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celebrate a chinese new year.

celebrate a carnival (in Rio or elswhere)

celebrate a spooky halloween

celebrate my birthday with a host

celebrate christmas

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Travelog for: Scotti

Villingen-Schwenningen, Germany - 25th May 2013

By: Biggi

I'm a little Tiger, approximately 15 cm from head to toe, but I have a biiiig heart. I love meeting new people, making friends with TVs and pets. And with my bowtie I'm perfectly dressed for all occasions.

Today I climbed the appletree, so I could watch the blossoms closely.

Later I played hide and seek with my siblings. Can you see me?

Here I am with my siblings and Fimbo Fimble

Do you have also Flowers to show me?

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Äänekoski, Finland - 17th June 2013

By: Fendi

Hi Mom!
Today I arrived in Finland! The weather is rainy today, so we are just staying inside. Right away when I came out my envelope, I met my new friend, a little hippo named NiliHH.
On the weekend we will go to summer cottage to celebrate Midsummer! I can't wait.. I hope the weather is much better than today.

Lots of greetings!
Scotti : )


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Äänekoski, Finland - 25th August 2013

By: Fendi

Hey Mom!
Long time no see! My host mom has been very busy with other things so we haven't visited in any interesting places. But today we went out for a walk! Today here in Finland the weather has been really beautiful.
On the next weekend my host mom will move to Joensuu so perhaps the next update is from new city!

I wish you all the best! :)
Love, Scotti


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