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Travelog for: Bisma

Bali, Indonesia - 28th November 2012

By: Linda Fdph


Iam Bisma, from Bali Indonesia

Iam new TV and looking for host for my first journey :)


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Le Mayeur Museum-Bali , Indonesia - 2nd December 2012

By: Linda Fdph

Iam visiting Le Mayeur Museum today
The museum used to be the former house of the Belgium painter Adrien Jean Le Mayeur de Merpres who arrived in Bali in the 1930’s.

First he settled in the little village of Klandis, east of Denpasar where he met the famous legong dancer and local beauty, Ni Polok, when she was 15 years old.

She agreed to model for his paintings and lots of the paintings you see today in Museum Le Mayeur feature Ni Polok.

The house is set in a garden with beautiful frangipani flowers, Balinese statues and palm trees.

Love from Bali


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Inna Grand Bali Beach , Indonesia - 12th December 2012

By: Linda Fdph


iam at Inna Grand Bali Beach Hotel. The Iconic Hotel in Bali-Indonesia. The Grand Bali Beach that located on the Sanur Beach area is  Bali's first five-star hotel and  founded in 1966 .



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Denpasar-Bali, Indonesia - 15th December 2012

By: Linda Fdph


2 days later i will started my first journey to visit France
So, today i enjoy my home town before leaving Indonesia
here iam in some sites in Bali and with traditional dishes and tropical fruits from Indonesia



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Denpasar-Bali, Indonesia - 20th December 2012

By: Linda Fdph


Here is my picture when iam welcomed some TVs that came to Bali.
Now , iam leaving Bali, and only my siblings, Bima-Sena and my youngest sister, Prajna still in Bali, and will welcoming the TVs who arrive in Bali



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Pleurtuit, France - 28th December 2012

By: lapoussine35

Bonjour! Hello from France!  I made it here just after Christmas but still in time to see everything decorated.  I love the wreaths hanging on all the doors.  I had to get up closer and smell the pine.  Erin told me she always associates the smell of pine trees with the holidays.  I went inside and immediately went over to the Christmas tree.  I could just imagine Santa putting the girls' presents underneath the tree.  I climbed around a bit, checking out all the ornaments on the tree.  I even managed to get a photo before Erin told me to get down.  I hurried over to the stockings next--don't I look like a stocking stuffer?  Everyone has their own hand-knitted stocking with their name on it!  Finally, I decided to go nap by the fire and warm up!  It's a lot colder here than in Indonesia and I'm still getting used to it being winter!

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Dinard, France - 29th December 2012

By: lapoussine35

On Saturday mornings, Erin and her family go to the market in Dinard to buy their vegetables and fruit.  Winter vegetables are in season right now--lots of turnips, greens, pumpkins, carrots and potatoes!  Erin tries to eat locally and "in season"--most of what you see was grown in Brittany.  The people at the first stand sell their own organic produce, the second stand gets its fruit and vegetables from all over...but they have the best oranges and Erin loves oranges!  After the market, it was time to go to the library and get new books out!  Outside of the library entrance, there was a special mailbox for letters to Santa Claus or Père Noël as he's known in France.  It was surrounded by an exhibit of life-size ferries!  It felt magical to me!  When we went inside, I headed to the children's section with Laura.  There were huge pillow toys on the ground for the kids to sit on and read--meet my French cousin!  Laura promised to read to me when we got home!  I can't wait!


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Rennes, France - 29th December 2012

By: lapoussine35

I haven't gotten to touch any snow yet but I did go ice-skating!  We drove down to the indoor ice rink in Rennes.  It was my first time on the ice.  It was Laura and Elise's first time too!  I'm not sure who was more nervous--the girls or me!  I decided to start by watching a bit.  There were two rinks side-by-side, a smaller beginner rink and a hockey-size rink next to it.  The rink had little sleds available for children learning to skate.  You could either sit on it and be pushed by your parents or hold onto to it to help you with your balance.  Laura worked up the nerve to try pushing the chair and try skating on her own.  She even offered to push me around some!  I had a blast!


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Pleurtuit, France - 4th January 2013

By: lapoussine35

It's almost the end of Christmas break here and I decided to go for a walk around the neighborhood today to see the horses.  Laura and Elise took me to their padlock.  I felt mighty small next to them...the horses didn't even neigh when I roared!  So much for being the King of the Beasts!  On the way back home we stopped by the mailbox where Erin drops her mail off when she doesn't go to the post office--don't worry, no one tried to push me inside!

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Pleurtuit, France - 6th January 2013

By: lapoussine35

Have you heard of the Galette des Rois?  It's a traditional French desert for Epiphany!  The name of the cake translate's roughly as the King's Cake and it was eaten for Epiphany--when the Three Kings visited Baby Jesus.  Today, everyone, regardless of their religion, enjoys eating a Galette in January!  Erin told me that stores even start selling them as soon as Christmas is over!  We waited until yesterday to eat ours.  The cake has a fève hidden inside.  The fève is a small porcelain figurine that's hidden in the cake.  The person who finds the fève in their slice is crowned King or Queen for the day!  You can see it sitting next to me!


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Pleurtuit, France - 18th January 2013

By: lapoussine35

In French, there is an expression for improbable things "quand les poules auront des dents"--when chicken have teeth!  The English equivalent would be "when pigs fly!"  When I arrived here, Erin told me that I would never see the snow here; that snow was rare here!  Very, very rare!  And then we woke up this morning and it looked like this--

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Dinard, France - 27th January 2013

By: lapoussine35

Today we went to the seaside town of Dinard.  We walked along the Promenade du Clair de Lune.  We started down by Port Breton and started walking towards the center of town.
It was low tide so all the boats were standing up in the mud instead of floating in the water.  Did you know that this area has the highest tidal variants in the world?  The difference between high and low tide is amazing especially at the equinox!
I checked out the kayaks as we walked along the Promenade.  Dinard has a yacht club, a surf school, and all sorts of boating and kayaking clubs!
Dinard is across the river from Saint Malo.  I tried to take a picture of me with Intra-Muros in the background but the walled city is a bit blurry.  We'll have to go there in person!
We finally made it into the center of town and the main beach.  You can see how beautiful and sandy the beach is!  You can also see the modern buildings and the 19th century villas that give Dinard its "British" charm.  Most of the villas were built by vacationing British tourists who turned Dinard into a chic vacation resort from a sleepy fishing village!

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Pleurtuit, France - 11th February 2013

By: lapoussine35

After weeks of rain, wind and cold miserable weather, the sun came out today and it felt a bit like spring!  We went for a walk and saw the first daffodils coming out of the ground!
We walked past the fields of cabbage!  After months of eating cabbage, Erin is ready for spring vegetables and a little more variety!
I told her not to worry--if you look towards the river, you can see the new crops growing!  Now we just need to be patient!
I couldn't resist posing with the hay bales.  When I see them, I think of Impressionist paintings.  I'm not sure why these are still in the fields.  Normally, they're picked up and stored for the animals to eat during the winter and not left out in the open.

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La Richardais, France - 15th March 2013

By: lapoussine35

It's been fun in France but now I'm off to continue my adventures in Finland!  See you soon!

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Saint Malo, France - 17th March 2013

By: lapoussine35

We decided to get out of the house and visit Saint Malo this past weekend!  It's been wet and cold here and the chance to enjoy the sun was just too good to be missed! 
L. wanted to show me the Hôtel de Ville--you can see the big French flag over the entrance but all the way at the top is Saint Malo's flag!

Saint Malo is a port city and played an important role French-UK relations.  Saint Malo is famous for its "corsairs" or privateers who attacked English merchant ships.  The city needed to be defended from British attacks and you can visit several forts built to protect the city.  The Fort National (above) is the closest to Intra-Muros and you can walk there at low-tide.


We walked down to the beach to play in the sand a bit.  Do you see the tall stakes behind us?  They are there to help prevent beach erosion.  If you combine a storm with high-tide, they disappear completely under the water!


Here you can see the different flags better--the black and white one is the Breton flag (Brittany has a strong regional identity), the French flag, the European Union flag, and finally, Saint Malo's flag (the white cross with the blue blocks and ermine).


All the walking and playing in the sand made me hungry so we stopped by to pick up some macaroons!


And some Breton butter cookies and cakes too! Delicious![size=3]

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