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Travelog for: Matcha

Porkkala, Finland -

By: Eohippus

Hyvää Kekriä, äiti!  ;)

Kekri is the traditional finnish celebration of the last day of October.
It is related to the celtic samhain and more modern Halloween.

The Kekri was the end of the work-year, when all the harvest was done, the animals were slaughtered, the berries and mushrooms were
collected, and the larders were full.
So there was more food than any other time of the year, and a good
reason to celebrate.  :)

We went for a trip into the Porkkala area,
and on our way there Henna told us that the harvest celebration was just half of the Kekri.
The Kekri was also the last possibility to celebrate for a long time,
since the whole month of November is a month of the dead.
Even the finnish name for November (Marraskuu) means "The month of death".

Tuli told me that during the whole November the dead people are on the move, visiting their old homes and
keeping an eye on their descendants.
They were served food and the sauna was heated fro them throughout
the whole month, and the living people had to behave in a very
subdued manner and keep up their best behavior and manners.

So, in Kekri people were drinking and dancing and uhm, doing certain
fertility rites.  :rolleyes:

I must say after hearing all that talk about
spirits moving upon earth made me feel a bit creepy.
I was watching behind my back more than usually, but didn´t see
anything.  :)

It was a beautiful, lightly misty day,
and the sea looked beautifully grey. :)

We made up a fire and heated some glögi
over it.  :)
That is a warm drink the finns like to have in winter.
It is a bit similar than the german glüchwine.  :)

It tasted good and felt great!  :)


Then we walked round the forest collecting herbs
for a magical potion.  ;)

While collecting, we hummed a secret
toyvoyager chant we have to chant when collecting herbs for
Kekri potion.
I´m sorry I can´t tell you more, it´s a toyvoyager thing!  ;)

When we were loaded with various herbs,
we sat in front of the fire warming our paws.

On our way home we stopped on the yard
of a desolated house and climbed onto its attic, because we still
needed some ingredients, like spiderweb.
We felt all a bit nervous in the attick, it was like we had heard
odd whispering sounds and felt sudden gusts of cold air,
but we didn´t see anything.
Well, it was just an old house, full of rejected stuff.  :)

Like some old paintings leaning against the walls with broken frames..

At one point I felt like something touching
my head!
But I couldn´t see anyone!  :thinking:

I asked the others if they also felt we weren´t
there alone, and they answered that hell yes, we´re in a big bunch
of toyvoyagers and no one can feel like being alone in one!  :rolleyes:

At last we had all the nessessary ingeredients!

"Double, double toil and trouble,
Fire burn and cauldron bubble!
Scale of dragon, tooth of wolf,
Witches' mummy, maw and gulf
Of the ravined salt-sea shark,
Root of hemlock digged i' th' dark,
Liver of blaspheming Jew,
Gall of goat and slips of yew
Slivered in the moon’s eclipse,
Nose of Turk and Tartar’s lips,
Finger of birth-strangled babe
Ditch-delivered by a drab,
Make the gruel thick and slab.
Add thereto a tiger’s chaudron,
For the ingredients of our cauldron!"  ;)

Well, our ingredients weren´t quite that horrible!  :D

Then we carved some oranges and one
turnip to make lanterns, and when the evening came we lit
candles in them.  :)

And then we went inside to celebrate the

We ate and sung and drink our magical
potion, and that made us dance so that we couldn´t stop
the whole night!  :D
So we sung and danced and drank some more!

Here you can see us dancing

See you soon again!
Hug from Matcha!  :D

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Yokosuka, Japan - 18th February 2013

By: cocoaby

I'm Matcha means Japanese green tea. I am  twin brother of the frog. I'd like to discover the world. I'll show you my hometown Yokosuka.
Yokosuka is located one hour by train of Tokyo and Yokohama and  historical town Kamakura.
We have although the U.S. naval port.Yokosuka is very few tourist attractions.However I think my mentor know many secret tourist attraction.
Please send a PM to my mentor if you're interested in hosting me.


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Yokosuka, Japan - 19th February 2013

By: cocoaby

Matcha makes a cake with his brother .


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Yokosuka, Japan - 20th February 2013

By: cocoaby

White owl delivered  a letter  to the Matcha.
It was a letter from Germany to invite Matcha.
Matcha looks so very happy.
Matcha's brother  showed many postcard of Postcrossing that arrived from Germany.
Also searching at the ipad mini.
We looked  the weather forecast for his travel safety.


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Yokosuka, Japan - 21st February 2013

By: cocoaby

Prior to departure from Japan
He enjoyed his home and hometown slowly.
And, Matcha ate his favorite Udon(Japanese noodles).


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Yokosuka, Japan - 22nd February 2013

By: cocoaby

Matcha go to Strunki in Germany.
We hope for the safety of the journey.
Have fun! ;)


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Remscheid, Germany - 5th March 2013

By: Strunki

Hi Mum,

I luckily arrived now in Remscheid and I am very happy, how nice the plushies here are to me.

I met Fabler Björn the nice bear from IKEA, Soeren, the funny moose-elk and "Her Highness of the long ears" Charlotte, the hare bunny.

Look, how they gave me a warm welcome, the first flowers from the garden, snowbells and guess what: We had some tea together and they made me some small sushies and we ate some sweets together.

And after the tea the whole crew sent me to bed and made me sleep so that I was able to recreate from the long journey.

See You soon, dear mum, I love You and I look forward for the adventures I will have here:)

Yours matcha

Foto1667 Alle Umschlag.jpg
Foto1670 S Alle gucken rein.jpg
Foto1672 M aus dem Umschlag.jpg
Foto1673 F M Verbeugung.jpg
Foto1675 M auf F Schoss.jpg
Foto1677 M Soeren Verbeugung.jpg
Foto1680 L gibt M Blümchen.jpg
Foto1682 L M Verbeugung.jpg
Foto1683 L M Umarmung.jpg
Foto1684 M auf L Schoss.jpg
Foto1685 F bekommt von M Schoki.jpg
Foto1687 S bekommt Schoki von M.jpg
Foto1689 M schenkt Lotte Karte.jpg
Foto1690 L nimmt Karte.jpg
Foto1691 Alle trinken Tee.jpg
Foto1692 M trinkt Tee mit allen.jpg
Foto1693 M zeigt seine Heimat.jpg
Foto1694 M wird zu Bett gebracht.jpg
Foto1696 M sleep well.jpg

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Wuppertal-Ronsdorf, Germany - 8th March 2013

By: Strunki

Hello Mummy,

today we went with our crew to a place of Wuppertal called the South-Hills, from where you have a full view of the eastern part of  the valley, Barmen. Unfortunatuly the weather-conditions were not as good as it should be, some of the pictures are a little dark and cloudy. But strunki told us, that this is the typical weather here in the Bergisch-Land. We had about 10°C and it did not rain.

In Wuppertal live almost 350.00 Citizens on almost 170.000 Km² and it is the Maintown of the Bergisch Land. The Main townparts are Barmen and Elberfeld and they fusioned togehter with Ronsdorf, Vohwinkel and Cronenberg in the early 30ths of the last century. They started textile-industrialism in the late 19th century and in the Town funded a lot of firms and factories expanded. But on the other hand you only need 5 Minutes to be in the forest or in some parks. It is a very green town.

After looking over Wuppertal, we went on to Ronsdorf where we bought some red and orange sweet bell pepper and some meat on the market.

In Ronsdorf we visited a little park inside the smalltown and played a little bit in the playground there.

On our way home to Remscheid finally we stopped by an old villa, a house as the best example of an typical style of so called "Bergischer Barock" with lots of ornaments, an impressive Main Door and green window shutters.

And in the evening we started cooking :p

Foto1704 M Südhöhe.jpg
Foto1705 M Südhöhe.jpg
Foto1706 F M S Hecke.jpg
Foto1717 alle Markt.jpg
Foto1719 alle Markt.jpg
Foto1720 Alle Ronsdorf.jpg
Foto1721 M Ronsdorf.jpg
Foto1726 alle Schaukel.jpg
Foto1728 alle Schaukel.jpg
Foto1729 M alle Schaukel.jpg
Foto1730 M Lotte Spielplatz.jpg
Foto1734 M S Spielen.jpg
Foto1737 alle Haus.jpg
Foto1737 M Haus.jpg
Foto1737 M Haustür.jpg
Foto1743 M Haus Seite.jpg

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Strunkis Kitchen, Germany - 8th March 2013

By: Strunki

Today we plushies did the cooking again and it was a great adventure:
We filled the sweet bell pepper with the meat we bougth on the market.

I cut the onions japanese style. Banzai!

Charlotte fought brave with the mixer, it was a huge one and we all supported her during her figth :cyclops:

And we had a lot of fun doing this together and the results are very yumyum:)

Foto1747 M Korb ausladen.jpg
Foto1750 M S Korb.jpg
Foto1752 M S F Korb ausladen.jpg
Foto1756 M Paprika waschen.jpg
Foto1757 M Schneidet Zwiebeln.jpg
Foto1758 M alle schneidet Zwiebeln.jpg
Foto1759 M S schneidet Zwiebeln.jpg
Foto1762 M schneidet Paprika.jpg
Foto1765 M Lotte Mixer.jpg
Foto1769 alle Lotte Mixer.jpg
Foto1770 M S F füllen.jpg
Foto1774 M Topf.jpg
Foto1775 alle Ofen.jpg
Foto1776 alle Ofen.jpg
Foto1779 M alle essen.jpg

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Strunkis Kitchen, Germany - 15th March 2013

By: Strunki

Hi Mum:)

today we made a cream cheesecake with blueberries when we noticed, that HelmutBluepant would come back home this weekend.

First we wet the gelatine and seperated the blueberry-juice for heating them together. The blueberries we gave on a baked pastry case. After mixing the juice with the gelatine we mixed the cream cheese, we poured it on the blueberries and decorated with some fresh ones.

But it took some time and so I decided to cook a fast noodle-soup japanese style, and the plushies liked it very much, yum yum:)

I look very foreward to meet Helmut here and to make a friendship with him.

There You can see us all when we track Helmuts way home.

Foto1811 M alle backen.jpg
Foto1812 M Gelatine.jpg
Foto1816 M+S Glas.jpg
Foto1818 alle Glas.jpg
Foto1819 alle Glas auf.jpg
Foto1822 M giesst ab.jpg
Foto1823 M stellt Thermi ein.jpg
Foto1828 M Gelatine.jpg
Foto1831 M deckt Kuchen.jpg
Foto1833 M rührt.jpg
Foto1835 M + S Topf.jpg
Foto1841 M schmückt.jpg
Foto1843 M Suppe.jpg
Foto1845 alle gucken Helmuts T&T.jpg

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Remscheid at night, Germany - 16th March 2013

By: Strunki

Oh Mum,

I have to tell You that I met two other magnetic plushies!

They are two bunnies called Brown an White (the bigger one is White and the small bunny is White)

Brown had a little problem, he was not able to climb back to White and he asked me to help them this night.

What a fun for me to play with them on the frigde:)

Foto1800 M + KS-Hase Weiss.jpg
Foto1804 M hangelt nach Braun.jpg
Foto1805 M hangelt nach Braun.jpg
Foto1806 M zieht Braun hoch.jpg
Foto1807 M zieht Braun hoch.jpg
Foto1808 M grüsst Braun.jpg
Foto1803 M schüttelt Weiss Pfote.jpg
Foto1801 M grüsst KS-Hase Weiss.jpg

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Wuppertal, Germany - 16th March 2013

By: Strunki

Hi Mum,

today we made a trip to Wuppertal for going on the Schwebebahn (suspension railway). It is more than 110 years old, but don´t worry, they rebuilt and modernised a lot since about 10 Years;)

If You want to know more about it, here is the link to wiki:)


It was a great adventure and I would love to drive with again :p

Love You and give You a kiss :D

Foto1846 M Gerüst H-Hausen.jpg
Foto1847 M Gerüst H-Hausen.jpg
Foto1848 M Gerüst H-Hausen.jpg
Foto1849 M oben Gerüst.jpg
Foto1850 M oben Gerüst.jpg
Foto1851 M Bahn kommt.jpg
Foto1852 m Bahn fährt.jpg
Foto1853 M Bahngelenk.jpg
Foto1854 M Bahn fährt.jpg
Foto2012 M aussen Landgericht.jpg
Foto2013 M Aussen Landgericht.jpg
Foto2016 M Fahrkartenschalter.jpg
Foto2017 M Aufgang.jpg
Foto2023 M Bahnhof LG.jpg
Foto2024 M B LG.jpg
Foto1881 M BA AM grüne Bahn.jpg
Foto1882 M BA AM grüne Bahn.jpg
Foto1883 M BA AM grüne Bahn.jpg
Foto1884 M BA AM steigt ein.jpg
Foto1888 M guckt aus Fenster.jpg
Foto1889 M Loh.jpg
Foto1893 M guckt Wupper.jpg
Foto1894 M guckt HImmel.jpg
Foto1895 M guckt Unterbarmen.jpg
Foto1897 alle Korb.jpg
Foto1901 M guckt vorne.jpg
Foto1906 M Bahnhof.jpg
Foto1910 M Elberfeld.jpg
Foto1913 M Gegenbahn.jpg
Foto1915 M Bayer.jpg
Foto1920 M Stadion.jpg
Foto1923 M Sonnborn.jpg
Foto2002 M vorne Wupper.jpg
Foto2003 M Seite Wupper.jpg
Foto2006 M W HBF.jpg
Foto2009 M vorne Gerüstkurve.jpg
Foto2010 M Ohligsmühle.jpg
Foto2011 M Fenster.jpg
Foto1873 M Bahnhof Alter Markt.jpg
Foto1874 M Bahnhof Alter Markt.jpg
Foto1875 M B AM mit Bahn.jpg
Foto1876 M B AM mit Bahn.jpg
Foto1877 M B AM guckt Bahn.jpg
Foto1878 M Alter Markt.jpg
Foto1879 M Alter Markt.jpg

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Remscheid, Germany - 16th March 2013

By: Strunki

In the evening we had a great hello: HelmutBluepant came back home and we all were very happy that he came in good condition.

For this nice event we celebrated a little barbecue :p

Foto2042 H begrüsst alle.jpg
Foto2045 H begrüsst M.jpg
Foto2029 M grillt.jpg
Foto2037 M alle grillen.jpg
Foto2039 M alle grillen.jpg
Foto2051 M und H essen.jpg
Foto2054 M alle essen.jpg

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Remscheid, Germany - 18th March 2013

By: Strunki

Dear Mum,

Today we had to say goodbye to Fabler Björn.

We were sad a little bit that Fabler had to leave, but we know, the he enjoyed the time with us and that he loves to come home now.

Wish You a good journey back home.

Foto2066 alle Abschied.jpg
Foto2067 M F Abschied.jpg
Foto2068 M F Schoki.jpg
Foto2078 Winken.jpg

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Wuppertal skittle-hall, Germany - 20th March 2013

By: Strunki

Hi Mum,

this evening we had a lot of fun at the skittle-hall, where strunki plays skittle, or nine-pins every four weeks.

You have to roll the skittles ball to the nine pins and aim of the game is to hit as many as possible.

And can You imagine, I also played skittle and I was quite good :cyclops:


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