano!! because of the beautiful sunshine it was an impressing view!!!

later we arrived safely in tabriz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it was such a great weekend out!!!!!!
thank you, dear mom!!!!!!!


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TEHRAN, Iran - 21st January 2014

By: ipuenktchen

hi, everybody - believe it!!!!!!!!!! yashila_81, ipue's son2, got it!!!!!!!!!!!! TODAY he got successfull to reach his MASTER DEGREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and everybody was soooo happy!!!!!!!!!!! our dear guest F.M.Bear and POSSY & CROSSY and JORIS and me, too, and some of yashila_81's fellow students and one of his close buddies of his mil.serv. and his parents had been with him!! we missed only our lovely lili_6789, but yashila_81 knew she had been with us, and finally she sent dear little JORIS as a lucky charm!!!!!!!!!!! and it worked!!!!!!!

GREAT CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!! :-))))))))))))


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TEHRAN, Iran - 22nd January 2014

By: ipuenktchen

still in tehran for the windows of ipue'son1 - the next adventure... as it should be started in the morning at 7 AM, but the truck arrived in the afternoon and the first window entered the flat at 4 PM!!!!!!!!!! they are just working hard and hopefully will be finished this eve!!!!!!!!!!
it was so interesting for me - I've never seen PVC-windows!!? and the weather was spring-like and we could pretty support the open windows - holes in the wall the whole day!! I'm so curious when we'll get back to tabriz!!!!!!!!!!!!!?!?!

yes, they worked so fast and now at 8 PM they finished the windows - but with a *but* like usual.... the factory only sent white silicon, but the windows are white only from inside, but brown from outside.. and they didn't sent brown silicon... so there is a reason we had to stay another night in tehran, waiting for the stuff in the morning to continue.............................................



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Tabriz, IRAN - 26th January 2014

By: ipuenktchen

do you remember playing *Mensch ärgere dich nicht*???? we heard in the news this game (called *ludo* in english, *t'en fais pas* en francais)  will turn today to 100!!!!! can you believe it??? and at the occasion of this anniversary we had a match together!!

pics on the screen: (c) schmidt-spiele


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Tabriz, Iran - 31st January 2014

By: ipuenktchen

greetz from winterwonderland!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
we got eyes like a plate in the morning while seeing all that snow!!!!!!!
hehe, ipue's own weather forecast wasn't that serious!!!!!!!!
they announced snow and here comes SNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


we had a great time in the yard!! I missed little JORIS and wish he would be with us!!



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Tabriz, Iran - 1st February 2014

By: ipuenktchen

party, party, partyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!
and as ipue told us *never without our traveltoys*!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-)))))))))
today we went at yashila_81's + lili_6789's, and had another party this eve because of his master thesis!!!! they were working for the whole week and finally THU and FRI endless parties.... with yummy food, best friends and live music of it's best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

and we traveltoy-buddies had a nice eve, too:
little JORIS, JULIE, F.M.Bear, POSSY & CROSSY and meeeeeeeee!!!


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Tabriz, Iran - 4th February 2014

By: ipuenktchen

hi, everybody!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
things happen at ipue's!!!!!!!!?!?!?! you cannot believe it!!!!
this night when other people, normal people, are still sleeping, ipue called a taxi and we went beside the autobahn in front of elgoli park - by -9°C°!! waiting there, and after a short moment we  understood.... a bus arrived and a young girl with her bicycle jumped out of the bus and followed us and went to bed immediately - so tired, poor girl!!!!!  f

we took place on the bicycle, so greaaaat... very dirty, but a great bicycle!!!

and ipue told us, in the morning we'll have another SURPRISE!!!!!??!?!?!


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Tabriz, Iran - 5th February 2014

By: ipuenktchen

today we had at ipue's a - as they call this in german - *ueberraschungsgast*!! with a huge delay of nearly 4 h ipue's son1 arrived for a short visite. and because of the delay there was time enough to pamper him with some goodies, as ipue made an originally german *kaesekuchen* and a traditional food of northern germany he like since his childhood *eier mit senfsosse*!!!!! and of course we helped her *smile* ey gosh, how much they where chatting!!!!!!!!!!!!! we feared they will forget to eat the cake and the dish!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!??!?!?!!!!


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ARDABIL, IRAN - 6th February 2014

By: ipuenktchen

hello, everybodyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!

we had a great event in lovely lili's home-town!!!!! I saw for my very first time *yashila_81 on stage*!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! pls have a look and enjoy!!!!!!! it was a concert of traditional azerbaijan music
and ppl got thrilled, when yahila_81 entered the stage!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

but first pls have a look at our dear guest F.M.Bear in the city when we were looking at the huge advertising of the concert!!!! F.M.Bear and Possy and Crossy had been with me!!!!

at first into the concert it's me with the sound system! the first singer is the native singer from ardabil and next we had yashila_81 in action!!!!!! he's such a great tenor!!!!!!! and ppl couldn't stop to applaud him!!!! later you see me with the ladies chorus!! it was really a great event!!

thank you so much, dear yashila_81!!!!!!! congrats!!!!!!!!!!


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Tabriz, Iran - 11th February 2014

By: ipuenktchen

hey, everybodyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!
today ipue's guest from paris was so kind to make a *tarte* for us!!!!! yummyyyyyyyyyy... a *tarte des tomates et des herbes provencales*!!!!! ipue was happy to learn this and in the night she studied www.chefkoch.de for more recipes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hopefully we'll often have *TARTES* in future!!!!!!!


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Tabriz, Iran - 17th February 2014

By: ipuenktchen

as well as I'm the youngest of the traveltoys at ipue's today when F.M.Bear should learn about our money and I got sad, didn't let be current about finally ipue taught me the IR-money, too.. and she promised me to give me some pocket-money every month, too, so I'll learn what to do with.. :-))) this is so GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Tehran, Iran - 19th February 2014

By: ipuenktchen

hellooooooooo, guys & gals!!!!!
puuuuuuh.. so often on the road.. again another trip to tehran, our capital!! and this time the highlight was the valentine-invitation of the wife of the DE-ambassador for 120 binational and expat german women living mostly in tehran, also came one from mashhad, esfahan, kerman, kashan, tabriz and from the caspian seaside! a  yummy lunch and nice conversations with many friends - and beside we had also a look at the early spring of tehran!! the residence of DE-ambassador is situated in a large parc and while having a walk there you can really forget all the crowd, the awfull traffic and air pollution around...........

and here smth about st. valentin *smile*

at the last pic you see us at mellat park - we had to do a walk after so much food!!!!!!!!!!



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