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Travelog for: Scoop

Kluetz, Germany - 28th January 2013

By: beelicious

Here I'm in Kluetz.

This windmill is a restaurant that I could buy. Can you lend me some money  :p?

This trunk of this tree is amazing!

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Luebeck, Germany - 29th January 2013

By: beelicious

Today I visit the city of Luebeck  (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/L%C3%BCbeck)

Luebeck is know for marzipan.

A famous german novelist  is from here: Thomas Mann (Buddenbrooks).

This is the landmark of Luebeck: the "Holstentor" (Holsten Gate).

The historic part of Luebeck is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.



Behind be the old town.

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Boltenhagen, Germany - 30th January 2013

By: beelicious

Today finally the weather is nice and the sun is shining.

We make a trip the the Baltic Sea by Boltenhagen.

We relax and look at the sea.

This is sea buckthorn. This shrub is typical of the Baltic Sea.

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Schwerin, Germany - 31st January 2013

By: beelicious

Today I visit the State capital of Mecklenburg - Vorpommern Schwerin (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Schwerin).


This is the "Arsenal".

Schwerin has many little lakes.
This is the "Pfaffenteich".


Right is the cathedral of Schwerin.

This is the Schwerin Castle (Parliament of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern).

Here can you see the State museum. Left is the theater.

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Abergele, Wales - 13th July 2013

By: svartberg

Hello! My name is Scoop!


I am somewhat of a seasoned Toy Voyager - I have actually been on a worldwide journey before, all the way back in 2000! I used to write letters and send postcards to Natalie as I travelled from place to place.


This was the first letter I ever sent to her back when I first started my journey! I have travelled to Austria, New York, Turkey and Ibiza amongst others.


This is a photo of me in Austria in 2001, as you can see I have aged very well!

I came back home again in 2005 and have been here ever since, but when Natalie told me about this website I got a sudden urge to start travelling again! I can't wait to see where I will be heading first!

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Chester, England - 14th July 2013

By: svartberg

Natalie went to a gig today, so I decided to sneak along with her in her bag. It didn't take long for her to find me after she got on the train!


We passed a large body of sand and water whilst we were travelling. There were lots of birds about there so I bet there was fish but sadly I was blocked from getting out by the window! Rubbish!


When we got off the train we were in a place called Chester!


We saw a pretty garden next to a hotel on the way to the venue, it was blocked by a gate but we were still able to look inside.


We also passed a river. Sometimes there are boats/narrowboats on there but not today.


I wanted to see more of Chester because it looked really pretty but Natalie was in a hurry to get there for when the doors opened. When we got inside, she got herself a pint of cider and she wouldn't even let me have one sip, talk about rude. She said it would go straight to my head, pffft.


The gig was really good too! It was only in a small room with not a lot of people but it was still a lot of fun! My ears were ringing by the end (I'm not used to such noise, so after the first band I retreated to the bag again!) but I would love to go to another gig in the future!


Tomorrow I will start properly travelling again, I am going to be travelling to Italy to stay with goldmoon and I am so excited!!!

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Castenaso, Italy - 25th July 2013

By: goldmoon

I finally arrived in Italy, in a little place called Castenaso!!
I pleasantly realized that I arrived together with a little wolf called Hemming  :D

01_Scoop e Hemming.jpg

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Castenaso, Italy - 25th July 2013

By: goldmoon

Oh my God, who is there?? Oh, she's the cat of my host, Winky.
She were looking at me from distance, but then she came near to better know me


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Castenaso, Italy - 25th July 2013

By: goldmoon

first day in Italy. We are helping goldmoon in throw away old computer no more working. At the end of the day we were really fatigued!!


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Castenaso, Italy - 26th July 2013

By: goldmoon

finally it's friday!!!
this evening we are eating hamburger with smiling potatoes....
Do pelicans eat hamburger? Well, I don't know... I think I will eat only the potateos !!

05_Scoop e Hemming.jpg

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Zola Predosa, Italy - 27th July 2013

By: goldmoon

It's Saturday !! It's too much hot to go outside, so we are making a puzzle.

2013_07_27 _scoop puzzle.JPG

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Rastignano, Italy - 27th July 2013

By: goldmoon

Goldmoon's boyfriend invited us to a Chinese restaurant that she was curious to try. We could eat everything we want and pay a fixed price. It was great. We ate really a lot!!  :p

2013_07_27_cena cinese.JPG
2013_07_27_cena cinese2.jpg

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Bologna, Italy - 27th July 2013

By: goldmoon

After dinner, we saw the Sanctuary of the Madonna of San Luca.
It is a basilica church sited over "Colle della Guardia", in a forested hill about 300 metres above the city.
It is the first monument that Bolognese people see when they are coming home driving the motorway. When they see this Sanctuary, they finally feel to be close to home :)
It is also possible to reach the sanctuary walking along a 3.5 km monumental roofed arcade (Portico di San Luca) consisting of 666 arches, which was built in 1674-1793. We also see some of these arches :) part of the arcade is restructuring.
The Sanctuary houses a miraculous icon of the Virgin Mary. In 1433, the spring was extremely rainy, threatening to ruin the harvest. To avoid the prospect of a famine, the lawyer Accarisi promoted the descent of the icon of the Madonna and Child (attributed to St. Luke) toask her the grace for the end of the rains. When the icon entered the city on July 5, the rain stopped. There was  a big party with a procession of three days to the city, then they accompanied the image to the sanctuary. Since then, as urban vote, these celebrations are repeated every year (in May).

2013_07_27_scoop san luca.JPG
2013_07_27_scoop portico.JPG

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Castenaso, Italy - 28th July 2013

By: goldmoon

Sunday of hobbies :)
We helped goldmoon to paint an old dresser.
And for dinner: real Italian pizza !!!

2013_07_28_scoop pittura.JPG

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Castenaso, Italy - 30th July 2013

By: goldmoon

Hi mum. What an exciting day today!!
Goldmoon take us with her during her voluntary work this afternoon :D
This is why you see me inside an ambulance!! We helped people who can't move to be trasferred from hospital to hospital or from hospital to home :)

2013_07_30_scoop ambulanza.jpg
2013_07_30_scoop ambulanza 2.jpg

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