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Travelog for: Yuma

at home, Switzerland - 26th October 2012

By: Jasper

Hello world,

i'm Yuma, a little moose.




that was hard work to convince my mom to let me go.  But I am an adventurous moose. I want to see the whole world. While I wait for my traveltag, I sleep a little bit.


Or I snuggle with Runa.


Her fur is so nice and warm.




I also like to sit on the balcony.


The plants now have such a beautiful color. I love music


as much as the silence and big cities like small villages.
If you want to show me a part of your life, send a PM to my mom.
I'm waiting eagerly.

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Lichtensteig, Switzerland - 28th October 2012

By: Jasper

Today we had the first snow.


A lot of them. I spent a while on the balcony



and almost sank in the snow.



Okay, in my size, it does not take much.


Afterwards mom packed me in a warm blanket and brought me a hot tea.



It was good.
Until next time

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at home , Switzerland - 31st October 2012

By: Jasper

Hi together,
Today is Halloween and I have worked hard the last few days. Pumpkin carving was not so easy. And my costume for tonight, I had to make yet. I'll show you, but not tell anyone, it's a surprise.


Trick or treat can come, let's go


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Lichtensteig, Switzerland - 1st November 2012

By: Jasper

Hello World,
we had a great Halloween night. When it was dark we put on our costumes and headed off. Trick or Treat. We saw spooky pumpkins and other scary creatures.



We rang at many doors, and anywhere we got sweets.






Today we can swim in it.


I love Halloween!

Sweet greetings

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at home, Switzerland - 2nd November 2012

By: Jasper

Hello world,

today my mom has attracted me a small necklace.


My traveltag. Hooray, I can start my journey. Suddenly, I had a lot to do. Choose an envelope.


Okay, the little one is enough for my size.


Search for a card


and pack up candys.


Where is my scarf?
In Franconia it can get cold. I think I get nervous. Very good mom has baked cookies,


chocolate is good for the nerves. I have to eat a lot of cookies.


Then it was time to say goodbye to the other. We hugged


and all wished me a good trip. I slipped into my jacket. A few cookies less would have been better, it is suddenly so tight.


Lichtenfels, I'm on my way.

See you, Yuma

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Trieb, Lichtenfels, Germany - 11th November 2012

By: Ravyna

Hey Mummy!
Last week I arrived safely here in Germany. After a day rest, yesterday Ravyna and her grandparents took me with them to collect sloes. If you don’t know these berries you can read here about it: blackthorn. At the end we had this big pail full of sloes!
Today we made liqueur and syrup of them. For the liqueur we bust a few of the berries and put some white rock sugar and cinnamon in it. Finally I poured grain schnapps over it. Now it has to rest for four to six weeks.



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Trieb, Germany - 18th November 2012

By: Ravyna

The weather was bad the last few days and I had enough of the coldness and darkness, so I went into the sauna! That was so good, pure relaxation…


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Trieb, Germany - 19th November 2012

By: Ravyna

You won’t believe how sunny it was today.
We went out in the garden and gave the birds some sunflower seeds, because it’s difficult for them to find food on their own now. There are so many birds here, especially titmice.
Then I was sitting in the birdhouse in the sun and after a while some bold ones came to me. Can you see them?

Bye for now,


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Lichtenfels, Germany - 24th November 2012

By: Ravyna

We’ve been in Lichtenfels today, at a friend of Ravyna. There I met another plush toy, a pink horse. We talked a bit and I told her something about ToyVoyagers, but her mother wouldn’t allow her to travel, too.
Afterwards we went in town and I made a sightseeing picture of the town hall. In the Irish Pub we had some Strongbow Cider.  B)

See you,


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Hamburg, Germany - 2nd December 2012

By: Ravyna

This weekend I’ve spent in the north of Germany! Thursday Ravyna surprised me with the news, that we are going to go to Hamburg. Friday early in the morning we started and had to drive nearly 600 km.
But it was really nice there! Amongst others, I saw the big town hall, a new underground station, were we got some sweets and of course maaaany Christmas markets. One day Ravyna forgot her camera, so there are only a few pictures.



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Trieb, Germany - 12th December 2012

By: Ravyna

Today it snowed the whole day, so we went outside to take some winter pictures. Remember the birdhouse? ;)
I fell in the snow, but of course that didn’t matter to me, because I’m a real moose!! B)


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Trieb, Germany - 17th December 2012

By: Ravyna

Today I left Ravyna; mummy found a new host for me. I hope I’ll arrive soon in Paderborn, because it’s going to be very cold in the envelope…

See you


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Paderborn, Germany - 18th December 2012

By: mcdaniels

Hi mum,
fortunately the postman was very fast, so I had to sit only one day and one night in my envelope!!
Crawling out of it I saw a lot of curious faces and was welcomed very warmly. Especially the TVs [/tv]Konsta, Knirrie, Lille and Störte[tv] made me feel at home immediately.
I showed them my sweets and then we spent the evening sitting in the Advent wreath, eating yummy chocolate and talking about TV-experiences. Tomorrow I'll look closely at hostmum's flat...
Oh, by the way, reaching my second host I've completed my first life mission!!!
Best wishes, Yuma

yuma 005.JPG
yuma 007.JPG
yuma 008.JPG
yuma 009.JPG
yuma 010.JPG

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Paderborn, Germany - 20th December 2012

By: mcdaniels

Dear mum,
yesterday morning I started exploring hostparent's flat: first I said hello to the old dog ladies. Sally, almost 17 and very cool, and Trixi, 15 and very shy.
Then I looked around hoping to find another moose...perhaps up there on the shelves? No, that was a reindeer, sitting there and eating some carrots. A very nice reindeer, but no moose. But there on the floor, that was a moose!!! No! It was only Konsta making a joke  :p
But at last I found Knut the moose!!! He told me he would like travelling as a TV as well, but unfortunately he is too big. I was very happy to see him at home, so I completed another life mission!
In the evening Störte, Konsta, Knirrie, Lille and me watched a football match on TV: Dortmund against Hannover. Dortmund is hostmum's favourite team so we all shouted for Dortmund and Dortmund won hands down!
Love you, mummy,
yours Yuma

yuma 003.JPG
yuma 005.JPG
yuma 001.JPG
yuma 006.JPG
yuma 007.JPG
yuma 002.JPG
yuma 008.JPG

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Paderborn, Germany - 26th December 2012

By: mcdaniels

Merry Christmas, mummy!!!
On Christmas Eve we all went to hostdad's daughter. After a yummy dinner the giving out of Christmas presents began: we sat next to the Christmas tree and unwrapped presents. We got to know Elvis, the singing little Christmas tree, a very nice guy. And we played some games: "nine men's morris"  and "4 will win". Lille and me against Knirrie and Konsta. After watching "The Lion King 2" on TV we went into church (unfortunately I have no photo from it).
Yesterday we drove to hostmum's parents. We sang some Christmas songs and performed two songs by piano and trumpet! After that we needed a refreshment: some chocolat! And we got to know a very nice giraffe who lives there on the piano.
Lille and me visited the crib and found a good place between the other animals. We went very well with ox, donkey and the sheeps, didn't we?
Best wishes, yours Yuma

weihnachten 12 007.JPG
weihnachten 12 008.JPG
weihnachten 12 009.JPG
weihnachten 12 010.JPG
weihnachten 12 011.JPG
weihnachten 12 012.JPG
weihnachten 12 013.JPG
weihnachten 12 014.JPG
weihnachten 12 015.JPG
weihnachten 12 017.JPG
weihnachten 12 018.JPG
weihnachten 12 019.JPG
weihnachten 12 023.JPG
weihnachten 12 024.JPG
weihnachten 12 026.JPG
weihnachten 12 028.JPG

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