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Travelog for: F. M. Baer

vadstena, sweden - 11th June 2013

By: turtles

Hello from Sweden <3

Today mom, dad, 10C and I arrived at Sweden.

We took the Öresund Bridge from Copenhagen to Malmo - it is a wonderful feeling to drive over this great bridge:


We drove highway E4 to the north and after a delicate lunch in Ljungby we reached the Lake Vättern:


This lake my dad wants to circuit next Friday together with 20.000 other crazy cyclists. Oh-oh....

We arrived at Vadstena Camping, a nice place at the lake. We parked our camper and mom and i explored Vadstena by bicycle.

Here you can see me at the drawbridge to the castle:


and this is the beautiful Vadstena Castle, built in 1545:


After a rest at the castle we drove back to our camper along the lakeside.

I slept very well this night.

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Lake Tåkern, Sweden - 12th June 2013

By: turtles

Today was a sunny morning, only a little bit cold, said my mom - I didn't agree ;)

Dad relaxed at the camper and mom and I started for a little bicycle excursion. We saw a lot of these beautiful red wodden houses, which are typical for Sweden:


and these wonderful alley:


Then we arrived at Lake Tåkern. A lot of wild birds live here. And last year the Naturum (=Information Center) was dedicated. Visitors get a lot of facts about the lake and the birds there.

In front of the Naturum is a nice resting place:


Look at the big bird's eggs! I don't want to meet the bird, which has laid these eggs!

And this is the Naturum:


The lake is located behind the building.

After buying some postcards (roll eyes) we looked at the interesting informations.


hmmmmm - what a nice green thing - i think it lives in the lake.


And these bird gave me a lot of advice for a better look. What did he think? I'm a very handsome bear.


Oups! The birds at the lake are closer then thought....

May i introduce: Nils Holgersson


After a little break (for writing postcards - *roll eyes*) and a walk at the lake we started to the next sight: The Rök Runestone


It is located near the church of Rök and mom and I lay in the grass in front of the church and looked at the clouds in the sky...dreaming


The day was away too fast, i think.

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Gränna, Sweden - 13th June 2013

By: turtles

A bad weather day ... but i had a lot of fun during visiting Gränna.

First i took a cup of coffee at Fiket's


and had a look at the interesting old fotos at the wall:


I enjoyed this old-fashioned and cozy cafe - and the sweet tasted very good too.

Gränna is known for its red and white polkagris stick candy, also known as peppermint rock. So i visited a store which sells this candy:


and bought a polkagris stick for Mondkind


These look very good and tast minty.

The red and white sticks are the classic polkagris, but there are a lot of variety of shapes, sizes, and colors now:


Very interesting, but i have to go to Motala now....see you :)

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Baltic Sea, Germany - 21st July 2013

By: turtles

It is Sunday today - and finally a wonderful sunny summer day.

So turtles and i decided to make a excursion along the coast of the Baltic Sea from Kühlungsborn to Graal-Müritz. Turtles says, it is one of the most beautiful places on earth...

We started early in the morning in Kühlungsborn and saw a lot of boats at the port:


Near the station Heiligendamm i met the "Molli", a steam-powered railway in Mecklenburg:


This is one of the passages to the beach in between Heiligendamm and Börgerende. The silver looking plant is seabuckthorn:


We met a lot of other cyclists on the way:


In Warnemünde we took the ferry from the city center to the district "Hohe Düne". We saw a big cruiser:


The beach at Graal-Müritz. We are not alone, as you can see, but we found a little place for our beach towel:


Turtles went swimming and i shared a "Buhne" (=groyne) with a friendly seagull:


After swimming we did some sunbathing. I built a sun protection with turtles cap:


This is the way along the beach. Earlier in the year bloomed the dog roses and it looks very beautiful says turtles:


We started our way back through a wonderful shady forrest:


And looked at the old harbour in Warnemünde:


A last beautiful forrest, called Ghost Wood near Nienhagen:


We reached Kühlungsborn at 6 P.M. and turtles drove us back to Lübeck in her car very quickly. That was a great day for me. I enjoyed the trip very much.

See you soon - i hope :D

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Lübeck, Germany - 26th July 2013

By: turtles

Time to say goodbye ....

https://lh5.googleusercontent.com/-309mtnegWJo/UfKfiCm6CII/AAAAAAAAHkE/AGootoC-Eig/s288/FMBaer_054.JPG  https://lh6.googleusercontent.com/-XUdu-8mN4rU/UfKfbjCFSNI/AAAAAAAAHj0/V3pW98mo364/s288/FMBaer_055.JPG  https://lh6.googleusercontent.com/-Qfq362ZFv3Q/UfKfgECboiI/AAAAAAAAHj8/QMSM9shWo2A/s288/FMBaer_056.JPG

Tomorrow i start a big journey. Thats why i have to say goodbye to my best friend 10C, George and Georgina and Wuschel.
Especially 10C was a little bit sad and gave me a big "Good-Bye-Hug", but i promise to write many postcards to him.

See you soon :D

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Hannover, Germany - 27th July 2013

By: turtles

Today turtles was very excited. She made me a Bandana, because it shall be sunny and hot this day. Where will we go?

First we drove to Hamburg and met with mondkind and her son and Possy & Crossy. How nice! Possy and Crossy had a lot to report and Nicole looked very happy.

We took place in front of the car and turtles gave us a booklet of Robbie Williams. And then she showed us tickets! We will meet Robbie Williams for a concert in Hannover! Yeah! Rock 'n Roll!

I started immeditely learning lyrics, but P & C started dancing:


We left mondkinds son at her nice auntie and did the last meters by train. In front of the stadium we found this beautiful poster:


Because we were very early, we got fan zone bracelets from the security people. Mondkind and turtles were enthusiastic and we went to the park and sat down under a tree...and waited...and waited...and waited.

Then we could enter the stadium. At the entrance were a lot of people:




During the concert the whole place (which is empty at this moment) was full of people! And we were near the stage :D

After a long time of waiting (with some rain...), the show started with Olly Murs, who did a great job!


And then HE came - the one and only Mr. Robbie Williams:



Can you imagine, how close to the stage i was? Wow!!! I saw everything! And P & C had a lot of fun too. I heard they screaming ;)

After the concert, which was too short, we took a drink in a beer garden. And i needed a shower, because i was whiffy.

What a wonderful day! Thank you Mr. Williams for entertaining us!

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Kiel, Germany - 27th July 2013

By: turtles

Today i have to say goodbye to turtles. She will take me and P & C to Ipuenktchen. And next week we will do a big journey. I'm excited.

Turtles asked us, to make a last photo for mondkind, but P & C was so jittery, that they couldn't keep still.


Please hold the line - i'll be back soon :D

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schoenkirchen b. KIEL, Germany - 28th July 2013

By: ipuenktchen

hi. leutz, today on her way back home from the concert in hannover via hamburg turtles reached the beautiful little village schoenkirchen, where she met IPUENKTCHEN!!!!! it was hard to say goodbye to my beloved mom, but Possy & Crossy are with me, and we got great buddies during all this time together at turtles'!!!!!!!!!!!!!

so I'm very curious now to see IRAN!!! but not yet!!!!!!!!!!!!!
but ipue told us, we'll leave KIEL tomorrow ahead to hannover, to stay there a few days to arrange all her luggage and then going to hamburg to reach the plane to tehran.... and also she told me, teh has 40 degrees... oh my god, and I forgot to take my bandana with me.......

:) :o

and just on my first pic with ipue you may understand why she gave me her special nickname: *MASCHI KLAPP-OHR* - strange, isn't she????!?!!!!!!?!?!

fmbaer und pc back home.jpg

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KIEL, Germany - 29th July 2013

By: ipuenktchen

hi leutz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
we are leaving kiel.......... here we say goodbye to the *hoern*!!

IMG_7553 (Medium).JPG

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HAMBURG-Dammtor, Germany - 29th July 2013

By: ipuenktchen

hi, leutz - again news from our trip ahead to hannover........
here you see pics from HAMBURG... ipue saw her beloved HH on this holiday-trip only from the train.... poor ipue.....

:rolleyes: :thinking:

but better than nothing......

IMG_7560 (Medium).JPG
IMG_7566 (Medium).JPG

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HAMBURG-Hbf, Germany - 29th July 2013

By: ipuenktchen

and here we reached Hamburg - some impressions from the trains...

- lombardsbruecke
- main station
- deichtorhallen
- spiegel-verlagsgebaeude
- elbbruecken

IMG_7568 (Medium).JPG
IMG_7570 (Medium).JPG
IMG_7573 (Medium).JPG
IMG_7574 (Medium).JPG
IMG_7576 (Medium).JPG
IMG_7576 (Medium).JPG
IMG_7581 (Medium).JPG

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UELZEN, Germany - 29th July 2013

By: ipuenktchen

hi, leutz... and here the famous & beautiful HUNDERTWASSER-Bahnhof in uelzen on our way to hannover...........

IMG_7582 (Medium).JPG
IMG_7586 (Medium).JPG
IMG_7588 (Medium).JPG

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Hannover, Germany - 31st July 2013

By: ipuenktchen

ey gosh - today I had my first ride downtown hannover at the occasion of the famous MASCHSEEFEST 2013!!!! and it was soooo great!! what a crowd, it seems ppl like to go out here a lot!! and not only on weekend, but also during the week!! we had so much fun with ipue and her hubby and friends!!!!!! btw it was nice to have my shawl, because it was a bit cold beside the lake.....

we only reached to take ONE photos with each of us....
better than nothing................... :-)))))))))))))))))))))))
it was at the monument *menschenpaar*, during the *third reich*...
made by georg kolbe in 1939.

IMG_7630a (Medium).JPG

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Hannover, Germany - 2nd August 2013

By: ipuenktchen

last ride downtown before leaving germany!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
such an awfull HOT weather, hannover 34 degrees, but in fact I felt more..... it was sooooooooo awfull... (believe it, ipue told me, they have only 31 degrees at her 2nd hometown tabriz now!!!!!!!!!!)

we went to an ancient graveyard to say goodbye to ipue's mom.. :-((( and again smth to do at a bank office.. and some little things to bye again... and a last *bratwurst* and and and.... and at last she show me one of her favorite views, the *anzeiger-hochhaus*, the only building survived from WWII...... with a beautiful artistic stop of the tram in front!!!!!!!!

leutz, I'm so curious and cannot wait anymore what will happen the next days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!??!?!?!!??? dear, dear mom KROETE, as well as I miss you up from now, but it's so amazing we'll start very soon for my great oriental adventure!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

IMG_7783 (Medium).JPG

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Letter, Germany - 3rd August 2013

By: ipuenktchen

uiiiiiiiih, I wasn't ready to have such a nice event, when ipue told us to go out, just in the same street of our host!!!! the annually *Letter-Museumsfest*with some interesting things to get familar with!!!!!?!

first we saw the letter-ladies with their amazing hobby *KLOEPPELN*!!



and next we got information about middle-european mushrooms!!!!


finally a hunter-chor and a cute lady with a hurdy-gurdy were cheering up the visitors!!!!


btw I was really trembling in the arms of the orang-utan... ey gosh............ but it was nice to have a goodbye-pic all we four traveltoys together!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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