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Travelog for: Rudy

home, Germany - 6th September 2012

By: MA_17

Hello, my name is Rudy and I'm a rat.
During my short life I lived next to a freeway. I loved watching all the fast cars.
Now I'm sitting in a small village in the middle of nowhere. They have cars, too, but these are not as fast as the ones I saw before. I love the speed! I want to feel it on my own.
Where I'm now I got a nice brother, Alex. He is a cat, but I think we like each other and we are no enemies. He told me about Toyvoyagers. I think I'll like that and I think it is a good possibility to feel some speed.

So, here I am! :)

Today I enjoyed the silence on the stairs in front of our house.

But then my eyes saw something interesting in front of me! A skateboard! :) I heard you can feel the speed on it!

So I tried to climb on it! Wow, really high! It's not easy!

But yeah, I managed it! Don't I look pretty cool? I skated a little bit and I enjoyed the fresh air around my nose!

I hope the people who welcome me will allow me to feel some speed, too. No matter in what way. ;)

Your rockin' rat Rudy.

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home, Germany - 10th September 2012

By: MA_17

Hello guys!

Can you see me?
I'm on the famous Kurfürstendamm! Most people think it's a clean shopping street with lots of expensive stores. But... it is lots more!
There are many of my relatives. Yeah, there are rats! Come and visit them in the dark...

Your rockin' rat Rudy


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around home, Germany - 11th September 2012

By: MA_17

My brother Alex showed me another way of speed! We jumped into the car and drove around our village. Yeah, I like it!


Your rockin' rat Rudy.

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home, Germany - 12th September 2012

By: MA_17

Today I found some sausage and cheese lying on the grass.

I wanted to eat it, but whoaa someone caught me!

They let me down and oh... it was my brother Alex and his friends. Alex told me about a problem he has with a mouse.

I think they could need some help. We hid ourselves behind the tree.
After a short time there was somebody else in the trap.

We caught that creature!

When we let the trap down we found just 2 golden coins instead of a mouse or cheese or sausage in the trap.

I told the others to use some pumpkin seeds, mice would love them. So they did.

We went behind the tree and after a short time we saw someone in the trap again.

We caught it! Yeah, we could see the feet. We got it!

We let the trap down and...what the...just another golden coin?! How could this be??? Alex is confused now!

Your rockin' rat Rudy.

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home, Germany - 13th September 2012

By: MA_17

As you already know I love to skate. Today the weather was beautiful so I cruised around our house with one of my boards.
Look, how long the streets are. Perfect!

Your rockin' rat Rudy

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Delitzsch, Germany - 14th September 2012

By: MA_17

Today we went to Delitzsch. It's a city in Saxony with about 26,300 inhabitants.

First we visited the Baroque Castle with the Lustgarten, former widow of travel and residence of the Dukes of Saxony-Merseburg.

This beautiful building is the registration office.

The "Breiter Turm" (Wide tower). It's a part of the defensive wall.

The City Church of St. Peter & Paul is a brick church of the 15th Century with significant high altar.

Your rockin' rat Rudy

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Löbnitz, Germany - 16th September 2012

By: MA_17

Today we enjoyed the beautiful day at the abandoned quarry "Seelhausener See". It was sunny, warm and very windy. But have a look, isn't this beautiful?! :)

Your rockin' rat Rudy

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Berlin, Germany - 17th September 2012

By: MA_17

Time for some sightseeing in the German capital, my home town.

First I saw the German Bundestag which is located in the Reichstag Building. The centrepiece of the building is the generously glazed chamber that is crowned by the dome. A funnel with panes of mirror glass reflects the daylight from above into the chamber.

Then I went to the Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe, also known as the Holocaust Memorial. It is a memorial to the Jewish victims of the Holocaust. It consists of a 19,000 square metres site covered with 2,711 concrete slabs or "stelae", arranged in a grid pattern on a sloping field. The stelae are 2.38 m long, 0.95 m wide and vary in height from 0.2 to 4.8 m.

Potsdamer Platz - it is an important public square and traffic intersection in the centre of Berlin. It is named after the city of Potsdam, some 25 km to the south west, and marks the point where the old road from Potsdam passed through the city wall of Berlin at the Potsdam Gate. After developing within the space of little over a century from an intersection of rural thoroughfares into the most bustling traffic intersection in Europe, it was totally laid waste during World War II and then left desolate during the Cold War era when the Berlin Wall bisected its former location. Since German reunification, Potsdamer Platz has been the site of major redevelopment projects.

The Sony Center is a Sony-sponsored building complex located at the Potsdamer Platz, opened in 2000. Sony Center contains a mix of shops, restaurants, a conference centre, hotel rooms, luxurious rented suites and condominiums, offices, art and film museums, cinemas, an IMAX theater, a small version of Legoland, and a "Sony Style" store.
At its highest point, the roof measures up to 67 meters above the Forum and has a free span of 102 meters length on the main axis and 77 meters length on the ancillary axis. By night the roof changes its colors between pink, red, blue, green...

Your rockin' rat Rudy

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Gräfenhainichen, Germany - 19th September 2012

By: MA_17

Yeah, I went for a ride on a big board! Whoohooo we were so fast!
I love that! :cyclops:


Hopefully I'll be able to skate in another country one day!

Your rockin' rat Rudy

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home, Germany - 20th September 2012

By: MA_17

Today we found an empty box. There was nothing inside. :stare:

Then we heard someone laughing. We turned around and saw GustavHH. He'll stay with us for a while.

Your rockin' rat Rudy

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home, Germany - 22nd September 2012

By: MA_17

Today we said goodbye to Kevin the little kiwi.
We all hugged him.

Then he crawled into his envelope and left to Thuringia. Have fun little bird!

Your rockin' rat Rudy

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home, Germany - 22nd September 2012

By: MA_17

I got a new skatepark! :cyclops:

I showed it to my brother  Alex. I think he likes it. B)
I did my first tricks, my brother was surprised!


Your rockin' rat Rudy

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Wörlitz, Germany - 6th October 2012

By: MA_17

I went to a small town called Wölitz. The town is situated on the left bank of the Elbe. The historic parks of Wörlitz are included into the Dessau-Wörlitz Garden Realm, one of the World Heritage Sites.
But it isn't a good place to skate.
So I had a look to the big lake, the town itself and I met 2 nice guys.

Your rockin' rat Rudy

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home, Germany - 9th October 2012

By: MA_17

Today the doorbell rung. We opened and it was my brother Cheeks. He returned from Switzerland!

We all cuddled him. Later he told us about his adventures.

Your rockin' rat Rudy

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home, Germany - 11th October 2012

By: MA_17

I did a walk to our little lake. Isn't it beautiful?

There I found some flowers. Lovely!

And I found lots of mushrooms! I tasted all of them! So delicious!

Your rockin' rat Rudy

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