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Travelog for: _PAULI_

Wisconsin Point, USA - 26th October 2013

By: sannah

Hi Mom!
As you know, fall is here. Last week, we have even had the first snowflakes! So we decided to go a maybe last road trip before we can expect larger amounts of snowfall. 

Our destination: Duluth, MN and Superior, WI – the uttermost southwest corner of Lake Superior.  We wanted to go as close to the shore as possible.


But I did certainly not expect a real sandy beach!

The sand is a little reddish brown because of the high percentage of iron in sand and rocks here.

This lighthouse, Wisconsin Point, marks the entry to the Superior harbor. It was very windy, but we enjoyed the beach!


More adventures from the north shore will follow soon.
Bye for now, Pauli

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SS Meteor, USA - 26th October 2013

By: sannah

Hi Mom!
After going to the beach, sannah and her husband needed a cup of hot coffee. But then, we went to the only attraction (as sannah-man said) of Superior, WI: The SS Meteor.


It is the sole surviving ship of the "whaleback" design, built where it is now, in Superior, Wisconsin. This design enabled her to carry a maximum amount of cargo with a minimum of draft. But now the SS Meteor is only a museum ship – a very long one!


As the season was already over, we could not go in – the museum was closed for the season. Additionally, it was already getting dark. So I took a last quick picture on a huge bell …


.. and then we headed back to the hotel.

Bye for now,

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Duluth, MN, USA - 27th October 2013

By: sannah

Hi there!
I really like the ocean feeling in Duluth – it reminds me of Hamburg, you know … The “real ocean” is a little (or a lot) away, but the feeling is pretty close. Here in the Midwest, it actually is the closest thing to an ocean ...

The weather was on our side again and we explored the Canal Park district of Duluth and the Lakefront Walk along Lake Superior.

But first of all, we saw the best known icon of Duluth, the Aerial Bridge. It connects downtown with a small strip of land called Minnesota Point.


This lighthouse marks the entry to Duluth Harbor.


And this shows how Duluth rises from the shore upwards along one of the main roads.


We had a last look back to the harbor entry before we left.


Did you get some "ocean feelings", too?


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Zumbrota, Minnesota, USA - 2nd November 2013

By: sannah

Hi there!

Today, we stopped in Zumbrota, Minnesota. Doesn't that sound funny? Say it twice or three times in a row! *giggel* It is a very small town about half an hour northwest of Rochester.

Therefore, there wasn't that much to see, except for the reason we came: A covered bridge, the only one left in the state. Here it is:


It hasn’t always been where it is now, it was transferred here in order to be put on display.

We entered the bridge and had a look through one of the tiny windows upon the small creek running below.


And then we also admired the carpentry – it nearly is a craft!


Luckily, we were just walking over the bridge … No fine to pay!


Wonder where I was going that day? Wait and see!

All the best,

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Frontenac State Park, USA - 2nd November 2013

By: sannah

Hi there!

Our destination for the day was another state park. I hope you don’t get bored with them! We went to another one at the great Mississippi River, Frontenac State Park.

At first we all together learnt something about the State Park itself. This picture was taken from donated ground – the former owner wanted everybody to be able to enjoy this view.


The peak of fall colors has been in Rochester several days ago, but here high above the river nature was a little more protected.


As seen before: On the other side is Wisconsin! :)


The mighty Mississippi River ...


Impressive, isn't it?

All the best,

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sannah's apartment, USA - 23rd November 2013

By: sannah

Mom, today I could not believe my eyes when I looked out of the window of our room!
It is so cold outside that the Zumbro River is partly covered with a thin layer of ice!


What looks like stones in the river actually are ducks ... Remember they were swimming against the current like crazy? Well, they still do, but now staying warm is most likely also important for them ...


I hope the temperatures will be back to normal later ...

Freezing greetings ...

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Around Silver Lake, USA - 30th November 2013

By: sannah

Hi there!

Rochester has changed a lot in November! Compared to the fall colors that we’ve seen at the Mississippi River at the beginning of the month, it is all winter-ish now. And it is much colder, but the sun still shows up from time to time.

Like today, when we went for a walk around Silver Lake – a dammed up part of the Zumbro River within walking distance from sannah’s place.

Due to the temperatures far below the freezing mark in the past days (and around it today), most of the lake is frozen, but not open to the public for skating (yet). This monument reminds of the dangers of not completely frozen lakes.


When walking around the lake, I had an idea where the name SILVER lake comes from … Don’t you agree, Mom? The colors tend to make the whole area a little surreal with the metallic touch because of the evening sun reflecting on the ice.


But know it is time to meet the inofficial owners of the lake – hello, Canada Geese! A lot of them stay in Rochester over the winter because Silver Lake never freezes completely because of waste water … Here they are meeting on the lake - and "talking" ... LOUDLY!


We went closer ...


sannah did not allow me to get closer on my own, she was afraid I might be bitten or even eaten - this is the closest I got to a few of them!


But I really enjoyed the time here ... Have a last look on the lake - isn't this old stone bridge beautiful?


All the best from freezing cold Minnesota!
Yours, Pauli

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Airport MSP, USA - 23rd December 2013

By: sannah

Hi Mom!

I am coming home because I missed you all so much!

But luckily I do not have to travel in an envelope for long, I traveled with sannah by plane over the Atlantic!

We boarded at Minneapolis Airport (MSP for short) and I enjoyed looking out of the window while we started. It was very grey that day, but however, I want to share my expressions with you!

We were already seated and ready to go, but others needed time. Therefore I looked through the windows really carefully.

We were waiting at the gate ...


... when I saw a large airplane take off in a distance!


And a man came in this cage ...


... in order to clean or maybe even defrost the wings and their steering parts with a huge and fancy spray lance.


But very soon it was time for us to take off!

At first, we were just rolling very fast.


But soon enough, the world became a miniature one.


We saw big white patches: lakes covered with ice and snow.


The skyline of downtown Minneapolis was directly visible under us!


But only several seconds later, we could barely look through the cloud cover.


And an hour afterwards, it was dark for the rest of the flight. I was still asleep when we passed Great Britain where there was less cloud cover and the street lights told you where cities are.

But sannah said that I was lucky to miss the rough landing in Amsterdam which was caused by strong winds and not much of a pleasure unless you like to ride rollercoasters.

I'll be with you at the end of the year!

Hoping to see you soon,

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Northern Germany, Germany - 30th December 2013

By: sannah

Hi Mom!

It is time for me to come home! I already went most of the way and am in Northern Germany now.

All the best,



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