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Travelog for: Niels

At home, Lower Saxony, Germany - 17th May 2013

By: TimeGypsy

my name is Niels. I'm a hippopotamus. I live in a small village in Lower Saxony, in the wonderful 'Solling' ("Forest of the Year" 2013). It's very pretty here. But there must be more beautiful places in the world, right? Therefore, I would like to travel around the world to find these places. I think that will be fun.  :D

That's me. (Taking a "snow bath".)


Me and my friends Birdie and Hoppla.



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Reiherbachtal, Lower Saxony, Germany - 17th May 2013

By: TimeGypsy

Today TimeGypsy has taken me and my friend Birdie on a trip to the ponies. TG is there twice a week. She is a member of a group that is called "horses and nature". She told me that sometimes they go with the ponies in retirement homes and nursery schools.

In the "Reiherbach-Valley" there are even some "Wild Horses" (Exmoor ponies) and descendants of the aurochs (Heck cattle). They are part of a nature protection and landscape conservation project. But I have not seen any of them.




I picked a flower for TG.

The time flew by and we had to return home.


That's it for today.
Bye, Niels

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At home, Lower Saxony, Germany - 18th May 2013

By: TimeGypsy

Today is a very rainy day. So I'm sitting at home, enjoying a cup of hot tea and read some books. (My mommy TG has a lot of different teas and books. I like that.  :D )

At the moment I'm reading mainly dictionaries to be optimally prepared for my travels.




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At home, Lower Saxony, Germany - 31st May 2013

By: TimeGypsy

Rain, rain, nothing but rain. It's been raining for days. And it's cold.

The water level of the rivers and streams is partly already dangerously high. I'm a hippo, but that's even too wet for me. A little bit more sunshine would be great.


But there are beautiful things too. The flowers look great with all these raindrops on them.


In the evening, the cat and I still had a little talk about what it's like in the big wide world.
However, he preferred the dry, warm apartment.


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Reiherbachtal, Lower Saxony, Germany - 18th June 2013

By: TimeGypsy

Hi  :D

Another day at TG's "horses and nature" group. It was a lovely summer day.
Here are a few impressions of the day.
bye, Niels

Mommy, are you sure that this are ponies? :thinking:

Cause they are pretty big, don't they?

Me on one of the ponies.

It's so fluffy...

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At home, Lower Saxony, Germany - 22nd June 2013

By: TimeGypsy

today I've made a trip to the city with my Mommy.  We went by bicycle.


Um ... Civilization - where are you?  :thinking:


Yeah, welcome back to civilization...


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At home, Lower Saxony, Germany - 22nd June 2013

By: TimeGypsy

and back home...



A short stop at this beautiful creek.

Are you sure this is the right way, Mommy?

Back home I ate a big piece of Galia melon. That did really well on this hot day.


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Dinosaur Park Münchehagen, Germany - 29th June 2013

By: TimeGypsy

Hello there!  :D

Today was my first trip without Mommy. I was so excited! A friend of hers took me on a trip to a dinosaur park. They told me that dinosaurs are still much larger animals than horses. (But luckily they are extinct.)

In the park there were many life sized dinosaur reconstructions. It was amazing!  B)

I played with one of them a bit.

Help! He wants to eat me!

That looks really dangerous, right? But don't worry Mommy, nothing happened to me. He was a good boy.  ;)

That was a wonderful day.


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At home, Lower Saxony - 1st January 2014

By: TimeGypsy

Hi there!  :D

So, 2013 is over now. What a year...

Here are a last picture of 2013 and the first of 2014.  ;)

December 31, 2013 - Sylvester. Me, Birdie and Little Wizard.
The weather looks more like September or October. Sunshine, everything is green and glows in the sunshine, the trees are still full of apples. This is totally crazy. Where is the snow?



bye for now,
Niels & Little Wizard

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