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to find a playmo-backpack for them, perhaps from a fleamarket!

to see lady liberty NY from as nearby as possible!

to walk on the great wall in china!

to meet another playmo-traveltoys and have a pic in their blog!

to climb on a high mountain!

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Travelog for: Possy_Crossy

Yussufabad, Iran - 11th October 2012

By: ipuenktchen

long, long shadows in fall.................


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TABRIZ, Iran - 17th October 2012

By: ipuenktchen

we went on the hills outside from tabriz to the 16th international automobil fair!!!


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JUIBAR, Iran - 23rd October 2012

By: ipuenktchen

many ways lead to juibar!!!!!!! *smile*
ipue's sis was coming from hannover, together with her granddaughter & daughter-in-law1, her son1 was coming from erbil, son2 & his wife together with ipue & her hubby - we all together went to the caspian seaside to juibar for the wedding of ipue's daugher-in-law's brother!!!!!


it was a great weather, they nearly have no winter.. and the wedding party in the eve was outside in a yard!!!!!! it was so great!!!!!!!! in the morning we went on the beach!!!!!


from mazanderan province went back to tabriz and our guests with us! we had a GREAT 23 hours exactly in our 2nd home town!!!!!  ipue was so happy to have her sis another time at tabriz; it was her third time in IR!!!! (1996, 1999, 2012)

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Yussufabad, Iran - 20th November 2012

By: ipuenktchen

harvest time..... we got our potatoes from ipue's garden in yussufabad!!
and we saw so many potatoes for our very first time.... *smile*


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ERBIL, Aut.Rep.Kurdistan IQ - 10th December 2012

By: ipuenktchen

boah, what a surprise - we started in the very early morning at 5 AM from home to tabriz terminal to go by bus to urumieh terminal, and by another bus to go directly to the border IR/ IQ to enter the autonomous republic kurdistan, IQ. ipue's son1 is working there since one year ago and she would like to see him and took us with her!!!!

it was so special - and so we saw everywhere, but she mostly didn't remember to take pics.................... :-(((((((((((((((((((((((

only once when she was waiting in the car,

and another time when she was with her son in his office........

but pls have yourself a look at these sites:


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ERBIL, Aut.Rep.Kurdistan IQ - 15th December 2012

By: ipuenktchen

today again we got up in the very early morning to have another nice breakfast with ipue's son1 and then he brought us to the bus leaving for urumieh/ IR. it was such an impressing landscape on the road to the border - we remembered karl may *durchs wilde kurdistan*!!!! and on the border it began to rain and later in urumieh it began to snow......... and when we arrived in tabriz terminal - icy streets with lot of snow and no taxis.... but finally after a very interesting 5-days-trip into a male world we arrived safely at home!!!!!! 

a huge thank you to son1!!!!  :D

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TABRIZ, Iran - 2nd February 2013

By: ipuenktchen

this was the snow of yesterday on FRI (yesterday), when ipue brought us outside in the morning... and we enjoyed the snow a lot although it was'n that much, but NOWWWWWWW SATnight there is more snow and we are exitedly waiting for the morning to give a try we'll be able to make a snowball fight or the snow will get melted as fast as yesterday!!!?!?!? let's keep our fingers crossed!!!!!!!!!


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TEHRAN, Iran - 13th February 2013

By: ipuenktchen

we went to tehran by bus and on our way to the upper town we took some pics. the city was decorated for 22-bahman-anniversary..

here you see the azadi monument, built in 1968 by a 29-y/o iranian architect!!!!

and this is ferdowsi sq with the ferdowsi-monument in the center of the square! ferdows is a famous ancient poet!

Carnival Monday = ROSENMONTAG: nice habitude the wellknown valentine invitation as usual for the bi-national women`in IR at the ambassador's by his lovely wife!!


we were so proud as ipue took as with her and we like to learn what to do in an upper class lunch!!  :p
everybody know us well because we had been with her last time, too!!!  :p

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TABRIZ, Iran - 23rd February 2013

By: ipuenktchen

hi, everybody!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
today mom ipue told us she activated our new travellog and we are very curious what will be written here!!!!?!?!  :rolleyes:
step by step mom ipue promised to transfer our former postings to this nice travellog.. hopefully one day you can read everything happened in our short life!!! *smile*

today ipue had a meetup with her former collegues from the time when she was working for 10 years in a large motor company - now all her friends are retraited!! and we were allowed to come with her - juhuuuuuuuuuu!!!!  :D

it's a large coffee shop, better to say a restaurant, belongs to one of the large hotels in tab.. and it got a famous place for students, means everybody is relaxed there!!! and so we had been, too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;-))))))))


we had a kind of *beef stroganoff*!!


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TABRIZ, Iran - 2nd March 2013

By: ipuenktchen

hi leutz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
in the morning the weather was grey - very rarely here in IR - and it seemed to get a boring day.. but later ipue's son2 arrived and after a nice breakfast we went downtown!!! everybody went to do his job, and ipue brought us to here & where and we had a look at *ancient tabriz*!!!!

on our way we saw an *open air cobbler*:


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TABRIZ, Iran - 2nd March 2013

By: ipuenktchen

our first place to see was the famous BLUE MOSQUE, registered at the tentative list of UNESCO. hopefully one day it will be a world heritage site!

this view is taken from entrance of *bustane khaghani*, khaghani's garden. khaghani was an ancient poet, burried in tabriz! - See more at:

the blue mosque was built about 550 years ago and destroyed by an earthquake in 1779. only the entrance (at its back side) remained! in 1973 they started to rebuilt it and when ipue in 1976 moved to tabriz they were just closing the dome!!! about 30 years they were painting out the mosque matching to the new rules of unesco, that there have to notice a difference between original parts and restored parts! it's perhaps the most famous brick mosque of IR.



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TABRIZ, IRAN - 3rd March 2013

By: ipuenktchen

yesterday ancient tabriz, today modern tabriz - ipue brought us to one of the most important cross roads of tabriz, where is a gorgeous project being real... they knocked down houses and houses all around to built a phanomenal huge cross road with main metrostation all in one!!

even the house of the parents of ipue's hubby had been knocked down some years ago for this reason!!!!! and btw the beautiful antique doorknocker is from the door of their neighbours!! some 30 years ago when ipue moved to tabriz most of the houses had such great doorknockers!! at ipue's door I noticed also an old one, not this one, but another type..  ;)

we had a look at a large mosaic in the souterrain of the area around the abrisham tower, gotten a new sightseing point in tabriz  - and what a nice clouds at the sky in this afternoon!!!!?!


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TABRIZ, IRAN - 6th March 2013

By: ipuenktchen

ey goshhhhhhhhhh - what a mistake from heaven!!!!??! we are waiting for *S*P*R*I*N*G* and instead of spring we had SNOW again today!!!!!!!!??!?! ipue told us that the famous spring holiday NOROUZ is no longer that far...... with flowers and green trees and ppl going out to visit each other everywhere!!!!!?! - well, honestly WE are not upset about the snow, but excitedly waiting for going out for a    snowball fight!!!!!!! :-))))))))


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TABRIZ, IRAN - 7th March 2013

By: ipuenktchen

yummyyyyyyyyyyyy - we made a cake with ipuenktchen!! on FRI we'll have some guests -
*time to say goodbye* for son2 and his wife, very soon going travelling forward to europe  :stare:


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TABRIZ, IRAN - 8th March 2013

By: ipuenktchen

hi, my dear female buddies, friends and collegues!!
my very, very best congrats and all my best wishes for the *International Women's Day*!!!!!!!!

and btw... woman's life is really hard... sometimes...........
today we lived only in the kitchen.. ipue & me... poor gals!!!!!  :cyclops:
btw I got so astonished about their large pots!!!!!

and in the eve we had our guests and it was so funny and great!!!
everybody enjoyed the dishes, me, POSSY, and ipue prepared during these 2 days!! and lili brought a huge surprise - instead of salad she found a woman, making really artworks by vegetables and it looked so nice!!!!

we had for dinner as a hors d'oeuvre a puff pastry with chicken and mushrooms etc.., then a tomato-celery soop, then rice with white cabbage & meat, and the vegetable plate and a rice-flour-dessert done by dear lili!! yummyyyyyyy!!!

the apple cake we made yesterday you had still seen, and our friends, each of them, made also cake and sweets - pls look at the plate - boaaaah!!! again yummyyyyy!!!


and when leaving everybody gave good wishes to yasha & lili for their trip to europe! and - BELIEVE IT!!!
it seeeeeeeeems we are going with them, to pass us to another host-mum!!!!!??!?!?!?? we got really confused when ipue told us!! - so let's hurry up to make our suit-cases!!!!!! ey gosh........

:o :o :o


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