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to meet a real ZEBRA!!!

to take part in a postcrossing meetup abroad!!!

to visite any hundertwasser-building EXCEPT UELZEN!!

to meet my cousin CHRISSI vom germany!! TABRIZ, Iran - 10th April 2014 By: ipuenkt

to write a card from every visited country to her mom!! (../??)

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Travelog for: ZIZZI_ZEBRA

KIEL, Germany - 28th July 2013

By: ipuenktchen

today is the happiest day in my life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ipuenktchen entered the hornbach-flea market pretty early on a beautiful sunday morning and decided
to GIVE HOME TO MEEEEEE!!!! rescued MEEEEEEEE from a large carton full of stuffed animals!!!!!
how lucky I am!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


she told me, she's living in iran and after a few days their holidays will be finished and we'll go back to IR - boah, what a chance - I'll have the first flight in my life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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TABRIZ, Iran - 29th July 2013

By: ipuenktchen

exemption from liability - haftungsausschluss

Mit Urteil vom 12. Mai 1998 - 312 O 85/98 - "Haftung für Links"
hat das Landgericht (LG) Hamburg entschieden, dass man durch
das Setzen eines Links die Inhalte der gelinkten Seite ggf.
mitzuverantworten hat. Dies kann - so das LG - nur dadurch
verhindert werden, dass man sich ausdrücklich von diesen
Inhalten distanziert.

Hiermit distanziere ich mich ausdrücklich von dem inhalt der
verlinkten Seiten in diesem meinem blog sowie auch in allen anderen i-net-postings,
die ich, wo immer auch jemals schrieb od noch schreiben werde,
fuer heute, bisher und in alle ewigkeit. *smile* I.M.

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LETTER b. hannover, Germany - 30th July 2013

By: ipuenktchen

:-((((((((((((((((((( no flight....
today ipuenktchen packed a huge carton full of stuff which didn't found place in their suitcases, a very heavy one - finally she sent a parcel of 15 kg overland forward to IR. they told her this will take 40 days or more... ey goshhhhhhhhhhhh... I heard this inside the carton and got really afraid...

see you next.......  :cyclops:

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TABRIZ, Iran - 11th September 2013

By: ipuenktchen

today was the great day I opened my eyes and saw daylight!!!!!!!!!
ipue came to the postoffice to pick up her parcel.. it was too heavy for her and her son2 was with her for helping.. well, for me the parcel was too large and too heavy - I couldn't help her..... :-((

we came home to kuye ferdows, but ipue told me to stay in her room because she has still some guests, who will leave the same afternoon and then she will spend time with me how much I like.......
ok!!! I promised her....

and later we had a great eve, she showed me around, the house, the garden, my place..
and I told myself, how lucky I am!!!!!!!!

and later in the eve she explained me, that I have to hold out a very hard thing, to have a bath in the washing mashine to get clean to stay at home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
well - and so I did!!! and everybody loves me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

:D :p


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TABRIZ, Iran - 12th September 2013

By: ipuenktchen

and leutz, the ordeal was'n finish not yet... nooooo... I had to hold out the clothes-line, too................


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TABRIZ, Iran - 24th September 2013

By: ipuenktchen

and NOW I'm clean and propper to discover the world!!!!

and guys, ipuenktchen gave me a necklace - do you noticed this on my pic?? there is a plate written on *I'm a toyvoyager* and where to call or to give an e-mail in case I got lost.. BUT I NEVER WILL GET LOST!!!!!!!


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TABRIZ, Iran - 29th September 2013

By: ipuenktchen

first of all - as my mom ipuenktchen is a postcrosser - I like to see the postoffice from tabriz!!!! a mailbox... a postman... and so on - whatever is possible of this theme!!! and ipue.. promised me this for today!! so let's be curious, what will happen today......... yeaaaaaaaaah!!!!!!

:D :p

pls stay tuned for a pic!!
she showed me a lot of cards, she prepared before.. and even she had some guests and they also had written view cards for friends and siblings.. so we will bring a lot of cards to send out!! jippieeeeh!!!!!!

me on the mailbox in front of our mainpostoffice!!

me on our mailbox at home!!! (once it belonged to my sis!!)

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TABRIZ, Iran - 1st October 2013

By: ipuenktchen

busy worker!!!! when we went today again to the main postoffice, the mailbox he was working on the day before yesterday was pretty clean!! well done!!! (we should asked him to clean our mailbox, too!!!!)


and I saw also a postman with his motorbike!!! what an interesting job he has!!!
riding a motorbike all the days!!!! lucky him!!!!!!!!


and from there ipue showed me the khaghani garden with the poet's monument in front of the famous blue mosque!! but sorry, we hadn't time enough to enter the blue mosque and I have to wait for another opportunity!! mostly ipue spend time with their sightseeing-sites when she has guests from abroad!!!

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TEHRAN, Iran - 3rd October 2013

By: ipuenktchen

I'm so excited, we passed the night yesterday in a bus and at 8 AM this morning we arrived in tehran. ey gosh, what a crowd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  ipue told me, it 's the capital of IR and has about 14 million inhabitants!!!
pls stay tuned for more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so tired................ see you later.............. 


ipuenktchen told me *first business, then fun!!!!!!!!!* and we went at the famous eye hospital for the monthly injection for ipue's hubby for his eyes... and I catched a glimpse into the op-room where he was waiting for the doctress!!


after a power nap we went to the residence of the ambassador of DE-embassy at upper tehran for taking part at the celebration of the *tag der dt einheit!!* in the afternoon!!


what a crowd, what a huge park!!!!!!!!!! space for everything & everybody!!!! the defilee was endless..... and fun begans!!!


I enjoyed the large flags too much!!!!


at last when a german clowns group had its performance I got so thrilled that I had forgotten to ask
for a pic.... :-(((( but I MUST show them to you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


the same eve we entered at midnight the bus to tab and had been back home again at 8 AM for breakfast!!!! it was a great trip!!!!!!! 


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TABRIZ, Iran - 6th October 2013

By: ipuenktchen

hi, leutzzzzzzzz!!!!!
ipuenktchen had a lot to scan, since before her holidays... and so we went at yasha's & lili's and I was so excited how they live and so on...
their home is also in south-east of tabriz very close to the hills.

here you can see me while scanning cards......

later I got bored and strolled through their home and found LORIS the 2nd at his place together with some cute buddies!!!


when we finished the scanning -  believe it, at 2 AM!!!! lili and yasha were sleeping since hours - we took a glance in the postcrossing forum and were chatting with some of ipue's buddies.. *smile*


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TABRIZ, Iran - 7th October 2013

By: ipuenktchen

we stood the night at yasha's and lili's and in the morning back home at shahgoli Ipuenktchen decided to have a walk together with her hubby in the park around the bassin and I accompanied them!!!


well done!!! a little bit fitness  ;)

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TABRIZ, Iran - 8th October 2013

By: ipuenktchen

hey, leutz, we got lost our beautifull fall-weather - where did it gone??? untill yesterday it was a nice
and soft weather, on WED in teh the big garden-party!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and nowwwwwwwwwwwwww???? 
COLD - COLD -COLD!!!! as cold as in europe everywhere..... and SNOW on sabalan (4.811 m high)!!!!

:o :( :rolleyes:


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TABRIZ, Iran - 11th October 2013

By: ipuenktchen

they had again another wedding today!!!!! boahhh, how many ppl are going to get married
among their siblings!!!!?!??!

later back home from the wedding day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ey gosh, what a huge hotel..... and here you can see me on the wedding car in front of the hotel
in the park beside ipue's!


one of the customs on a wedding ceremony is grinding sugar loaf and sewing on a cloth
over the heads of the bridal couple! young girls and young women are doing this.


and here you can see me, ZIZZI_Zebra, with the sugar loafs :-)))))


good night @ everybody!!!!!!!!!!

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ARDABIL, Iran - 14th October 2013

By: ipuenktchen

this is ZIZZI_Zebra excitedly calling.. ipue told me there is another wedding and we're going to ARDABIL.. how fantastic!! I heard about the world heritage site there and hopefully ipue will find time to show me around!!!! I'm a great fan of world heritage sites!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

but the weather - ey goshhhhhhhhh!!!
tabriz lowest temperature 8 degrees
tabriz highest temperature 22 degrees
no windy weather!!
ardabil lowest temperature 4 degrees
ardabil highest temperature 13 degrees
and a pretty stormy weather!!!!

ardabil is the by far most coldest place of IR!!!!!! all around there they have SNOW since 1 or 2 weeks!!!!! there is the great Mt. SABALAN nearby, the 3rd mountain of IR 4.811 m high!!! and that's why!!!

pls stay tuned - I'll tell you more when back home!! promised!!!!

in the meantime you may study here:
Sheikh Safi al-din Khānegāh and Shrine Ensemble in Ardabil, registered in 2010!!!

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ARDABIL, Iran - 15th October 2013

By: ipuenktchen

back home at noon - and here some pics from my ardabil-adventure!!!!
at first smth to learn, some culture - and later fun!! *smile*



I was so impressed from the great tiles-work at Sheikh Safi al-din Khānegāh and Shrine Ensemble in Ardabil, which we had a look around just after arriving at ardabil, the capital of the province with same name and with about 350.000 in habitants, about 220 km far from tabriz and about 75 km far, but 2000 m higher from the caspian sea!!!!


like other beauties - as ipue told me - in esfahan for instance built by shah esmail I, here you can see his monument!!


and here is the entry of sheikh safi ensemble:


later we had a little walk around and I saw a fruit I hadn't seen before, and ipue told me it's time of pomegranate harvest now!


after a tasty lunch at home we went to the wedding saloon for the women's gathering!!! and I was allowed, too, coz I'm a girl!!!!!!!!!!!! juchuuuuu!! and here I am in the saloon with the beautiful mirror mosaics!!!!


here ipue took a pic of the beautiful sky above the bridal couple and a very little glance at the bride!!!

https://lh6.googleusercontent.com/-yObQwKtnCuI/Ul2rRDBEPvI/AAAAAAAAcs4/XPRXSV8GrUk/s480/IMG_0502_sky.JPG  https://lh4.googleusercontent.com/-USEiS4ailjk/Ul2rTVYtfGI/AAAAAAAActA/PFbGvYz5OZA/s316/IMG_0529_bride.JPG

and as a souvenir of the wedding yashila_81 took a GREAT pic from me!!!!!


we had really a GREAT day there in ardabil together with lili_6789's siblings!!!!!

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