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Travelog for: Euli

Kiel, Germany - 27th September 2013

By: Aluh

Hey!  :)

My name is Euli. I'm a small, cheerful owl.

Here you can see me:


Today I saw something new in our living room. First I was a bit scared, as I'm always a little bit scared at first  :rolleyes:

But I finally made it and I like our new decoration very much! Have a look!


Mommy told me autumn is coming and that there will be some more new decorations the next days. She told me to have a look at the tree infront of our house. I would be able to recognize autumn looking at the leaves. And she was right!
The former green leaves now turn into beautiful yellow - red coloured ones.


After a little flight to the leaves, I sat down on the sofa. Mommy has started to do something. And curious me had to have a closer look! Whooohee. Something to play for me!  :D


Lots of Priority / airmail sticker. Mommy said that she uses them for postcards all around the world, hoping they will arrive sooner. I hope so, too.

After playing hours - well, close to hours! - with the stickers, Mommy asked me if I wanted to help her categorizing her postcards (she is an active member of postcrossing). I - of course - said yes  :)


Now I am tired. Maybe I'll take a nap. Hopefully mom is cooking in the meantime... I am sooo hungry!



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Wrist, Germany - 3rd October 2013

By: Aluh

Hey  :)

The last days we visited my mommy's mom.

We had to drive on the motorway some time. I like driving! It was fun.
I liked all the lights...

On Friday evening mommy and I watched Supernatural. It was sometimes scary but sometimes it was really lots of fun, too! I was happy that I wasn't sleeping alone though...

On Sunday I enjoyed mommy's mom's balcony! It was chilly but sunny outside. I sat there some time. I could see other birds and we chatted a little.

The girlfriend of mommy's brother baked a delicious smelling cake! A cheesecake with raspberry topping. But unfortunately I wasn't allowed to taste it  :( She made it for her colleagues.

That's it for now, take care!  :)

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Kiel, Germany - 3rd October 2013

By: Aluh

Today mommy & I visited the harbour of Kiel.
I had a  look at some big ships, like this one here in the backgound:
Ships are leaving to the Northern Countries, Sverige and Norge, like mommy told me today. Sweden and Norway  :)

On the way back home we stopped at the "Sparkassen Arena", home of the THW Kiel, the handball club of Kiel, which is pretty successfull.
On the left in the background you can see the townhall of Kiel. I like the way it looks!

Take care!

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Kiel, Germany - 4th October 2013

By: Aluh

Hey!  :)

Mom bought some new slippers... I like them very much. I think when you have a look at the picture you will know why!  :D Cute owls on them. But not as cute as I am.  ;) Don't think I'm selfish.. Mommy does say so!


Then I decided to fly around a bit. Mom opened the window and I had a look at the tree in front of our flat. It's getting more and more yellow....

Mommy's boyfriend is writing his thesis in chemistry at the moment. I wanted to know a bit more about what he's doing, I looked at what he wrote, but I understood...nothing :thinking: But that's no problem... I'm a beginner and so mommy told me I could start learning the Periodic Table of the Elements.

Next week I will start my journey. I am sooo exited!

Take care!

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