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to meet a real ZEBRA!!!

to take part in a postcrossing meetup abroad!!!

to visite any hundertwasser-building EXCEPT UELZEN!!

to meet my cousin CHRISSI vom germany!! TABRIZ, Iran - 10th April 2014 By: ipuenkt

to write a card from every visited country to her mom!! (../??)

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Travelog for: ZIZZI_ZEBRA

TABRIZ, Iran - 16th October 2013

By: ipuenktchen

hi, leutzzzzzzzzzz!!!!!!!
this is really strange...... my siblings are looking so crazy!!!!!!!!!!??!? is there anything wrong????????


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TABRIZ, Germany - 17th October 2013

By: ipuenktchen

hi, leutzzzzzzzz!!!! I was allowed to take part in the kids class today! I heard a lot about before... and really it was FUN!!!!!!!!!

like every time in ipue's kids-german-language-class the first and the last quarter of the 1 1/2 h lesson they are playing games, and like every time they died laughing... and like every time ipue got a headache........ but it's fun!!!!!!! and playing and laughing they are learning german!!!


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Amand, Iran - 18th October 2013

By: ipuenktchen

great weather, great day, great apple-harvest!!!
we went today to another garden and there were soooooo many apple-trees!!!! full of apples, yellow and red, sooooooo many!!!!!!!!!!!
and we were invited to pick them, as much as we need!!!! wow, how generous!!!


first of all ipuenktchen made pictures - what else??  :D :p


her hubby and me, ZIZZI, started to pick up the apples... it was fun!! but my legs weren't long enough to climb into the trees... :-(((((( what a pity!!!!!!! but there had been ppl soooo tall that they didn't need any ladder!!!  :o


did you ever heard about SENJED???????????? It's a sweet powdery dehydrated silver berry also called oleaster fruit, mostly to find in central asia and nearly allover IRAN.


on the terrasse we had a yummy late lunch, and just when we would go back to tabriz, three more cars arrived and more ppl start to pick the apples... so we got busy with tea and pastry looking at them..  :D


while getting dark they served a great stew, and as the weather got cold after sunset, it was nice to warm up our hands and more..
it was a fantastic day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D


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TABRIZ, Iran - 22nd October 2013

By: ipuenktchen

hi, leutz!!! today beautiful weather and another ride downtown!
as I hadn't seen not yet that much from tabriz, I agreed immediately!!

the so called *city* begins up from this bridge at abressani cross road!


later I saw beautiful flowers, looking like red cabbage, haha!!! ipue told me they plant them
every fall and stay sometimes even under the snow!!


then we bought some *yufka*-dough to make some apple strudel to use from these tons of apples
at ipue's home!! I'll show you the pics for sure!!! promised!!!!!

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TABRIZ, Iran - 23rd October 2013

By: ipuenktchen

hi, leutzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!!!!
today I made my very first APPLE STRUDEL in my life!!!!!! and ipue was helping me a bit.... oeeeehm........

pls have a look and you can learn it, too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

first I cut the apples very thin... 


next I mixed sugar & cinnamon and then I washed the raisins! :-))))


then I met a tea towel on the table and a bit flavour on and then the dough and pretty joghurt on and then the apple-mix!!


and then the *fight* began - to wrap it!!!!!!!!!! I got wholes and wholes and wholes, took more dough to close the wholes and finally instead of one lay of dough I used FOUR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! shame on me...


but I won the battle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;-)))))))))))))

and here you can see my *masterpiece* after half an hour in the oven!!! *smile


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TABRIZ, Iran - 24th October 2013

By: ipuenktchen

hi, leutzzzzzzzzzz!!!!

did you ever heard about christians living in IR??? there are a lot and living mostly in urumieh, tabriz, tehran & esfahan!!! so I will show you today a church in tab!!!!


and later we dropped by at an ancient leather factory, registered as a cultural heritage and often used for exhibitions and different courses of art university!!


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TABRIZ, Iran - 25th October 2013

By: ipuenktchen

hi, leutzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!!!!
as there are endless apples at ipue's we have endless apple strudels and apple pies..... ey gosh... is there anybody who has another recipe for us??????????????!?!?!?! here you can see our today's production!!


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TABRIZ, Iran - 27th October 2013

By: ipuenktchen

hi, leutz!!!!!
not that pretty nice weather, but ok.......... and as ipuenktchen had some things to do downtown I hope she ask me to come with her and so she did!!!!


at first like usually at the main post office - where else????!!!?!? she went up to the 6th floor and it was so great to have a bird's-eye-look over tabriz!!!! I didn't understood why she wasn't courageous enough to get the permit to take a pic from there....!!?!?!? what a pity!!

later we went to the famous Blue Mosque, as she promised me days ago.. the khaghani garden was so beautiful with all the fall flowers!! and wooooooow, the mosque beside so impressing!!! built in the middle of the 15th century and destroyed in an earthquake in 18th century, they rebuilt it during the seventies of 20th century and they were just closing the dome when ipue moved to IR in 1976.

pls have a look around:


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TABRIZ, Iran - 28th October 2013

By: ipuenktchen

hi, leutzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!! how great!! yesterday I was allowed to take part in the women's game gathering and it was really fun!!!!!!!!!!! we died laughing all the time!!


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TABRIZ/ KAISERSLAUTERN, IR/ DE - 2nd November 2013

By: ipuenktchen

connected by live-ticker!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
what a great match!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
do you know ipuenktchen is a real follower of 1. FC Kaiserslautern???
she got infected by dear BETZE... hehe.... and she has her fan-shawl and there is a fan-shawl also for us toyvoyagers!!! and it was really fun to follow the match!!!!!!

how exciting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
finally 4:1 won by the devils from K-town!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
CONGRATS@dear BETZE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
hopefully they will be back in bundesliga 1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
they MUST as there are soooo many ppls kept their fingers crossed for them!


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TEHRAN, Iran - 3rd November 2013

By: ipuenktchen

hi, leutzzzzzzzzzzz!!!!!!!
I made it, I made it, I made it!!!! I made it to tehran, the one and only capital of IR!!!! 14 millions inhabitants, what a crowd, what a noise, what a traffic, what a mess, what an air pollution!!!!! but it's beautiful at the same time, I can assure you!!!!!! we heard from radio in the taxi, that it was raining this day in the whole country, but lucky us, it was raining in tehran before our arrival!!!!!!

had you ever seen this funny traffic light manikin from tehran????


normally we don't eat any fast food... but this one is very tasty and always completely fresh!!! and so we did today before entering the bus back to tabriz!! in other case we would stay hungry all the way.. coz we started at 5.30 PM and arrived at home at 2 AM!!!


as ipue and her hubby were so busy all the day and we passed several times the tehran sign *AZADI TOWER* by taxi or bus I couldn't imagine to reach it to see it from nearby and could have a pic, even on a clowdy day like today!!!!?!?


it was designed by a young IR architect and built in 1968!

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TABRIZ, Iran - 6th November 2013

By: ipuenktchen

hi, leutzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!!!!

a ride downtown into bazar was our programme today!!!
nice weather, beautiful fall and the fruits, ey gosh.. soooo yummy still in this season!!!!! I noticed flags in black and green, ipue told me, this is a sign, the mourning months are no longer far and ppl are preparing them for!!


but believe it, the most beautiful fall colours we have in ipue's own yard!!!!!! do you agree??


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TABRIZ, Iran - 9th November 2013

By: ipuenktchen

hey, leutzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!!!!
brrrrrrrrr.... what a weather!!?!?!?!? pretty sunshine is our habitude here, but now???!??!?! ipue told me, they had no rain since may!!! and so ppl are quite happy that it's raining since yesterday.. but not that much....... only a slight rain............ but rain!!! :-))))))

here you can see me in ipue's street.


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Qum Tappeh, kavire azerbaijan, Iran - 13th November 2013

By: ipuenktchen

today yashila_81 and lili_6789 proposed a day out to ipuenktchen & her hubby, and so they did, got up at 7, leaving at 8 AM - first stop at SOFIYAN, we took breakfast at the park; there were nobody else!!!!! it was nice!!!! then we turned to the other side of the road and went into *nowhere*!!!?! it was so interesting, as ipue told me the landscape and nature changed immediately, it seems her like a desert, a salt desert - well, we are not so far from the urmia lake (salt lake) and beside the dam there it looks like here to QUM TAPPEH!!!! and had you ever seen such a plain landscape without any mountains?????????????????? in IR it's soooooooooo rare!!!!!



untill now yashila_81 didn't told anything to them, it should be a surprise... the vegetation got more and more desert-like!! sand everywhere and 1 or 2 kind of special plants, only to be found in deserts... suddenly a crowd of large wild dogs!!!!! they worried about us.. and later some shephards and a large sheep flock!!!!!


it was marchy, too, and for that reason unfortunately we couldn't get clother to the desert, it was too dangerous as they had a lot of rain during the night!! A pity.. some hills with real desert design, made by the wind... as you know from deserts!! later ipue remembered before she had seen photos in an exhibiton from this so called *kavire azerbaidjan*!!! doesn't matter - it was really a nice & unknown landscape!!!!

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AMAND DAM, Iran - 13th November 2013

By: ipuenktchen

then we made a turn to find the AMAND DAM not far from there!!!!!
and we found it very easy!!! perhaps you remember, in AMAND is the garden of one of ipue's hubby's bros - and it was her wish since longtime ago to see the dam, too!!!! a quite little one - and nearly EMPTY after 5 months without any rain!!!!!!!! but it was so beautiful there!! had you ever seen such a sky - great sunny weather, and so many ducks and geese!!!!! waiting to be feed with our bread... hehe....... they came from everywhere when they noticed us!!!!!!!!!





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