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Travelog for: Fabler Björn

Walldorf, IKEA, Germany - 6th November 2012

By: frodo


My name is  FABLER Björn and I come from IKEA.
Today, my mum come to IKEA, because she loves IKEA and as she saw me, she thought immediately that she must buy me. So, she has taken me to her home.
Before we go, we make picture from IKEA and a picture with my friends.



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Walldorf, IKEA, Germany - 6th November 2012

By: frodo

Here, You see my with my friends in the IKEA.


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Walldorf, IKEA, Germany - 6th November 2012

By: frodo

And here i`m before the IKEA sign.


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Mosbach, Germany - 17th February 2013

By: frodo


Today it goes to the post. I will leave my native country and to go to strunki.

strunki, I come.


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Remscheid, Germany - 22nd February 2013

By: Strunki

Hi Mummi,

I arrived safe and especially Charlotte, gave me a very warm welcome.

She was the first, who welcomed me and we had a very nice party in the evening.

I enjoyed the sweet food and drinks very much and after the wild party and the amazing journey to Remscheid I got tired and went into a warm and comfortable bed they had prepared for me here. Look, even a small sleeping-pet I got next to me:)

I am sooo happy to be here and I am looking forward to the next days, what adventures will wait for me;)

See You soon
with love, mummy
Yours Fabler Björn


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Remscheid, Germany - 23rd February 2013

By: Strunki

Hi Mum,

lovely greetings from Remscheid:)

In my first night I slept well and wake up early because Lotte took me to the market and we bought a huge pomegranate.

When we came back from shopping, we found a surprise, a package!

What was inside? We opened and there he is: Soeren:)

We are so happy that he arrived safely and gave him a warm welcome.

And he gave us a small introduction in Yoga an so I had my first Yoga lesson.

What adventures will expect me next?

Love and hugs to You at home in Mosbach
Yours Fabler Björn


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Remscheid, Germany - 24th February 2013

By: Strunki

Hi Mummy,

today we made Salads, even Lotte helped us :p

Soeren made a white cucumber Salad with yoghurt-dressing and I decided to make a Tomato-Mozarella-Salad. Lotte cut the onions for us, hihi, the little princess had to wear protecting-glasses for doing it. B)

We had a lot of fun doing this today in the house, because the whole day was snowy, cold and windy outside, so we stayed inside and enjoyed the sunday. And we ate for dinner and enjoyed our salads

See You soon Mummy and give a huge hug to HelmutBluepant from Charlotte:)

Foto1418 Alle machen mit.jpg
Foto1420 FB Tomaten.jpg
Foto1425 FB wäscht Tomaten.jpg
Foto1426 L schneidet Zwiebeln.jpg
Foto1427 L Zwiebeln mit Brille.jpg
Foto1431 FB tröstet Lotte.jpg
Foto1436 FB Olivenöl.jpg
Foto1438 FB Balsamico.jpg
Foto1442 FB schneidet Tomaten.jpg
Foto1443 FB schneidet Tomaten2.jpg
Foto1444 FB hat Tomaten fertig.jpg
Foto1445 FB rührt Tomaten.jpg
Foto1447 FB schneidet Tüte auf.jpg
Foto1449 FB giesst Mozarella ab.jpg
Foto1450 FB schneidet Mozarella.jpg
Foto1451 FB Mozarellawürfel.jpg
Foto1453 FB rührt Tomate-Mozarella.jpg
Foto1454 FB rührt TomMoz.jpg
Foto1456 FB hat fertig.jpg
Foto1464 Alle essen TomMoz.jpg
Foto1465 Alle essen TomMoz2.jpg
Foto1468 Alle essen GuSa2.jpg

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Remscheid, Germany - 25th February 2013

By: Strunki

Today I met some more of strunkis plushies and can You imagine? They like it to have their bath in the washing machine!! I heard that the first time and was afraid a little bit but they insured me, that it would be fun for them, because fast spinning is like having fun on the funfair carousel:)

The idea was too spooky for Soeren and me but we gave them our support and stood by them all the time, watching their spinning and heard their laughter inside.

During their drying on the stone-plate above the radiator we made new friends and talked to them the whole night because they were happy to meet us and we narrated them about our live as a tv.

We had wonderful conversations with nice and funny plushy-people. What a colourful crew:)

Foto1475 FB mit Lotte und allen Stoffies vorm Waschen.jpg
Foto1476 FB im Bullauge.jpg
Foto1480 FB und L oben.jpg
Foto1481 FB im Bullauge solo.jpg
Foto1485 FB und S öffnen.jpg
Foto1487 FB auf S bei allen nachm Waschen.jpg
Foto1488 FB auf S bei allen nachm Waschen.jpg
Foto1490 alle auf der Trockenbank.jpg
Foto1491 alle auf der Trockenbank.jpg
Foto1493 FB grüsst die Kleinen.jpg
Foto1494 FB stellt sich vor.jpg
Foto1497 FB im Klön mit den Kleinen.jpg

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Strunkis Kitchen, Germany - 1st March 2013

By: Strunki

Hi Mummy,

the weekend is near and mostly on friday strunki does the cooking for the next two days.

But today we decided to cook. So we went to the market and came back with Lottes basket full of vegetables, because we wanted to eat a special kind of Spaghetti Bolognese, the so called "Bolo Bergisch"

And here You can see us, what veggies we bought and how we cooked them.

And when we finished cooking, we had a lot of fun with the noodles and it was so yumyum, hihi, we ate too much:)

See You soon and have a nice day, give HelmutBluepant a huge kiss from Lotte :p

Yours Fabler Björn

Foto1523 F Korb.jpg
Foto1525 F guckt in Korb.jpg
Foto1527 F Aubergine.jpg
Foto1530 F Paprika.jpg
Foto1531 F Suppengem.jpg
Foto1537 F Zucchini.jpg
Foto1538 F Zwiebeln.jpg
Foto1541 F Pilze.jpg
Foto1544 F Tomate.jpg
Foto1545 F Olivenöl.jpg
Foto1548 F kippt Möhren.jpg
Foto1552 F rührt.jpg
Foto1556 L kippt Paprika.jpg
Foto1557 F+S kippen Aubergine.jpg
Foto1562 F kippt Pilze.jpg
Foto1564 L+F+S auf Pott.jpg
Foto1566 F rührt Pott.jpg
Foto1567 F rührt Pott S rührt Hack L überwacht.jpg
Foto1568 L+S+F Nudeln.jpg
Foto1575 alle kippen Nudeln.jpg
Foto1581 F alle tafeln.jpg
Foto1584 F schlampft.jpg
Foto1588 F alle satt.jpg

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IKEA Düsseldorf, Germany - 2nd March 2013

By: Strunki

Hello Mum,

I have great news for You!

Today I was able to fulfill one of my life missions and I am soooo happy to visit my first IKEA on my own :D

I bought something for us: a chocolate cake, the mjölkchoklat tarta for Soeren and me.

At home we ate it, hmm..yumyum :) and Soeren congratulated me and gave me fife, coooool B)

And I bought some sweets for You and I will bring them to You when I will travel back to You in a few weeks :p

Love and hugs and kisses to all at home :D

Yours Fabler Björn


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Düsseldorf Wildpark Grafenberg, Germany - 3rd March 2013

By: Strunki

Hello Mum,

today we went to a Park in Düsseldorf with indigenous wild animals and we learned a lot about the forest and their habitats.

We watched wild pigs, fallow deer and moufflons, saw a rascal und wild cats. The huge red deer we only saw on the sign, perhaps they are on holiday?

And, can You imagine, mum, I went to school, a very special school about the forest. There was a box where you only can feel, what is inside. But the holes were big enough for me so I cheated and had a look inside :cyclops:

Foto1595 F Eingang WP.jpg
Foto1596 beide Rotwildtafel.jpg
Foto1597 F Rotwildtafel.jpg
Foto1600 F auf Holzschwein.jpg
Foto1599 F Wildschwein liegend.jpg
Foto1601 F WS2 stehen.jpg
Foto1607 F DW Rudel.jpg
Foto1608 F DW guckt.jpg
Foto1609 F DW guckt.jpg
Foto1614 F DW HIrsche.jpg
Foto1615 F DW Hirsche.jpg
Foto1617 F+S Muffel.jpg
Foto1618 F Muffel.jpg
Foto1619 F Muffel.jpg
Foto1621 F WB.jpg
Foto1622 F WB.jpg
Foto1623 F WB.jpg
Foto1624 F WB.jpg
Foto1625 F WK.jpg
Foto1626 F WK.jpg
Foto1629 S+F Waldschule.jpg
Foto1631 F+S Waldschule.jpg
Foto1634 F Greifkiste.jpg
Foto1635 F Greifkiste.jpg
Foto1636 F Greifkiste.jpg

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Remscheid, Strunkis Home and Garden, Germany - 5th March 2013

By: Strunki

Hi Mummy,

today the sun was shining and it was warm enough to relax in the garden, when something beautiful happend: Matcha, the lovely little yellow frog from Japan arrived after his long journey and we all are happy, that he is well and joins our crew now.

Lotte heard the Postman and found him in his envelope on the garden table.

For his arrival we gave him a warm welcome, drank tea togehter and had some sushies and cakes.

I was very pleased, when he gave me a present, a very tasty bar of chocolat, that is very popular in Japan.

But of course he was still a little bit tired from his long journey for about almost two weeks. And so we all brought hin to bed and cared, that he can recreate.

Will write more in a few days, see You and love You

Foto1662 Alle Gartenyoga.jpg
Foto1664 Alle Was war das.jpg
Foto1666 L Umschlag.jpg
Foto1669  F Alle gucken rein.jpg
Foto1671 M aus dem Umschlag.jpg
Foto1673 F M Verbeugung.jpg
Foto1674 F M Umarmung.jpg
Foto1681 L M Verbeugung.jpg
Foto1684 M auf L Schoss.jpg
Foto1685 F bekommt von M Schoki.jpg
Foto1686 F bedankt sich.jpg
Foto1692 M trinkt Tee mit allen.jpg
Foto1694 M wird zu Bett gebracht.jpg

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Wuppertal-Ronsdorf, Germany - 8th March 2013

By: Strunki

Hello Mummy,

today we went with our crew to a place of Wuppertal called the South-Hills, from where you have a full view of the eastern part of  the valley, Barmen. Unfortunatuly the weather-conditions were not as good as it should be, some of the pictures are a little dark and cloudy. But strunki told us, that this is the typical weather here in the Bergisch-Land. We had about 10°C and it did not rain.

In Wuppertal live almost 350.00 Citizens on almost 170.000 Km² and it is the Maintown of the Bergisch Land. The Main townparts are Barmen and Elberfeld and they fusioned togehter with Ronsdorf, Vohwinkel and Cronenberg in the early 30ths of the last century. They started textile-industrialism in the late 19th century and in the Town funded a lot of firms and factories expanded. But on the other hand you only need 5 Minutes to be in the forest or in some parks. It is a very green town.

After looking over Wuppertal, we went on to Ronsdorf where we bought some red and orange sweet bell pepper and some meat on the market.

In Ronsdorf we visited a little park inside the smalltown and played a little bit in the playground there.

On our way home to Remscheid finally we stopped by an old villa, a house as the best example of an typical style of so called "Bergischer Barock" with lots of ornaments, an impressive Main Door and green window shutters.

And in the evening we started cooking :p

Foto1697 F Südhöhe.jpg
Foto1698 F Südhöhe.jpg
Foto1699 F Südhöhe.jpg
Foto1700 F Südhöhe.jpg
Foto1708 M F S Hecke.jpg
Foto1717 alle Markt.jpg
Foto1719 alle Markt.jpg
Foto1720 Alle Ronsdorf.jpg
Foto1722 F Ronsdorf.jpg
Foto1726 alle Schaukel.jpg
Foto1728 alle Schaukel.jpg
Foto1732 F S Spielen.jpg
Foto1734 alle Haus.jpg
Foto1735 F Haus.jpg
Foto1735 F Haustür.jpg
Foto1744 F Haus Seite.jpg

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Strunkis Kitchen, Germany - 8th March 2013

By: Strunki

Today we plushies did the cooking again and it was a great adventure:
We filled the sweet bell pepper with the meat we bougth on the market.

Matcha suprises us how excellent he cut the onions japanese style. Banzai!

Charlotte fought brave with the mixer, it was a huge one and we all supported her during her figth :cyclops:

And we had a lot of fun doing this together and the results are very yumyum:)

Foto1749 F M Korb.jpg
Foto1751 F Korb ausladen.jpg
Foto1753 F Korb ausladen.jpg
Foto1754 F Paprika waschen.jpg
Foto1760 M F schneidet Zwiebeln.jpg
Foto1761 F schneidet Paprika.jpg
Foto1768 F Lotte Mixer.jpg
Foto1769 alle Lotte Mixer.jpg
Foto1770 M S F füllen.jpg
Foto1771M F S füllen.jpg
Foto1773 F Topf.jpg
Foto1775 alle Ofen.jpg
Foto1776 alle Ofen.jpg
Foto1777 F alle essen.jpg

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Strunkis Kitchen, Germany - 15th March 2013

By: Strunki

Hi Mum:)

today we made a cream cheesecake with blueberries when we noticed, that HelmutBluepant would come back home this weekend.

First we wet the gelatine and seperated the blueberry-juice for heating them together. The blueberries we gave on a baked pastry case. After mixing the juice with the gelatine we mixed the cream cheese, we poured it on the blueberries and decorated with some fresh ones.

But it took some time and so Matcha decided to cook a fast noodle-soup japanese style, and he did it in a very delicious way.

I look very foreward to meet Helmut here and to make a friendship with him before I will leave after this weekend to come home to You:)
There You can see us all when we track Helmuts way home.

Foto1810 F alle backen.jpg
Foto1814 F Gelatine.jpg
Foto1817 F+M+S Glas.jpg
Foto1818 alle Glas.jpg
Foto1819 alle Glas auf.jpg
Foto1821 F giesst ab.jpg
Foto1824 F auf Thermi.jpg
Foto1829 F Gelatine.jpg
Foto1830 F deckt Kuchen.jpg
Foto1837 F + S Topf.jpg
Foto1838 alle giessen.jpg
Foto1840 F schmückt.jpg
Foto1842 F Suppe.jpg
Foto1845 alle gucken Helmuts T&T.jpg

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