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Travelog for: Anna Pineapple

Rochester, MN, USA - 22nd May 2014

By: sannah

Hi Mom!

You have seen so many snowy pictures from Rochester, so I wanted to prove that spring had actually arrived in Minnesota before my departure back to Germany.

And what better way to do so and say goodbye to Rochester than with a bike ride?

As you can see, the grass is almost supernaturally green along Bear Creek.


We got a glimpse over Downtown Rochester in the distance.


Our bike ride brought us to Quarry Hill Park.


Then we passed this nice little lake close to the University Center at the east side of town.


And completed the circle in Slatterly Park. The trees were still blossoming a bit.


I really enjoyed my stay here with sannah. She took me to so many beautiful places. What was your favorite one? I cannot decide …

Looking forward to being in Germany soon!
Love, Anna

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Main Post Office, Rochester, MN, USA - 23rd May 2014

By: sannah

Hi Mom!

Today I packed my things and left the USA, heading back to Germany for more adventures with Fram. sannah has met her and ensured me that a nice person is expecting me.

I hope the travel won't take too long!

See you soon?!
Love, Anna


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near Nürnberg, Germany - 23rd June 2014

By: Fram


more than 4 weeks I've been arrested at an envelope together with some sweets. Today it seems like I have arrived somewhere, so hopefully I'll be freed from the envelope, soon ....

Ah, there is someone. I can see someone, but who is it? O.K there seems to be another toyvoyager that welcomes me. It's Quacky-King .... He told me that there are many toys living at his family, but he is the only toyvoyager with a blog. Some others travel with him when he is on tour with his family. So I'm so exited what adventures are waiting for me .... 


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