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Travelog for: Little Squirt

Niki's Garden, Weymouth, United Kingdom - 26th March 2014

By: Battery_Star


Niki had her day off today and it was such a beautiful day! Niki didn't have a whole lot planned so we helped her out in the garden while she planted seeds for the summer!

Here i am putting mud in the pot to plant a sunflower!


We planted loads of seeds today, including morning glory, pansys, pumpkins, cucumbers and so many more! She's going to have a beautiful garden once they've all grown.

Here we all are with all the pots of seeds we planted.


Niki has a lot of penpals around the world and also participates in 'Postcrossing' so we helped her write her cards, then had a lovely walk down to the post office to mail them!


Bye for now!

Little Squirt

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Weymouth, United Kingdom - 30th March 2014

By: Battery_Star

Hi mum!

Sorry for the really late update! Niki was busy revising for exams and us TVs couldn't work the computer.

Anyway, on mothers day Niki volunteered to cook her mother lunch. We helped her make shallow fried chicken and a tomato pasta dish ( which everyone enjoyed)


Her brother came to lunch too, which was nice. Niki and her mother enjoyed having the entire family around again.

Bye for now!

Little Squirt

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Niki's Garden, Weymouth, United Kingdom - 7th April 2014

By: Battery_Star

Hi Mum,

It was raining all day today, so me and the other toys were watching they day go by from our place on the windowsill. As we were looking around we spotted life in our plant pots!

During a brief stop in the rain Niki took us down into the garden to we could see the plants we potted already starting to grow!


Bye for now!

Little Squirt

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Weymouth, United Kingdom - 8th April 2014

By: Battery_Star

Hi mum!,

Us Tvs had a surprise in the mail today. It came in the form of a very squishy package which yelped when we poked it.


We opened the package and out came Matcha! He was very grateful that we freed him, and he shared his cookies with us.


It was also a sad day as we had to say goodbye to our dear friend Batyr. He's on his way to The Netherlands! How exciting! We gave him lots of hugs before we packed him into his cosy envelope.



Bye for now,

Little Squirt

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Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA - 17th January 2015

By: Chloe09

Little Squirt is home safe. :)

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