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visit the raccoon city of Germany: Kassel

see a real raccoon

visit my country of origin: North America

cross Abbey Road on the famous pedestrian crossing

be photographed on the Beatles Platz in Hamburg

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Travelog for: Rocky Raccoon

at home, Switzerland - 17th January 2013

By: Jasper

Hi all,
I'm Rocky,


Rocky Raccoon, a cultured city raccoon.


I love music, especially the Beatles, whom I owe my name by the way. After many adventure stories told by our guests, I decided to become a Toyvoyager too. So, here I am, ready to start. When I woke up this morning, I did what a raccoon must: I washed my breakfast egg.



Otherwise mommy makes it. But to make a good impression, I got it done today myself. Then I went to the balcony.


Snow, lots of snow.


Brrr, cold and wet.


Snow is not my thing. Sitting in a warm blanket,



and eat a muffin I like much better.


So,  now I have to inform me what I must do to be able to travel. I'll see you later.
Rocky Raccoon

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at home, Switzerland - 18th January 2013

By: Jasper

Hi all,
Today I had gummy bears for breakfast, which I do not have to wash.



Is much simpler. After breakfast, I googled my name. 1'610'000 hits. I was very flattered until I noticed: not mean me. Beatles, Beatles, Beatles.


I read about 999'998 entries with the realization that the Beatles wrote a song about me. How nice.
  I heard a few songs


and looked at pictures - Abbey Road.


I have run across these pedestrian crossing.

Maybe I'll come to London one day. We will see.
Until then, Rocky Raccoon

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at home, Switzerland - 20th January 2013

By: Jasper

Hello world,
This morning I was sitting at my computer very early and informed me. My country of origin is North America.


A long way but one day I will go there. The largest population of raccoons outside America lives in Kassel,


which is in Germany. It's getting closer. Hase, she is a guest, showed me that I climb trees



and what I eat.


Fruits, eggs and nuts that I like. Fish, crayfish and seafood i like also. Especially Gambas al ajillo. But invertebrates such as worms, snails and beetles? Brrr, the only invertebrates that I like is the gummy bear.
Enough for now, I'll see you later

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at home, Lichtensteig, Switzerland - 20th January 2013

By: Jasper

Hi all,
Since Hase and Helga know that I want to be a Toyvoyager, I have to listen to some. I am too spoiled and untrained. Therefore, they try to make me fit. Helga torments me with push-ups


and other things.



Hase chases me up trees.






I'm lucky if I get out of here. And that will be very soon - I'm traveling to Barcelona. I'm so happy. Such a wonderful city and paella and gambas. Oooh, I can hardly believe it.

In seventh heaven
Rocky Raccoon

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at home, Switzerland - 23rd January 2013

By: Jasper

Yesterday we had another farewell party. HelgaHH will travel back home, and I will starts my first journey. Mum baked a cake and took a group photo.



As long as one can show us yet, she said. Then we ate cake and potato chips and crackers.


We drank one or another glass of wine.


Late at night we came upon a sentimental mood. Hase sang with fervor sad songs


until mum woke up and reminded us that even more people live in this house who want to sleep now. We had a last drink and went to bed.
This morning it was time. I said goodbye to my friends with a group hug



and packed my things.



A special hug for Helga.


Maybe I'll see you again soon.  Mum cuddled me and wished me a safe journey. Then I climbed into my envelope.




My big adventure begins.
I hope we meet again.
Rocky Raccoon

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Barcelona, Spain - 1st February 2013

By: SiniS

Hi mom!
Finally I arrived at Barcelona, Spain and I’m really happy.
When my envelope was opened, I see some Toy Voyagers waiting for me :) Zero is the ghost dog and the host here, the elephant is Doña Felisa and the little bear is Betty Bear.
R – Hi all, I’m Rocky Raccoon, from Switzerland.

I’ve showed them the presents I took with me.

We took a group photo…

… and Zero add me on his guestbook.

Oh, mom, I think I will have wonderful friends here.
Although I miss you a bit (well, a lot, but I’m a strong raccoon), don’t worry about me because I’m fine.
Lots of kisses and hugs.
Rocky Raccoon.

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Barcelona, Spain - 4th February 2013

By: SiniS

Hi mom!!!
Today another Toy Voyager arrived so now I’m not the beginner… And this is a BIG Toy Voyager!!!! We all together had to open the box; it seems it’s near to explode!!! But I think I was able to open it alone after my training at home, but, oh, well…
Z,D,B,R – One… two… three!!!!

M – Yeeeeaaaahhhh!!!!!!
Z,D,B,R – Wooooooo!!!!!!!

This is Miggy, a big pig Toy Voyager. It seems to be a nice guy.

We give him a warm welcome and he was added on the guestbook :)

Rocky Raccoon

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Barcelona, Spain - 7th February 2013

By: SiniS

Hi mom!
Today is “Dijous Gras”, the first day of Carnival festivities, and here in Catalonia is so typical to eat “butifarra d’ou” (egg sausage) and “coca de llardons” (crackling pancake). Here we are eating this!!!

It was delicious!!

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Barcelona, Spain - 10th February 2013

By: SiniS

Wow!!!! :D
Today we went to a Postcrossing meeting!!!! But it was a special Postcrossing meeting because there we met Ana and Paulo, the bosses of Postcrossing web!!!! It was a pleasure to meet them and take some drinks with them and some more fantastic people!!!!

We had a wonderful afternoon with a lot of postcards and laughs!
I’m a very lucky Toy Voyager!

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Barcelona, Spain - 12th February 2013

By: SiniS

Hi mom!!!!
Today another Toy Voyager has arrived at home!!!! We opened the envelope and wait about who was inside…

Suddenly, a little monkey appeared!!!

?- Hi!! My name’s Suny!!! I’m from Germany!!!

She brought some candies and a lovely postcard and we took a group photo :)

And then, Zero add her on his guestbook ^^

Welcome Suny!!!!

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Barcelona, Spain - 13th February 2013

By: SiniS

Hi mom!
Today is the last day of Carnival festivities and here in Catalonia this day is called “enterrament de la sardina” (burial of the sardine). About why is called this way, there are a hypothesis, among others. First of all, to bury something is a way to forget it, to take leave of it… And the hypothesis is that the back-bone of the pigs was known as “sardine” and it was buried at the end of Carnival to start the Lent.
To celebrate it, we have eaten a sardine made of bread with chocolate. It was delicious!!!!

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Barcelona, Spain - 23rd February 2013

By: SiniS

Good morning mom.
It’s snowing. I don’t know why all are so nervous. Maybe because it’s sooooo strange, in Barcelona. As you can see, here it’s only raining, but, can you see the mountain behind me? I’m lucky that it’s only snowing in the mountains…

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Barcelona, Spain - 25th February 2013

By: SiniS

Hi mom!!
Today we went out for a walk and we went to the shopping center “La Maquinista”. “La Maquinista” is situated where the metallurgic fabric “La Maquinista Terrestre i Marítima” was in the past. Here you can see us taking a rest in front of the little park of “La Maquinista”.

This is the large pond, situated in the middle of the park, named Narcís Monturiol (a Catalonian engineer, who invented the first crew submarine). It was built in order to take advantage of the two nearby water sources and it’s used to irrigate the park. Inside the pond you can see the large antique wheel that reminds us of the industrial past of the land. And the building near the pond is “Museo de La Maquinista y Macosa”, a museum which contains historical documents, plans, photographs, models and historical objects from the old factory.

The shopping center!!!!

After visit some shops, we take a rest in a lounge terrace.

Can you see the big clock on the floor??? There was a projector which projected the small hands of the clock to show the hour, but it’s out of order :(

In the first floor there are the restaurants, near another lounge terrace.

It seems like a jungle!!!

Before come back home, we met Tom and Jerry, who drove us in their sidecar :D

We had a fun afternoon!

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Gavà, Spain - 31st March 2013

By: SiniS

Hello mom!!
We spent the weekend at hostdad home, so we’re in the train to Sants, the central train station.

In Sants we took another train to Gavà. The views aren’t so nice, just buildings, roads or industrial parks…

Finally we were in Gavà!! This is the train station.

We did a bit of sightseeing while we went to hostdad home. This is the church.

And in this little square there’s a grower with some asparagus.

We spent the afternoon at home and then we went to have supper at hamburger, in the shopping center.

Suny found a little palm tree and she wanted to climb it, just for training, because she wants a bigger one! We waited for her :)

Then we went to the hamburger and shared a big hamburger with fries. Good appetite!!

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Gavà, Spain - 1st April 2013

By: SiniS

Today we stayed at hostdad home playing games. We joined with the other guys who live here, Koala, Pitufina, Beaker, Cálico and Super Coco. Zero introduced us and we took a group photo :)

First we played alone…

… And after, we played two by two to Kinect, Michael Jackson experience. They hadn’t a Beatles game :( I played with Beaker and we had a lot of fun!

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