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to find a playmo-backpack for them, perhaps from a fleamarket!

to see lady liberty NY from as nearby as possible!

to walk on the great wall in china!

to meet another playmo-traveltoys and have a pic in their blog!

to climb on a high mountain!

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Travelog for: Possy_Crossy

Tabriz, IRAN - 22nd November 2016

By: ipuenktchen

helloooooooooo, everybody everywhere!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

today ipuenktchen had her monthly-twice-game-gathering at her's!!! oh yeahhhh...
at the same time it's also a coffee-party!!!! and she served great cookies,
all souvenirs from her holidays recently, from germany and even from belgium!!!!
the women agreed a lot!!!!!!!!!!  pls have a look!!!


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TABRIZ, Iran - 14th December 2016

By: ipuenktchen

hellooooooooooooooo, everyyyyybodyyyyyy!!!!!

it's a long time we understand ipue-mom is a bit
a kind of slow person...
finally for the 3rd advent (4 sundays before x-mas!!) 
she had the matching deco ready.... shame on her...
but well, she's a bit older than others...

:D :D :D :D ...and perhaps she may be late... hehe...........


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Tabriz, Iran - 24th December 2016

By: ipuenktchen

hi everybodyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!

yeahhhhhhh, we had great holidays in a nice atmospher,
coz the whole TV-gang had been all together, even with our
guest from the baltic coast, dear LUIGI PALERMO, enjoying the
yummy dish and cookies and candies and so on...
and of course the amazing tree, lightening the dark winter eves........

and we wish you all a MERRY X-MAS and PEACE for the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Tabriz, Iran - 28th December 2016

By: ipuenktchen

again  S N O W ...... during this winter for the 6th time,
dear friends, buddies, followers and siblings!!!!!!!!!!!!!

do you like snow, too??????????????????????????????

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Tabriz, Iran - 10th January 2017

By: ipuenktchen

hi from tabriz again to everybodyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!

today it was the last day of the stay of our dear Malaysian guests!!
we had lots of sightseeing!!! and they had a cute little son!!!!!!!!!!!
finally we had a group photo with all traveltoys at ipue's to say goodbye!!!


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Payam, Iran - 20th January 2017

By: ipuenktchen

heyyyyyyyyyyyy, everybodyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Last FRI son2 decided to go again for SKIING and picked us up to come with him... to this olden times ski ressort, where our sons both learned to go by ski and we went often there... while yashila_81 had fun by skiing with his friends we made us busy by taking photos and looking at the sportive ppls and having a walk around... it was so great for all of us and we got very thankful for this day out!!!

pls be patient for some pics!!!!!

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Tabriz, Iran - 1st March 2017

By: ipuenktchen

hi, dear friends, followers and specially other playmos!!!

today ipue brought us downtown tabriz and we entered
for another time the potters house!! there is an exhibition
this month specially for Iranian New Year, as you know so
called NOROOZ!!!!!!!!!!!!  the girls made stuff for HAFTSIN,
the special table, where iranian families are sitting around
at the moment, when the new year arrives!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Tabriz, Iran - 20th March 2017

By: ipuenktchen

hello, our dearest friends, buddies, follwers......

today at 1 PM 58 min 37 sec the new IR year 1396 started....
and up from now we had the celebrations of NOROUZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
during our visites and sightseeing we saw so many different haftsins everywhere!!!!


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Tabriz, Iran - 21st March 2017

By: ipuenktchen

hellooooooooooooo, everybodyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!

pls have a look at my *haftsin-collection*, when we got pics
everyday during the norouz holidays now while visitng siblings
or doing sightseeing downtown!!?! there had even been much
more than this, but when we were by car and had a glance at
the beautiful haftsins allover tabriz, we couldn't stop unfortunately.........


I'm starting here with ipue's haftsin with the blue tablecloth!!!!!!!!!!!
and the next one with the red tablecloth is from dear lili_6789!!!
the 3rd one with the esfahan table cloth is the one of the german
language institute of son2, situated in silkroad-tower at mansur cross road!!!


borje abrisham cando.jpg

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Yusufabad, Iran - 2nd April 2017

By: ipuenktchen

hellooooooooooo, dear friends, buddies, followers!!!!!!

the last day of our IR new year celebrations is always *sizdahbedar*, the 13th day of the new year!!!!
it's the custom everybody is going out for picnic and bring the sabze from haftsin
back to the nature, best of all bring it into flowing water!!!!!!

and we went out as well, to the garden of ipue's hubby beside lake gurigol at km 25 teh road!!!
best weather, guys!!!! a bit cold, but fully sunshine!!! we were so happy and had lots of fun
together with ipue's friends and our own TVbuddies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Tabriz, Iran - 7th April 2017

By: ipuenktchen

hellooooooooooooooooooo everybodyyyyyy!!!

hours and hours a very light pretty rain!!!!!!!


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Tabriz, IRAN - 16th April 2017

By: ipuenktchen

hiiiiiiii, everybodyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!
today is easter sunday and ipue had decorated the trees in the yard and also inside coz we'll have guests for a coffee party!!! we like both!!!!!!

photo_2017-05-09_19-29-58kl_ostern 16,4,.jpg

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SUOMENLINNA, Finland - 22nd May 2017

By: ipuenktchen

hei, we are in finland!!!! we got really thrilled!!!!!!!!!!

and on our 2nd day here we had a trip to the world heritage site SUOMENLINNA, the island in front of helsinki, from there in olden times their country and capital got defensed!! together with dear Kilona,  Glenasena from aussiland and blogger from florida, and of course ipue and her hubby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! from helsinki harbour we went by ferry and had a nice walk through the island and even a typical finnish lunch!!!

can you imagine that they even are brewing bear here untill nowadays??!?


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TAMPERE, Finland - 26th May 2017

By: ipuenktchen

we are in the city TAMPERE, the host of the stamp exhibition FINLANDIA 2017... and also the International Postcrossing Meetup Tampere may 2017!!!!!!!!!!!! we got really thrilled to enter the exhibition today!!!

;) ;) ;) ;) ;)

in the park outside of the exhibition center we found a cute moomin sculpture!!! the moomin characters were created by Swedish-speaking Finnish illustrator Tove Jansson, who released 9 books and a comic strip between 1945 and 1993, and they have been basics of numerous television series and a theme park as well....

and of course to see tons of postcrossers... the meetup is the largest we've ever seen with 100 participiants!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and the finnish postcrossing friends had done a great job!!!!!!!!!!!

fi briefk.jpg

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Hannover, Germany - 30th May 2017

By: ipuenktchen

hellooooooooooo, everybody!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

coming from tampere and helsinki via hamburg to hannover...
puuuuuuuuhhh... what a long trip!!! finally reached hannover!!

pls don't be angry about luigi palermo!!!!! he went back home to the baltic coast!!!!!!!!!
he was a nice buddy for us and we hope to see him again asap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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