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Find someone who can sew, stitch, knit... a item of clothing for me (sweater, vest, pants...)

Find someone who can sew, stitch, knit... accessories for me (hat, scarf, bag...)

Meet at least 10 other TVís in 10 different places and play a fun game with them. 1/10

Have fun/play in the snow and build a snowman (or so)

Have fun/play in the sand and build a castle (or so)

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Travelog for: little T.B.

Bregenz, Austria - 26th August 2013

By: Miche

Hello Mommy! :-)

I savely arrived in Austria this morning.
It is pretty cold here, so I am really glad to wear my sweater.  :-)
As you can see, I have already met Mimi the cat and my new room-mate Charly. I am so tired, so I will go to bed now.

Love, little T.B :-)


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Bregenz City, Austria - 26th August 2013

By: Miche

Hello again Mum! :-)

In the afternoon I went to my families JEWELRY-store!
They make the most of it by themself, with all kind of stones and pearls. I even helped my new host Alina, to make some! That was great. Also I tried a few things on.

In the next few days I will go to a horse farm! I will ride a horse! That is really exciting!

Bye bye, little T.B :-)


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Rorschach, Switzerland - 29th August 2013

By: Miche

Hey there! :-)

Today I went to Switzerland with my Host and my Tv -friends.
We went there because of a store called "Brockenhaus" or "Brocki".It is like a second hand store, where people just bring their stuff and the store sells it. Often the store donate money  for social purposes. My host always goes there, because she loves old things and sometimes she finds really really nice things. Today she bought many books, jewelry and decoration!

Bye for now, little T.B :-)


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Gebhardsberg, Austria - 3rd September 2013

By: Miche

Hi Mum ! :-)

Today I saw a wonderful sunset above the Lake of Constance.
After the sunset the sky was just so pretty!
I send you a few pictures of it!

Much Love, Little T.B :-)


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In the Garden, Austria - 13th September 2013

By: Miche

Hello again Mum!

The last few days it was raining all the time. It was also pretty cold.
But today the sun came out, so me and my friends went to the garden.
We have seen some nice things and we had a great view, where could see Switzerland and Vorarlberg! Also I ate some blackberries and grapes! Also we climbed the rooftop!

We had so much fun!

Much Love, little T.B


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Wolfurt, Austria - 15th September 2013

By: Miche

Hey mum!

Today we went for a walk and we have seen a place with many flowers! I really loved the colours!

Yours, Little T.B.


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Feldkirch, Austria - 15th October 2013

By: Miche

Hello dear Mum,
how are you?

I just wanted to tell you that I am fine. But snow was already falling!! And it is only October...
My Host mum is currently in Hospital, but don't worry, she is fine and gets out next week! After that, she promised to take us to nice places!

Have a nice day!

little T.B

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Kennelbach, Austria - 26th October 2013

By: Miche

Hello Mum,

autumn is finally here! It is so beautiful, everything is so colorful.
Because it is my hostmums favourite season, we went outside!
My friends and I really liked it.
Luckily the snow is not here anymore, now it is actually pretty warm again. Crazy weather in Austria!

See you soon, Little T.B


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Kennelbach, Austria - 14th December 2013

By: Miche

Hey there Mum!

Sorry that you didn't hear anything from me in a long time! But don't worry, everything is fine and I am very happy.
I want to send you some pictures of me. The weather here is really strange at the moment. It is so cold and often very foggy. But sometimes it is also sunny, so we went outside.
Enjoy the pictures.

little T.B


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At home, Austria - 14th December 2013

By: Miche

My hostmum bought a new piano! She is very happy that she finally bought a real piano. It sounds much better than the electrical piano.
She is playing very often, and she also taught us how to play some songs! Now even I love to play the piano!


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Sneakysnail's House, England - 21st January 2014

By: sneakysnail

Hi Mummy!

Today I arrived at Sneakysnail's house. She said I was a surprise, but a very nice surprise that made her smile. I think new hostmum must like surprises!

I heard some voices and then someone opened my package and I climbed out. I brought out my present for hostmum from my last host and introduced myself to the other TV's who are staying here. I met NiliHH and Spotty and Dotty Wot. We talked for a while about all our travelling experiences and hostmum gave us each a small piece of her chocolate. She ate the rest herself!

I think I'm going to have fun here and hopefully it will snow soon so that I can build a snowman and complete a life mission. That would be cool!

Bye for now, more updates soon!
Little T.B. :D


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Sneakysnail's House, England - 27th January 2014

By: sneakysnail

Hi mum!

Today we stayed at home and played a board game because the weather outside was miserable. The game is called Pay Day and the aim is to make as much money as possible by buying and selling companies. There are also squares on the board where you win or lose money such as shopping sprees or donating to charity.

I first of all helped to set up and then the game began. The others let me go first because I am the newest here. Moving around the board, I eventually landed on a letter space and had to pick up a card. Reading the card, I found out that I needed to donate some money to a charity.

There were many businesses you could buy but my favourite was a bouncy castle company called 'Bounce Around'. I got to buy it and I hopped around on the table for a moment.  :cyclops:

In the end, it turned out that I had won the game! Spotty Wot came second, Dotty third and NiliHH last. NiliHH invented a fun challenge though. We had to balance our game tokens on our heads for as long as possible. I was not as good at that!

Hostmum told me to tell you that she is having some internet problems and is sad because it means she can't update as often as she would like to. :( I'm sure it will be better soon. :)

Love from Little T.B.


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Sneakysnail's house, England - 4th February 2014

By: sneakysnail

Hello Mummy!

This is only a very short update today but hostmum says another, longer one will hopefully come in the next couple of days. She is being very mysterious and saying that we cannot do the activity she has planned for us until a friend of hers decides to help her!

Anyway, today we were bored and so we took a look at hostmums book collection. There was a huge book filled with pictures and information about animals. We decided to look through that all together. I read all about bears (seeing as I am one) and found out lots of interesting facts. Bears like to eat salmon a lot and I asked hostmum if I could try some. Turns out, she doesn't eat salmon so she got me a spoonful of honey instead. Apparently bears like that too, although the book did not mention it.

Bye for now, another update is on its way soon!
Love from Little T.B :D


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Sneakysnail's House, England - 6th February 2014

By: sneakysnail

Hello mum.

Today was a good day! Hostmum set us all a challenge. To find Merlin her large cat! We had to look all around the house, she promised he was inside somewhere.

Starting by looking for him near his toy, we found nothing, not even any clues. The toy mouse was fun to chat to though. She gets quite a battering from big old Merlin apparently! Next, we moved on to his favourite mat in the kitchen. He wasn't there either but as we were in the kitchen, hostmum made us each a sandwich to keep us going! I suggested we look around the cushions, I've seen him sitting there before from a distance. He was not here either but The WotWots found a clue. A tuft of fluff from Merlin! Feeling re-inspired we went to search the radiator. Whilst looking there, I got very comfy and we all decided we had earned a nap so we settled down on the warm towel draped over the radiator.

Once we had slept for a while, hostmum woke us up and gave us a couple of suggestions of what to do next. NiliHH and I went to ask Nibbles the rabbit if he had seen anything whilst we were snoozing. He hadn't but it was fun getting to know him anyway, he let me stroke his velvet nose. Following hostmums suggestion we went to see if Merlin was on the bed but he was not, there was more fluff though! The next place we searched was his night time chair and the blanket on it. Still nothing but loads of cat fur. It made me sneeze!

FINALLY! we found Merlin, hours later, amongst some cushions we hadn't searched! He was blending in too well, we could not see him! We all went to speak to him and he nuzzled my face. I think he liked me. Just then he rolled over and covered his face, how funny!

At least we found him in the end, I liked him very much!
Bye for now,
Little T.B. :p


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Sneakysnail's House, England - 10th February 2014

By: sneakysnail

Hi there mummy.

A new friend arrived today in a white box with a mermaid sticker on it. As we approached the box to open it, a duckling popped out shouting "HELLO!" It was Nathalie who has just arrived here from Germany. She unpacked her things and I welcomed her. She has brought with her a jigsaw puzzle.

We asked her lots of questions about the puzzle and she decided to get it out and let us build it! The picture features two ducks which are cute. It was only a small puzzle and we completed it fast working nicely as a team. After that we talked for a while about all our adventures and our goals and stuff. Soon it was bedtime and we all squeezed into the bed just about! Hostmum says she may need to find a new TV bed for us all!

Little T.B.


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