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Travelog for: Lillepuss

Villingen-Schwenningen, Germany - 25th May 2013

By: Biggi

Hello world

I'm a shy Lion, but I do have a smart brain and a big heart. I love to be outside. It doesn't matter if countryside or little backyard, as long I can sniff a good breath of fresh air. When I can't be outside, I like cooking and baking. (But I don't like to tidy up after cooking or baking)

I love the lily of the valley in Moms garden.

uh, there was a strage noise! Better hiding in the wine.

After a while I felt safe so I want to show you those lovely apple blossoms:

And those lilac flowers of which I don't remember the name.


This is my sister Dotti Scottihttp://img5.fotos-hochladen.net/uploads/hpim2909thc2lne97j.jpg

Here I am with my siblings and Fimbo Fimble

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Towcesetr, Northamptonshire, UK - 17th June 2013

By: JemmaJ

Hello Mum,

I have arrived safely! I am glad to be out of the envelope. I did not like being in there.

I have arrived at the home of Jemma; my host mum. She is lovely. She greeted me with some other TVs - Mr. Munchy and MimiHopps

They all looked happy to see me!

IMG_0657 (Small).JPG
IMG_0658 (Small).JPG

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Towcester, Northamptonshire, UK - 19th June 2013

By: JemmaJ

Today Jemma asked if we would all help her with some posting. It was okay; pieces of card with faces on them, she was posting them to Australia.

Also it was MimiHopps's last day; so Mr. Munchy and I helped her get it into her envelope. I think she will be okay.

IMG_0661 (Small).JPG
IMG_0662 (Small).JPG

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Towcester, Northamptonshire, UK - 20th June 2013

By: JemmaJ

Today has already been really busy!

Another TV arrived in the post - Stripes from Jasper

It was all exciting! Then we all helped Jemma bag her BookCrossing books ready for our trip out tonight.

We are going to the Forest with her Guides (hopefully she will explain what they are later...)

IMG_0670 (Small).JPG
IMG_0672 (Small).JPG
IMG_0673 (Small).JPG
IMG_0674 (Small).JPG
IMG_0671 (Small).JPG

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Towcester, UK - 28th June 2013

By: JemmaJ

Well; we are all going on an adverture tomorrow. We all asked if we could help book everything - you have to love doing every day things!

Here we are looking at the website of where we are visiting.

Google maps is showing us where we are going.

We are going to "BSL Pride Day - Party in the Park"; it is in London. There are going to be a lot of Deaf people there.

This is the map of where the Party in the Park will happen. We will need to get a train there.

We helped Jemma book our train tickets; we will need to use a device called the Tube. So we will need to see what she is talking about.

This is a map of the Tube; it is a train that goes underground. Hopefully it will not be to dark!

If we have time; Jemma will take us to another place which is near to the Party.

IMG_0694 (Small).JPG
IMG_0695 (Small).JPG
IMG_0698 (Small).JPG
IMG_0699 (Small).JPG
IMG_0700 (Small).JPG
IMG_0701 (Small).JPG
IMG_0702 (Small).JPG

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London, UK - 29th June 2013

By: JemmaJ

Hey mum; look where we've all been at.... London!

It was very sunny so Jemma tried to put us all in the shade. Look out her bananas changed in the weather! Jemma moved the bananas before [tv]Mr. Munchy[/tv[ could eat them!

The second place we went to was...Buckingham Palace! People did look at Jemma strangely! There were many people taking photos of the Queen's house.

To make up for us all missing the Forest Trip the other week, Jemma took us to the national headquarters of Girlguiding UK. Jemma had to put us all on her bag to be seen in the pictures...

What do you think?

IMG_0708 (Small).JPG
IMG_0711 (Small).JPG
IMG_0712 (Small).JPG
IMG_0713 (Small).JPG

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Towcester, Northamptonshire, UK - 3rd August 2013

By: JemmaJ

Today a new arrival came to stay with us...Arthur is his name! We all greeted him as he came out of his envelope!


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Potterspury Car Boot, UK - 4th August 2013

By: JemmaJ

Today all of us went to a car boot sale; Jemma tries to go every week. We stayed in the car as people wanted to buy us!

We tried to confuse Jemma by moving around the car while we were waiting to park the car. Hopefully the weather will stay fine; as none of us want to get wet!

ezimba (1) (1).jpg
ezimba (1).jpg

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Towcester, Northamptonshire, UK - 6th October 2013

By: JemmaJ

Well it is now time for Arthur to head back to Germany; He is not gong home but to Svea. He hugged his fellow TVs goodbye and took his place within the envelope. Hopefully his journey will be quick...

The images are on Jemma's ToyVoyagers blog - http://toyvoyagersadventures.blogspot.com/2013/10/another-goodbye.html - she cannot upload the images here at the moment

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Towcester, Northamptonshire, UK - 13th October 2013

By: JemmaJ

The weather here is horrid; so Jemma has been teaching us how to knit. She is knitting little hats to go on bottles; they will be raising money to help older people here in the UK.

Popandopula, Takumi and myself read the instructions and had a go ourselves. I found it a little hard.

Jemma even let us wear the hats when we had finished them all!


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Towcester, UK - 29th January 2015

By: JemmaJ

As the site has been down; I have been spending my time with JemmaJ and Takumi. Jemma has been letting me stay at her home while she was trying to contact my owner. However; nothing has happened!

Jemma has told me that she PM my owner again and see what will happen.

Lavender Bear came home while the site was down; we have all been handing out while Jemma has been at work.

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Towcester, UK - 3rd February 2015

By: JemmaJ

Yesterday Jemma heard from home and they wish for me to return. Jemma is happier now as I think she was starting to worry.

Today we helped Jemma with her letters to her pen pals before it was time for my to head home back to Germany.

I am glad that Jemma is all better now and that she got in contact with home. I am looking forward to going home.

Here is a picture of Lavender Bear, Takumi and myself helping Jemma with her letter.

Having a hug goodbye!

Off I go!

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